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    [–] Israel to deport 37,000 African migrants with a check for $4,400 and a plane ticket to an "undisclosed country in Africa", or be locked up. tig999 1 points ago in worldnews

    Yes true although I think a lot of the stuff he’s tried to do and been blocked weren’t nearly as substantial as the main things he promised but hadn’t delivered, now I can understand why didn’t pull out of Afghanistan, it could’ve been an ISIL vacuum all over again but still it feels like a lot of the American public we’re definitely played a bit, especially with that wall promise, although I knew that wasn’t gonna happen

    [–] Israel to deport 37,000 African migrants with a check for $4,400 and a plane ticket to an "undisclosed country in Africa", or be locked up. tig999 1 points ago in worldnews

    Definitely agree, Not American, but I find it mind boggling that a country with 18 trillion gdp diesnt use it more effectively, While I don’t like Trump I thought when he came in and said about Isolating American military involvement I thought this would be great, 1.for the world 2.for the USA as so much money could be freed up for other services but to my disappointment this hasn’t happened yet.

    [–] Israel to deport 37,000 African migrants with a check for $4,400 and a plane ticket to an "undisclosed country in Africa", or be locked up. tig999 5 points ago in worldnews

    best way to save money and completely revolutionise many sectors of your country would be to decrease that country sized military budget, 600 billion could go along way infrastructure, healthcare and immigration control.

    [–] Govt to announce details on €115bn infrastructure plans tig999 2 points ago in ireland

    Villages aren’t usually too bad for crime etc. since everyone knows everyone, meanwhile large urban areas and spread out country areas are far worse since no one knows anyone

    [–] Govt to announce details on €115bn infrastructure plans tig999 7 points ago in ireland

    agree totally, if you want good broadband live in your local town/village where jobs can be created and industry developed, why should the government keep your local post office/library afloat when no one uses them because you live 10km away for the "lovely view of the fields and mountain" / lack of "annoying neighbours"

    [–] Govt to announce details on €115bn infrastructure plans tig999 6 points ago in ireland

    how very cynical, climate change is a huge problem that almost no one in Ireland takes seriously, Ireland is lacking so much in its renewable energy sector as well as its fast charging grid expansion and ushering in of electric cars,

    2.Arts and culture funding directly correlates with tourism industry here, a huge and exponentially growing industry here

    I don't think its beneficial to maintain this common Irish attitude of "Ah we'll throw a bit of money at it and that'll fix it" it may do in the short term but the problems will arise again and again, this is a future development plan after all,

    the hospital problem wont be fixed by buying some more beds and hiring a few more nurses, No, what's needed is new modern mega hospitals that serve large areas with a large fleet of ambulances, this is why Spain's healthcare is so amazingly good, they took the brave decision to anger the regional locals and close down every little dinky hospital that served about 1000 people and opened mega-facilities in each county and city which specialised in one particular area as well as being an efficient A&E, these initiatives have been implemented China, large UK cities such as Manchester, and are being implemented now in Sweden,

    Irish government needs to stop trying to please all people and make the first move, a Chinese company recently proposed building a new large medical centre in Louth, but all hell broke loose and was instantly shot down when local doctors and nurses caught wind that they may have to travel an extra 15-25 mins to work and louth county council would actually have to do something, theres been similar cases all over the country

    [–] Savage response to Republican priorities tig999 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in WhitePeopleTwitter

    Ye see a lot of Nations in Europe have a mental health crisis as well, racking my brain for the last mass School shooting over there, it was about a decade ago in 2008 or 09 in Germany and this was such huge news back then continentally, as that teen had fired on classrooms, killed caretakers, carjacked a motorcyclist who was then held hostage and was made drive to town with the shooter where he opened fire on a car showroom, clearly that boy was freakishly skilled and very disturbed,

