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    [–] What do you think of our custom cams? If there’s one thing rural Africans love, it’s a photo. tmoney321 63 points ago in guns

    Half the shit we buy has ITAR export warnings, makes sense. You would have to Lord of War the gucci shit to them.

    [–] Wearing Tactical Gear tmoney321 12 points ago in ar15

    Crye precision

    [–] SUNDAY GUNDAY : 2 SCOOPS, 2 TERMS, 8 YEARS tmoney321 2 points ago in The_Donald

    Yeah, these are people who think decommissioning our massive nuclear arsenal is a good idea. Lol

    [–] Sunday Portrait tmoney321 6 points ago in guns

    Man, I want a AKS-74 type so bad. Beautiful family.

    [–] SUNDAY GUNDAY : 2 SCOOPS, 2 TERMS, 8 YEARS tmoney321 25 points ago in The_Donald

    Seeing news stories of "millions of magazines sold" warms my heart.

    [–] Trees and OD greens? tmoney321 6 points ago in ar15

    Yeah, thats a damn sexy rifle.

    [–] Some other people did something else. tmoney321 3 points ago in The_Donald

    Ah, nothing like 30MM HE rounds. Splash, good effect, rgr.

    [–] Convincing my wife about guns tmoney321 1 points ago in guns

    Wow. That story made me sick. I hope those fucks burn.

    [–] Anyone else getting the feeling that somehow this is all related, and the hammer is finally dropping? tmoney321 56 points ago in The_Donald

    "Mr Assange, the committee hereby demands the name of the entity that provided the documents!"


    One could only dream...

    [–] Glock range set up, mag reload drill tips? tmoney321 3 points ago in Glocks

    The Baer Standard Drill is one of my favorites for that. Printable, check it out for sure.

    [–] Finally downsized from a 19 :) tmoney321 3 points ago in Glocks

    For real, starting to warm up here too, considering grabbing one myself to keep that carry percentage up.

    [–] Orange you glad I posted this tmoney321 30 points ago in guns

    Damn, that Olight fits nice. Looks like its part of the gun.

    [–] Anyone else getting automatically logged out? Twice today and once yesterday. On PC. tmoney321 2 points ago in The_Donald

    Right!, maybe the guy just deleted it, but it was fishy with all the cuckoldry we get from Reddit.

    [–] PSA HD Pistol Build List Recommendations/Critiques? tmoney321 0 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago) in ar15

    11.5s are versatile rifles. Even un-suppressed., despite what some say. I have one setup for multipurpose work within 200 yards, and it worked out great.

    Overall, focus on the core rifle first. Things like folding stock adapters and magnifiers can wait initially. Keep the mil-spec trigger to start. I would have to talk with you to really give you more thorough recommendations, but here are a few for some of the things you mentioned. Links for reference.


    BCM 11.5 complete uppers


    Aero Precision: they are running sales right now on lowers, stripped and complete I believe. Got my first Aero lower recently and the quality is amazing, well worth upgrade.

    PSA complete pistol lower with SBA3: can get this for ~220


    Streamlight Protac RM 2: (~100), comes with everything you need to get started

    Note: Arisaka 600 series or Surefire m600 if at all possible but will be around 350 or so for the whole setup [light, mount, tailcap] - but worth every penny

    Extra: Cloud Defensive LCS: I love this thing on my rifles for the pressure pad and cable management, optional


    Vortex SparcAR: (~200) great value, comes with riser, runs on AAA so not longest battery life

    Holosun 503G: (~220) has the ACSS reticle, better battery life than the Vortex

    Aimpoint PRO: (~440) if you can spring for it a great entry level RDS, highly recommended by many. Great battery life and reputation for reliability


    Vickers CAS:: (~80) padded or unpadded, can add QD swivel if you have mounts on rifle, my personal preference

    Magpul MS1: (~75) already has QD hardware installed, also good sling

    [–] PSA HD Pistol Build List Recommendations/Critiques? tmoney321 2 points ago in ar15

    Yeah the BCM 11.5s are a great recommendation and will hit that 26 for VFG for sure.

    [–] Friday buyday 04/05/2019 tmoney321 1 points ago in guns

    A new thot detector (m600), Arisaka offset mount, Cloud Defensive LCS, and a Microtech Ultratech OTF knife. I swear I wont buy anything next week.

    [–] Gen 1 STI Chrome Omni. 1 of 11 tmoney321 3 points ago in GunPorn

    Damn thats a sexy picture

    [–] WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT tmoney321 3 points ago in ar15

    Yeah its been a joke. The problem is many members do not keep up with these events and are generally uniformed. I try and stay optimistic that things can change, eventually. Best believe I wont donate a dollar to them in the mean time.

    [–] After 3 years of collecting guns , my first AR-15 (11.5") tmoney321 6 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago) in ar15

    Velocity (slightly, varies with ammo etc) and dwell time - the time the gas system maintains pressure after the bullet passes the gas port before it exits the barrel. The extra inch in 11.5s give a nice increase here and helps the weapon system run smoother.

    Heres a decent video on some more insight into 10.5/11.5/12.5 considerations.:

    [–] WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT tmoney321 33 points ago in ar15

    Poor leadership at the top.