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    [–] Well that sucks tkmj75 2254 points ago in instant_regret

    So was the goalkeeper to fuck up.

    [–] Just to put things into perspective tkmj75 9 points ago in Juve

    It's not Champions League, it's Ronaldo League. Beast!

    [–] Juve Podcast #110 Cristiano Ronaldo Special tkmj75 24 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago) in Juve

    Hey mate, great podcast. Just wanted to touch on the point about Ronaldo off the field that you spoke about in the podcast. He spoke about not being interested in coaching post-retirement and that's why he wanted to focus on his brand (hotels, perfumes, clothing) so that he keeps himself busy after he leaves football.

    He also does a lot of charity and takes time to meet the fans. Ask the United and Madrid fans who actually have spent years watching him and they can vouch for this. When the Juve fans can see his magic in the team, then you guys will warm up to him pretty quickly. Good luck to Juve!

    EDIT: I think the trigger in Ronaldo's mind to move to Juve in particular was because of the warm appreciation that he received after his once-in-a-lifetime bicycle kick goal (even though he was an opposing player). In the very rare patches of bad form he had in Madrid, he was booed by many sections of the fans which left a sour taste in his mouth.

    [–] 2016 Chinese Grand Prix - Qualifying Results tkmj75 11 points ago in formula1

    I bet this race is gonna be a cracker, for sure. Looking forward to it.

    [–] Driver of the Day: Lewis Hamilton tkmj75 48 points ago in formula1

    Best tyre management of the day by Hamilton for sure, which is what enabled him to finish in the podium. Amazing.

    [–] 2018 British Grand Prix - Post Race Discussion tkmj75 675 points ago in formula1

    Holy shit, this was the most dramatic GP of the season so far. Next level drama, crashes, retirements, multiple safety car deployment, close calls, pit fails, unsafe releases, overtaking and wheel to wheel racing. Hamilton sliced through the midfield like butter after being taken out by Raikkonen. Love it!

    [–] Vettel overtakes Bottas with a late move into Brooklands tkmj75 169 points ago in formula1

    Amazing to that little wiggle on the kerb from Bottas led to him losing the place to Vettel. A game of inches.

    [–] Isro conducts first crew escape test for India's manned mission to space tkmj75 59 points ago in space

    Cue the racist comments and poop jokes. Get a grip, as if only India has poor people.

    [–] 10 years ago today, Lewis Hamilton stormed to victory by over a minute at a soaked British GP. tkmj75 92 points ago in formula1

    Well this sub is almost r/ferrari so it's understandable. Also someone at the top of the sport always has detractors.

    [–] Oh Vettel tkmj75 77 points ago in formula1

    Vettel: Red Bull double agent confirmed.

    [–] Banana Bed (Poem inside) tkmj75 40 points ago in rarepuppers

    Alas, i didst not writeth this wond'rful w'rk of art.

    [–] Banana Bed (Poem inside) tkmj75 465 points ago * (lasted edited 24 days ago) in rarepuppers

    my name is Pup, and wen I tire, and so tu slep, I muste retire, I had no need, For pillowed hed, I lay on froot, Banana bed

    • Unknown dajo42 (found the poet thanks to redditors below)

    [–] Daily Discussion - FIFA World Cup, 26.06.2018 tkmj75 8 points ago in realmadrid

    The reason for that is most users here are not from Spain. I have lived in Spain and reddit isn't used much by the people there. Majority of the English speaking fans are the ones on reddit, which is why EPL fans flood r/soccer.

    [–] Daily Discussion - FIFA World Cup, 26.06.2018 tkmj75 19 points ago in realmadrid

    You surely don't expect every Madrid fan to support Spain do you? Everyone has their own national teams to support and our club has fans from all over the world.

    [–] McLaren OK for TLE? tkmj75 3 points ago in Asphalt8

    P1 is one of the starter class A cars, so it won't ever get you in top 1000. Even triple boosted max Pro hommage which is one. Of the fastest cars in game and class A, it's hard.

    [–] Reminder: Today is the 937th day that Kamlesh Tiwari would be spending in jail for exercising his freedom of speech. tkmj75 1 points ago in india

    Unfortunately this sub wouldn't give you the response you are looking for. Any anti-minority topics even if they are justified and right would be shutdown or ostracised. Sad reality of this sub. Hope the guy gets released and then moves on with his life.

    [–] Lewis Hamilton wins the 2018 French Grand Prix! tkmj75 11 points ago in formula1

    Brilliant race, after the snoozer in Canada. Lewis was flawless today. Props to Vettel and Bottas for reaching all the way from the back too.

    [–] Bethesda sues Warner Bros, calls its Westworld game ‘blatant rip-off’ of Fallout Shelter tkmj75 1514 points ago in Android

    Warner Bros: "Yo, can I copy your homework?"

    Bethesda: "Sure, just change it up a bit so that the teacher doesn't find out."

    Teacher: "Hey, this is the same homework!"

    Warner Bros: " ... "

    Bethesda: "For fuck's sake."

    [–] Wife doesnt want me to talk to my cousins & is threatening divorce tkmj75 11 points ago in india

    I come from a lower middle class background & am spendthrift despite making good money

    Just so you know, "Spendthrift" means someone who squanders their money. "Thrifty" or "prudent" is the word you're looking for.

    [–] Which manufacturer updates their phone fastest? Android Oreo edition tkmj75 185 points ago in Android

    It's Android Authority. They're known for their shitty "journalism" and clickbait crap.