    This was huge news all over Europe as this was such a rarity occurrence and yet this incident 10 years ago, killed less people than the Yesterdays shooting alone in the US, interestingly I don’t think there is a massive difference in the way of thinking of European and American teens, I don’t think there’s a much higher proportion of mentally disturbed kids in the US, if we look to some more recent incidents in Europe with mentally ill students we can see where the difference lies,

    “A 13 year old boy marches into his school in Barcelona, Spain, armed with a machete and a crossbow, injuring 4 and managing to kill a teacher, his PE teacher managed to talk to him and then he dropped his weapons and broke down and remained in a classroom with the teacher until the police arrived” this was first school shooting in Spain

    Now while unfortunately murdering an innocent teacher, this boy was relieved of doing anymore harm by the fact that he had simplistic medieval weapons, unable to mass murder the School’s inhabitants and also was able to be reached out to by his Teacher, I wonder in how many cases in the States could this have happened if the shooter teens were simply armed with a crossbow or machete, also more easily subdued as well if they aren’t as easily mentally disarmed as that wee boy,

    Now I understand that Gun culture is deeply ingrained into the American psyche so I think the USA should adopt a Swiss system, the 3rd highest gun to people ratio in the world (45 firearms to every 100) is there, and some reckon there’s about the same amount of firearms in an average Swiss household as there is in America but unlike America, there has never been a School shooting in Switzerland, now obviously there’s only 8 million in Switzerland so less chance but still,

    What the Swiss do is 1. Military service is mandatory for all able Swiss males and many women do it too, so if you passed and served in the military you are deemed trustworthy of a firearm and may own one and keep it at home (but you still must attend annual military training once a year), if you aren’t militarily trained then you may still purchase and use a firearm if you want to hunt or protect your home but you must under go weeks long background checks before purchase is approved and even then if you, a Swiss weapons holder, are on the list of suspected people willing to commit shootings or violent crime then you are approached by authorities regularly and your firearm is usually suspended and mandatory phycological help is implemented, this is even if your past military. Schools also have free phycological helpers to help troubled kids in schools immediately which also helps.

    [–] He dresses up like his mother to buy alcohol (x-post /r/actlikeyoubelong) tig999 5 points ago in madlads

    That is true, I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing to have suck a high drinking age, it certainly can deter alcoholism, and is good I guess especially in a country where you can legally drive quite young as well as own a lethal firearm quite young as well, it’s just strange to a Europeans eyes when they go to say a bar in the US and can’t get served even though bought they’ve been served for a good 4 years back home.

    But then again binge drinking as defined by health organizations is quite a broad and relatively tame compared to real harmful binge drinking Vox binge drinking in youth USA vs EU

    But if you look at this article while it is convincing and makes good points, I think it ignores one major factor class A Drugs

    Useage and deaths is far higher in the US and I think this partly because young people are more inclined to use drugs in the US because it is harder to obtain the less harmful alcohol

    [–] Normal day in Istanbul tig999 2 points ago in europe

    Lol have you ever watched Brooklyn99,because be prepared for a captain Latvia

    [–] He dresses up like his mother to buy alcohol (x-post /r/actlikeyoubelong) tig999 12 points ago in madlads

    Still can’t believe you can’t buy alcohol at 19 or even 20 in the states, not even a beer, that’s 4 years longer than it is in a lot of EU states and that’s the official age never mind 14-15 year olds gettin served pretty easy in the likes of Spain, Portugal and France.

    [–] He dresses up like his mother to buy alcohol (x-post /r/actlikeyoubelong) tig999 7 points ago in madlads

    Haha yes I’d say the exact same don’t know why I was so lazy/not bothered before it becomes kinda enjoyable once you get into it and at 16/17 I had way more time aswell, q

    [–] My wife asked me how she compared to past girlfriends... tig999 1 points ago in Jokes

    Oh right I see what you mean now, yes the Catholic Church positions were used and abused commonly for sexual exploitation of children, coming from Ireland I know about this all too well, although I think the worst thing about the Catholic Church in Ireland was not that a significant fraction of priests were pedophiles as these people did infiltrate the system rather than the Church hand-picking pedos but rather the manner they conducted in after uncovering the incidents themselves, covering it up and not even punishing the the child-sex abusers themselves! And letting it carry on!

