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    [–] MKBHD: Galaxy S9 Review tkmj75 68 points ago in Android

    Glad to know there are others like me who listen to music on their phones while showering. The advent of waterproof phones has really helped our cause.

    [–] MKBHD: Galaxy S9 Review tkmj75 105 points ago in Android

    Everyone's been raving about the stereo speakers, which imo is the best feature of S9. How's your take on the speakers so far?

    [–] Post Match Thread: SD Eibar vs Real Madrid - La Liga Matchday 28 tkmj75 54 points ago in realmadrid

    I shudder to think where we would be without Ronaldo, across all competitions. Same goes for Modric, pulls all the strings. Ronaldo's been secretly sad since Ozil left as he used to get amazing service with consistency. But Modric and Bale have filled those roles up nicely. Special shoutout to Keylor as well, he was a rock in the back, cleaning up others mistakes.

    Zidane really needs to stop his obsession with 4-3-1-2 with Isco in a free role. As Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.

    [–] [Ask] Have you stayed at a StayUncle "love hotel"? What was it like? tkmj75 18 points ago in india

    AirBnB is way better; I used it a few times and all good experiences. Just make sure you read the description to check if the owner allows unmarried couples.

    [–] [AskIndia] Men's Rights Activists of r/india, how do you justify your stance against women's empowerment while living in a significantly sexist society? tkmj75 119 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago) in india

    Being an MRA activist doesn't mean you're automatically against feminism. On the contrary, Indian judicial laws are so biased and sexist against men, that it's ridiculous to believe it's true. Men have way more protection in the West (but still not enough).

    Judge. :"A husband has to take care of his wife somehow or other even if he is unemployed."


    Source: /u/EastDivide EDIT: Fixed a few formatting issues.

    [–] [AskIndia] At what age of marriage does the sex frequency go below miserable levels? tkmj75 39 points ago in india

    That's sad, mate. Maybe have a chat with your partner about both of your sex life. Usually it's things completely unrelated to sex that lead to these kinda situations. Do you have any kids?

    [–] Match Thread: Real Betis vs Real Madrid [Spanish Primera División] tkmj75 13 points ago in realmadrid

    Shocking how bad Carvajal has been all season after being the best RB in the world last season. Best lesson in life about always being motivated regardless of competition.

    [–] Priyanka Chopra: Zeroes on boys' cheques are ridiculous tkmj75 18 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in india

    Very successful women always talk about gender wage gap.

    If say for instance, women are paid only 70% of the wage that men are paid, wouldn't all business just hire women as it will directly cut their wage bill by 30%? Surely that makes economical sense.

    Guess what? Welcome to reality.


    EDIT: I do agree gender wage gap exists, but it mainly is rampant in unorganized labour. In organised sector, many countries have specific legislation to prevent this kind of discrimination. The main reason many women are sometimes paid less/less promotions is due to various factors such as maternity leave ranging years, declining difficult assignments citing family/kids and the value they bring to the business.

    In professional modelling, women get paid way more than men for the same work they do, the reason being the viewers female models bring to the table. Same goes in the porn industry, where female porn stars are paid way more than male stars.

    Google was pressured into firing one of their engineers for creating a report discussing the flaw in gender wage gap and reading his report gives you a different perspective than the one that is portrayed by the mainstream "politically-correct" media. (Google's Ideological Echo Chamber)

    [–] Post-Match Thread: Real Madrid win the Club World Cup SIUUUUUUUUUUUU tkmj75 13 points ago in realmadrid

    The best way to positionally discipline Isco is to go back to 4-3-3 and giving him a role in the midfield (competing vs Kroos/Modric). This way, Ronaldo goes back to wings where he can be at his explosive best. Isco's been at Real Madrid for many years now, so I don't expect him to change his slow playstyle suddenly in this season. Last year, James kept Isco wary of his selfishness since he would instantly gt benched.

    Also, I am speculating here, but Isco's new contract might have some clause which requires him to play 70%+ minutes of the entire season, in which case it's bleak. Zidane might be helpless here, we don't know what goes on behind closed door.s

    [–] [Match Thread] Real Madrid vs Sevilla, La Liga Matchday 15. tkmj75 11 points ago in realmadrid

    In this kind of form and fluidity, we'll beat any team in any stadium around the world.

    [–] layover puppies tkmj75 171 points ago in aww

    I love how there is a mini teddy pupper blending in.

    [–] Unless We Stop It, This FCC Order Will End Net Neutrality and Break the Internet tkmj75 25 points ago in politics

    If we don't stop this, we'll need to pay $5 to visit Reddit every time so that we can complain about needing to pay $5 to visit Reddit.