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    [–] 8 in 10 people now see climate change as a “catastrophic risk” – survey timidforrestcreature 0 points ago in worldnews

    thanks for thoroughly exposing your side for the frauds they are bro, and thanks for the laughs MR nuclear physicist, hilarious bro.

    [–] 8 in 10 people now see climate change as a “catastrophic risk” – survey timidforrestcreature 1 points ago in worldnews

    And the right isn't unanimously opposed to doing things to address climate change.

    Yeah cool story, they only elect global warming deniers as party line.

    hat's not a valid sentence or a valid argument. And the Democrats allow private interests to do the same. Do you think all factories shut down when the Democrats are in power? That refineries cease to operate?

    Democrats dont dismantle laws they pushed to allow said industries to pollute your air and water. This is exclusively a republican characteristic (setting aside their scientifically illiterate global warming denial).

    like holy shit bro is english your second language or something?

    Why are you on the internet? You're so scared of this existential threat to humanity but you contribute to it by consuming electricity? Do you own a car? Do you ever fly places on vacation? Ever use goods shipped overseas? If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, you're a massive hypocrite.

    "WAAAAA but if you dont want corporations to pollute your air and water as republicans allow them to do so and dismantle efforts to avoid irreversible damage to our planet why do you use electricity WAAAAAA"

    is the most pathetic strawman argument I have heard in my entire life bro.

    really a nuclear physicist like yourself should know better lol.

    There is absolutely no scientific evidence the predictions of climate models are accurate.

    except for mountains of scientific evidence and global scientific consensus lol, just outed self as scientifically illiterate and a trumplerina.

    time for a new astroturfng account bro.

    [–] 8 in 10 people now see climate change as a “catastrophic risk” – survey timidforrestcreature 1 points ago in worldnews

    I'm a nuclear physicist, and atheist, and definitely not a Republican.

    Le ol' trumplerina lying to lend himself credibility move, too bad its not believable.

    There's no rational reason for the left's opposition to nuclear and that results in far more pollution of the air and water than anything the Republicans do

    False on two counts, the left isnt unanimously opposed to nuclear it isnt even a trend (which is irrelevant anyway as there are green alternatives to nuclear)

    And false also because given the fact you just made up some laughably bad false equivalency to republicans striving to allow private interests to pollute your air and water for profit.

    Global warming isn't a religion. It doesn't matter who believes in it

    Spoken like a true "nuclear physicist" lol , thing is it does matter given that elected politicians not only have the power to poison you by dismantling enviromental regulation like republicans do as party line, they can also make global warming accelerate much faster with potential horrible results.

    See even though republicans dont "believe" in scientific evidence, its still real and matters.

    [–] 8 in 10 people now see climate change as a “catastrophic risk” – survey timidforrestcreature 6 points ago in worldnews

    Did they drop their idiotic and anti-scientific opposition to nuclear? No

    Dude im sure they call you the master spinster at your bible study political disscussion groups but outside of your echo chamber the scientifically illiterate bigots are republicans who deny global warming and dismantle enviromental regulation to pollute your air and water for profit.

    Something characteristic exclusively to the republican party.

    No, my argument is that the Dems aren't better for the environment. They just like to think they are.

    They objectively are, your party shills so hard they publicly deny global warming as party line. There, you already lost the point and are lying blatantly.

    [–] 8 in 10 people now see climate change as a “catastrophic risk” – survey timidforrestcreature 5 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in worldnews

    not only were dems always the side striving to be green and are the party highhandedly behind things like the Paris agreement thatrepublicans and trump are trashing.

    I love how your defense is " yes I elect polluter shills as party line but dems werent green enough "

    Its funny because its pathetic

    [–] Friendzoned timidforrestcreature 2 points ago in teenagers


    [–] What true fact sounds fake? timidforrestcreature -4 points ago in AskReddit

    The president of the united states is an antivaxxer

    [–] The Arab Muslim Slave Trade Of Africans, The Untold Story (2014) - "The Muslim slave trade was much larger, lasted much longer, and was more brutal than the transatlantic slave trade and yet few people have heard about it RE POST timidforrestcreature 1 points ago in Documentaries

    You linked a wikipedia article that didnt even back your stupid position that the old testament isnt cannon because it makes you uncomfortable your religion endorses slavery.

    Further you are ignoring the fact NT also endorses it and keep pretending it was metaphorical unsuccesfully.

    You are a deeply invested butthurt christian who though he was so superior to islam lol.

    [–] In his Riyadh speech, President Trump described Islam as "one of the world’s great faiths" timidforrestcreature 3 points ago in worldnews

    Not my party

    Lol you forgot to use your alt to lie to lend yourself credibility.

    You regularly post in the_dumpsterfire lol.