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    [–] Jalousie, Port-au-Prince, Haiti tig999 1 points ago in UrbanHell

    One said thing I found in Haiti is lack of dense forests in comparison to the Dominican Republic which seems to have preserved them much better

    [–] I feel like Danish McDonald's gets a pass tig999 2 points ago in ExpectationVsReality

    Ye in Ireland Micky Ds or BK are nothing special, although maybe a little better assembled than the one I had in San Francisco but I couldn’t generalise all of them off that.

    [–] Most commonly grown cereal by region in Europe tig999 1 points ago in europe

    Is split for statistics and grants sake, louth has been battling hard to remain in the BorderWesternMidlands region instead of ascending to the EastSouthCoasts region where there’s is much less grants given

    [–] Being vegan is so easy tig999 2 points ago in ShittyLifeProTips

    Tbh that’s good enough for me.

    [–] Letting the bird out of it's cage for feeding time. tig999 2 points ago in instant_regret

    Ye my dog always tries to bite at birds, he’s completely incompetent unlike my cats but still, intention is there

    [–] Being vegan is so easy tig999 6 points ago in ShittyLifeProTips

    Is it not satire? I though it was

    [–] Being vegan is so easy tig999 1 points ago in ShittyLifeProTips

    How much Irish is in you

    [–] The Official & Ceremonial Vehicles of 45 World Leaders tig999 -1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in coolguides

    I seen somewhere on reddit in another thread that there’s a reason to hate or dislike him, I can’t remember what it was but reddit always finds away to make you hate somebody

    Edit: ok downvote me for no reason?

    [–] Hi Season 8, you look good! tig999 6 points ago in suits

    Jesus please no, that’d ruin it I think, honestly think it’d would have been nice with a nice long last ep still with Rachel and Mike, I don’t want it to become another NCIS or greys anatomy with S123

    [–] Kristopher Allan 'chanted “Allah is a paedo” at rallies, found to be child sex offender' tig999 26 points ago in beholdthemasterrace

    Ye the nationalism is quite left leaning, an independent Scotland would likely adopt more socialist style policies than in its current form

    [–] Overdone Scenario but I gave my own twist on it: What if Germany won World War 2? (In 4K) tig999 2 points ago in imaginarymaps

    Ye id say they’d have split France into some older or linguistic/cultural states like Brittany, Occitania etc. similarly they’d probably have let the UK split into its ethnic/linguistic states and honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they did it to Italy, cannot see them staying allies forever.

    [–] Catalan map of Greater Catalonia tig999 2 points ago in imaginarymaps

    Ye it’s pretty unusual, I think Valencians would rather become independent themselves (not that they could with the immense debt) than join with Cataluyna

    [–] What flag is this? tig999 1 points ago in vexillology

    I believe it’s the Shetland Islands?

    [–] Remember that South African Nordic flag that keeps getting reposted? Here is an interesting picture of it being used at a protest against the murder of white farmers. (Does anyone know why this version would be used in this case?) tig999 4 points ago in vexillology

    Em white South Africans don’t own 80% of the land they own 23% or rural land and 10% of urban, it’s less than blacks yes but the gap is closing, most land is owned by government and corporations, not much land belongs to private citizens anymore.

    Also Rwanda genocide isn’t current in any way and also even if it was, it’s different sort of story, because this is something Mandela directly said he didn’t want, he wanted cooperation, to make South Africa prosperous and wealthy and he knew encompassing the different European settlers was a key part of that, this isn’t really about the genocide it’s about the state of South Africa and it’s deviation from its hopeful path.

    [–] is that a cameraman following maeve on the left ? tig999 104 points ago in westworld

    It was a mini movie entirely in its own right, stunning story and great tie in, i usually find these kind of episodes that focus on lesser or unknown characters a little irritating but this one was great.

    [–] Attack of the Brits tig999 2 points ago in ireland

    Ye I think it’d be pretty cool, I’m not very good at Irish myself unfortunately but have great interest in it and it’s revitalisation, (I personally think it was taught all wrong, not enough focus on simple conversation and socialising and too much advanced poetry and novels),

    But I feel like a lot more could be done to save it.

    [–] The Telegraph’s Matt cartoon on England’s chances in the World Cup tig999 1 points ago in europe

    It’s so weird and the public eat it up but yet still love watching the sport but at the same time depreciate their own team.

    [–] Revolution - 15 Years After The Blackout (Combination of canon and fan fiction) tig999 3 points ago in imaginarymaps

    Oh yeah for sure, and Texas is one of the first areas you’d assume would go on annexing some of their historical land.

    [–] Revolution - 15 Years After The Blackout (Combination of canon and fan fiction) tig999 5 points ago in imaginarymaps

    Ye it’s the second largest urban area after Greater London, more apt place for wastelands would be a little further north above Merseyside area, but even then I don’t know it’s all fairly populated and connected.

    [–] The United States but I removed all the states I don't like and Minnesota is red instead of green for no reason tig999 1 points ago in ShittyMapPorn

    Ye, isn’t more federal decentralisation one of the traditional republican policies, it’s something I’d say I i was American id agree with.

    [–] Revolution - 15 Years After The Blackout (Combination of canon and fan fiction) tig999 5 points ago in imaginarymaps

    Oh right was thinking, well it’s good map by all accounts, although one thing I might change is shrinking the size of the wastelands in England and Wales, it seems to populous and developed to have nothing controlling it.

    [–] Does your country have an older flag that you'd prefer over the current one? tig999 2 points ago in AskEurope

    Yes sort of, before the green,white & orange tricolour was adopted by nationalists in 1910s, a version of the old kingdom of Ireland flag was used except it was emerald green background instead of Blue, it’s a golden harp that’s in shape of angel on a dark green background. Much nicer than our boring tri-colour I think.