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    [–] MELTDOWN MONDAY: WEEKLY RAGE THREAD timo103 1 points ago in wow


    100+ AINT A FEW

    [–] Can we address how not a single person likes the GCD change? timo103 36 points ago in wow


    Lotp is so fuckin clunky now.

    [–] Asmongold on why RNG diminshes the feeling of enjoyment of loot. timo103 49 points ago in wow

    and then you would realize that the numbers are higher but your dps is way lower even though it's a 40 ilvl upgrade.

    [–] Why do so many of you dislike Saints Row: The Third? timo103 10 points ago in SaintsRow

    The worst thing about 3 for me was the big bad guy that was hyped up in trailers and the game was killed off 20 minutes into the game and replaced with a fuckin luchador.

    [–] Secret Footage of Blizzard Designing Elite PVP Armor timo103 1 points ago in LivestreamFail

    Ion is a mythic raider but still cut master loot.

    Guy can't know what the hell he's doing.

    [–] You should buy Tales from the Borderlands right now. timo103 1 points ago in Borderlands

    People have been talking about this exact scenario for years. What happens when this stuff shuts down? What happens when steam shuts down?

    [–] Which expansions to use to keep the game "vanilla" timo103 1 points ago in Munchkin

    Is it just the part of the rules sheet where it says to turn items you're carrying sideways? If so is there a limit on the backpack because the rules sheet doesn't say it's a thing.

    [–] The three pronged Night Elf bladed weapon is DH only, why? timo103 2 points ago in wow

    I really miss my dual wielding 1hs.

    2 2h weapons is unique and all but their wrists are fucked. They're so huge that it just looks dumb.

    [–] Which expansions to use to keep the game "vanilla" timo103 1 points ago in Munchkin

    Was the backpack introduced in a certain expansion? I don't see anything about it in my rules sheet.

    [–] Confusing and Disappointing Loot is Dangerous-Preach timo103 140 points ago in wow

    Oh another preach video where literally everything he says is correct.

    [–] It's happening! timo103 1 points ago in wow

    We do but you either have to jump into the water and take a rope up or go all the way around.

    Unless you're a class like druid that can jump over to the boat.

    [–] Torbjörn's "Molten Core!" voice line sounds slightly different with his new ultimate. timo103 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in Overwatch

    I can't be the only one that doesn't like it right?

    It just sounds like they took the old one and put it through a wacky voice filter.

    Kinda sounds like he's tone deaf, or like Sloth yelling mowten core

    [–] It's happening! timo103 6 points ago in wow

    Alliance better get a goddamn gangplank over to the boat then too.

    [–] This seems like an unnecessarily bad idea for 8.1 timo103 8 points ago in wow

    Yeah what kind of dumbass is out here expecting Vanilla to be like BFA???

    Why is this dumb argument parroted every time anything comes up?

    [–] This seems like an unnecessarily bad idea for 8.1 timo103 7 points ago in wow

    b-b-but bears are the most op of all tank specs!

    [–] My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined timo103 12 points ago in wow

    It's also using the ogre skeleton...

    It looks more like an ogre than a boomkin anyway.

    [–] Developer Update | September 2018 Update | Overwatch timo103 1 points ago in Overwatch

    Torb should be a defensive hero.

    Combining offence/defense heroes was a huge mistake.

    [–] End of an Era: David-me Got Banned By Reddit timo103 3 points ago in KotakuInAction

    Are we allowed to ask people to DM it?

    Cause I'd like to see what it was but I don't wanna get in trouble.

    [–] (x-post from r/starcraft) Tychus Findlay: Thoughts about what works, and what doesn't timo103 2 points ago in starcraft2coop

    Engineering bay upgrades really need to be halved in time or even cut by 2/3.

    They're ridiculously long, I never get past like tier 3 in my games.

    [–] I love the mods here are connected to the community. timo103 3 points ago in wow

    I'm glad the mods here aren't stupidly defensive about the game.

    [–] We Dug Too Deep - Minecraft - Galacticraft Part 6 (#330) | Let's Play timo103 15 points ago in roosterteeth

    Oh good Jeremy realized that RF engines haven't been a real thing in years and needed a real generator.

    Now he needs to figure out how to make a bigger quarry with landmarks.

    [–] WHhy aren’t there bikes in Fallout? timo103 6 points ago in Fallout

    It's not the exact same but yes there is still gamebryo in there.

    Kind of like how source comes from goldsrc which comes from quake.