    Thank goodness the Catholic Church’s influence has been eliminated in Ireland now and it has progressed exponentially into a normal developed nation.

    [–] What is the schnitzel with gravy in your country? tig999 2 points ago in AskEurope

    Oh ye so true, shame though as I do like them.

    [–] What is the schnitzel with gravy in your country? tig999 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in AskEurope

    Lol you should claim it, thought they were really good, also I’ve only seen it in Czech Republic and Slovakia although I haven’t been to Poland.

    Edit: did a little digging to see if anywhere in Dublin made them and I found out that apparently it’s Slovakian in origin from Záhorie

    Edit 2: actually that’s only the Skalický trdelník variety that is Slovakian apparently it is known to come from the Hungarian part of Transylvania originally? Also the version of them filled with Nutella and ice cream were invented in Prague so there’s that.

    [–] My wife asked me how she compared to past girlfriends... tig999 1 points ago in Jokes

    What do you mean? What’s the rule with Ash Wednesday and minors?

    [–] N.Korea cheerleaders' reaction to Kim Jong Un impersonator tig999 1 points ago in pics

    Hmmm I’m not so sure at least in Syria there’s safe zones, refugees camps, a real chance to escape and a possible likelihood of the oppression/war to end in near future.

    [–] N.Korea cheerleaders' reaction to Kim Jong Un impersonator tig999 3 points ago in pics

    Ye it’s not nearly as bad, even ask Eritrean migrants, they’ll say its bad and tell you some horror of their favorite university professor being imprisoned or how some protesters were shot at by the police but they’ll also tell you how much they love Eritrean food and the Italian-Eritrean restaurants and the facist Italian architecture of Asmara etc. if you think about it, it’s no paradise but it’s definitely no North Korea in terms of personal freedom, unrationed access to food and water, actually paid labour and work, elections, ability to protest even if it doesn’t end well etc. sounds very run of the mill developing country.

    [–] A timelapse of World War One, 1914-1918 tig999 6 points ago in fakehistoryporn

    Well according to Serbia it’s not a country so

    [–] Handy guide to Welsh voting options in each election tig999 1 points ago in europe

    Ahh yes true although, in the case of welsh independence you would assume that Scottish independence had proceeded it and possibly other movements as it is not so likely to happen unless rest of UK has separated so could be possible in that very specific scenario I guess

    [–] A timelapse of World War One, 1914-1918 tig999 17 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in fakehistoryporn

    they're also the last country in Europe to commit ethnic cleansing

    edit: not saying there isn't hypocrisy in criticising Serbias human rights record by the previously imperial west but lets not paint Serbia as a utopia either.

    [–] New Dutch law makes every adult an organ donor. Netherlands narrowly passed new legislation on that will register every citizen aged 18 and over as a potential organ donor, unless they explicitly choose to opt out. tig999 10 points ago in worldnews

    who could have imagined that most the land sold was owned by wealthy absentee landlords from the Ottoman and British empires??? and the rest was unregistered officially with the British mandate of Palestine but was still owned by tax paying Palestinian owners but was then claimed by Israel as it was technically unregistered as "State land"

    [–] Handy guide to Welsh voting options in each election tig999 5 points ago in europe

    Have to ask as a person ignorant of welsh politics, what’s so insane about being independent but part or EU, in the unlikely situation of welsh independence wouldn’t it be better to be in the Union?

    [–] German court rules Facebook use of personal data illegal tig999 10 points ago in worldnews

    And yet they’re one of wealthiest regions in Germany/Europe and have probably the most distinct culture in Germany, sounds little like envy to me!

    [–] A pretty interesting infographic connecting Justin Trudeau being the son of Fidel Castro. tig999 3 points ago in conspiracy

    True I suppose, the Basque and Galicians di have a higher prevalence from what I’ve seen actually