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    [–] Linguistic map of Europe 1918 [4498x3662] tig999 1 points ago in MapPorn

    Is it even, do they want more poles and Belarussians in their country to than Lithuanians themselves

    [–] Ethnic/linguistic map of Europe in 1917 tig999 1 points ago in europe

    Yes i mentioned above, the map was made by a Lithuanian nationalist so that’s why Lithuania is so large.

    [–] Ethnic/linguistic map of Europe in 1917 tig999 4 points ago in europe

    It’s not completely accurate but their is still a lot of accuracies aside from Lithuania.

    [–] Ethnic/linguistic map of Europe in 1917 tig999 2 points ago in europe

    Yes true, it depended on the Empire, the Austrians kept quite good tabs on their ethnic spread, the ottomans not so much.

    [–] Ethnic/linguistic map of Europe in 1917 tig999 6 points ago in europe

    Yes, I only realised after other post I mentioned this in comment in this post.

    [–] Ethnic/linguistic map of Europe in 1917 tig999 16 points ago in europe

    The map was made by Joseph Gabrys who was Lithuanian ambassador and nationalist who campaigned for Lithuania’s independence from Russia, this is why Lithuanian, the language/ethnicity looks too large as it was his sneaky little attempt at expansion of a possible Lithuania, at the expense of the Poles and Belarusians, also all Baltic languages are branches under Lithuanian in this aswell

    Other possible mistakes in this old map are -Ireland, Scotland, Wales being mistakenly labeled as majority ethnically English which they aren’t (but they’re were majoritly English speaking so this is probably where mix up happened)

    -Shi’a Arabs in Iraq being labeled Persian (probably a generalization that all Shi’as are Persian)

    -Similar linguistic-ethnic mixup with Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia and Montenegro

    -Corsica being labeled ethnically Italian

    They’re may be other smaller ones I missed.

    [–] Folder memes seem to be on the rise, invest? tig999 2 points ago in MemeEconomy

    Imagine this happening to someone trying to go out painlessly, what an awful twist at the very end

    [–] Happy Thanksgiving! tig999 9 points ago in funny

    Oh really? I’m from Ireland so we do it here but my uncle lives in Sweden and they have turkey there aswell but that may be him bringing over his Scottish traditions,

    what is commonly eaten in Sweden for Christmas?

    [–] Happy Thanksgiving! tig999 9 points ago in funny

    None of them were European were thay? Cuz usually most Europeans still have it for Christmas

    [–] Linguistic map of Europe 1918 [4498x3662] tig999 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in MapPorn

    Ye the map does suffer from some kind of mix ups like that for example look at ireland, majority of it is blue(English) which would make sense if this was a language map but its ethnic and Ireland isn’t ethnically English.

    Similar situation with Croats and Serbs being grouped together, and also Corsica being labeled Italian.

    [–] This VICE article.. tig999 1 points ago in justneckbeardthings

    Ye true although maybe they both should consider changing the name of their news outlets as rebranding of sorts.

    [–] Linguistic map of Europe 1918 [4498x3662] tig999 3 points ago in MapPorn

    Ye that is what I thought aswell but it’s strange that Croatia and parts of Bosnia are all marked as Serb considering they’ve been ethnically different, but it would make sense if it was linguistic it’d make sense considering they all speak same language similar with Ireland considering all of it is ethnically Irish except for parts of north, but they did speak majority English in the east at the time but you’re probably right and it was just a slight mixup on the mapmakers part.

    [–] Linguistic map of Europe 1918 [4498x3662] tig999 2 points ago in MapPorn

    I originally thought it was about ethnicity but looking at the details such as Ireland, croatia etc it seems to be more about linguistics? Unless there’s something I’m missing

    [–] Linguistic map of Europe 1918 [4498x3662] tig999 10 points ago in MapPorn

    Ye I was thinking when was Lithuanian such a wide spoken language

    [–] Costa Rica Runs Entirely on Renewable Energy for 300 Days tig999 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in worldnews

    It’s also a lot poorer than the US, and is still doing better per capita in terms of renewable energy

    [–] They Planted Porn in ISIS Propaganda, Just for Starters, Then Sowed Chaos and Confusion in the 'Caliphate' - A small group of Iraqi hackers figured they could do a better job fighting ISIS online than most govts. tig999 1 points ago in worldnews

    You forgot that reddit is not just the US, aka the most conservative developed nation around, most of the major political subs will of course lean left because on top of the the left/right of the US you have all the Europeans and Canadians/Australians/newzealanders/Japanese etc which are all more left leaning in general than the US, Bernie would be considered very centrist in my country of Ireland.

    [–] Ratko Mladic guilty of genocide, sentenced to life in prison tig999 10 points ago in worldnews

    It’s very hard to say as obviously you can’t generalize an entire ethnicity but from what i seen when I was over there and on social media many younger serbs are happy about this particularly in Belgrade and Novi grad, the kind of most liberal pockets, sort of, although some older Serbs see him as a war hero as he fought for a greater Serbia, they kind of ignore the whole ethnic cleansing part (or a few also celebrate that part unfortunately.)

    I think the general consensus is that this man belongs in prison and that he did terrible things, but as other comments say, many feel its unjust to just sentence Bosnian serb and Serb generals and not any of the Croatian & Bosnian generals who committed awful acts in the wars aswell, it’s kind of a deflection of course, a “oh what about those other bad guys” some do it to try deflect their own guilt of their country, some deflect because of their nationalistic pride aswell.

    See even now there’s still massive amount of propaganda or biased news in Serbia, especially in rural Serbia and especially in republika Srpska in Bosnia, where Serbia is depicted as the complete victim of the war and the whole west is out to get them in their globalist agenda etc. etc. but gladly public opinion is changing with the generation change,

    Although there is still definitely large pockets where this guy is hailed as a hero, when i was in the republic of Srpska, the Serb part Bosnia, I saw a large, well done mural of this guys face on a wall in Gako, a depressing industrial town.

    [–] France arrests Russia’s Senator in airport of Nice tig999 2 points ago in worldnews

    While Russia certainly is flexing their political muscles lately, I think France would arrest a Merki ding Russian diplomat no problem, the EU still has massive sway over Russia being their major market for gas, logs, oil, ore and everything else.

    [–] This VICE article.. tig999 49 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in justneckbeardthings

    Ye I see so many people bad mouth vice, I never really followed them but I’ve heard they cover crappy buzzfeed like topics a lot, but I’ve seen one or two really good mini-documentaries on vice news I think, of the war in Yemen and insurgency in Xinang in China aswell as this really good interview with james blunt, like one of the best interviews I’ve ever seen, on Facebook.