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    [–] Elon Musk’s Boring Company gets green light to start digging in Washington, DC timo103 8 points ago in news

    Has trump put any cars in orbit?

    Made rockets that can land themselves?

    Made multiple extremely successful businesses?

    Have over 20b in net worth?

    Where is this recent anti Elon Musk circlejerk coming from? Guy does awesome shit and is gonna put a man on mars in the next decade.

    [–] [Humble Store] Spotlight Deal - Undertale ($4.99/£3.74, 50% off) timo103 10 points ago in GameDeals

    Because you don't own any of your steam games.

    People care because it's all a "what if steam just decides I don't own my games anymore?"

    [–] The Cycle Of Feminism/SJW Inclusivity timo103 9 points ago * (lasted edited 10 hours ago) in MensRights

    They've been trying to force more "diversity" into 40k for about a year. Trying to retcon space marines into women, completely ignoring sisters of battle because they don't actually give a shit about the series. They just see that it's a hobby enjoyed by men and that they have to force themselves into it.

    They never wanted to actually play the game or enjoy the series/lore, they just want to be included. and then exclude men form their hobby.

    They claim there's no african american space marines when there's a ton, not to mention the emprah himself isn't white

    It legitimately happened the way it is in the OP. But 40k fans fought back against them trying to take over their hobby.

    edit: you can also just paint the fucking models whatever you want

    [–] Comprehensive list of missing units from the TW Warhammer current factions timo103 0 points ago in totalwar

    Imperial dragon isn't a mount. And we definitely won't get lord versions of every imperial mage.

    [–] Games that feature fantastic or creative tutorials? timo103 1 points ago in Games

    Battlefront 2's (not 4) tutorial on geonosis is one of the best out there.

    [–] The Cycle Of Feminism/SJW Inclusivity timo103 19 points ago in MensRights

    SJWs are right now trying to take over Warhammer 40k.

    [–] What were some stand-like/JoJo-like fights in other anime/manga? timo103 11 points ago in StardustCrusaders

    Yeah most quirks are just pretty much stands without the stand body.

    [–] The Ork/Dwarf problem: Why the Badlands needs a shakeup timo103 6 points ago in totalwar

    Thinking they might add that with game 3 :/ still disappointing to add him and put him in some random scrag hole in naggarond.

    [–] Fallout 4: Frost - Part 19 - Rats from a Sinking Ship timo103 43 points ago in ManyATrueNerd

    Jon is still worrying about gunslinger 3 and those combat perks instead of focusing on survival perks -.-

    [–] Shadow of the Colossus - The Bigger They Are... timo103 1 points ago in ManyATrueNerd

    That shouldn't be close to enough to knock it down to 30. It's more likely an optimization problem. or the world constantly being loaded in entirely or something of the sort.

    It's crazy either way for a remastered ps2 game to be stuck at 30 fps.

    [–] I can't wait till I get to opt out of PvP in BfA. timo103 4 points ago in wow

    You could always opt out of PvP.

    Don't play on a pvp realm.