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    [–] DRUMPFFFF tmoney321 7 points ago in The_Donald

    This guy is not only a cuck, but a massive fraud. He was kicked out of residency at Vanderbilt because of his derangement. Yet he has his blue check mark next to "MD" on his Twitter and pretends to still be a resident. Real physicians think this guy is a joke.

    He had his name on some BS lawsuit against POTUS for blocking people who string reply to abuse Twitter algorithm and virtue signals all day how just and woke he is for winning. Yet the case is being appealed.

    He now spends his days obsessively string-replying to every Tweet he can, along with the unhinged Krassencuck brothers. No wonder his wife left him. SAD!

    [–] Rasmussen: Presidential Approval At 52% tmoney321 7 points ago in The_Donald

    Would get locked and removed for hate speech. 100%

    [–] Rasmussen: Presidential Approval At 52% tmoney321 20 points ago in The_Donald

    MODS on point today. The front page always needs two things - a Pepe & a spicy tweet from POTUS!

    [–] Enough said. tmoney321 1 points ago in The_Donald

    Nothing better than watching Reaper strikes or A10 runs on ISIS on a Sunday morning!

    [–] Becoming an Audiophile - Learning What to Listen For tmoney321 3 points ago in headphones

    I also recently entered the hifi realm after years of using my Sennheiser gaming headset to listen to music, and decently at that for a gaming set. I bought the DT 770 Pro 250ohm and a Schiit Modi/Magni combo for ~$400 which drives them perfectly and made more of a difference than I thought. Not sure what you are using now, but consider a DAC/AMP for sure. Especially if you get 1990s.

    Been using Tidal for higher quality music and have been learning to characterize sound, specific headphones signature etc. It takes time for sure. The variety between different cans is cool, they all have different character. Now Im looking to get a open set soon as the 770s are closed. I wanted a set of both and was 100% on the 770s for the closed but am still deciding on the opens. Looking at Sennheiser HD 598, 599, 650, 660, 700...especially the 650 as they are legends apparently. GL!

    [–] The Modern College Campus tmoney321 4 points ago in The_Donald

    This is Grade A shit right here. FIRE!

    [–] Looking forward to tonight! #SOTU tmoney321 4 points ago in The_Donald

    Total soyboy, screaming like a maniac on his platform. Amplified by people like Dorsey. SAD!

    [–] Looking forward to tonight! #SOTU tmoney321 3 points ago in The_Donald

    So many deranged CUCKS in the Twitter cesspool today. People like Krassenstein screaming about collusion, others saying Drudge is a questionable source (he literally lists links to MSM stories???).


    [–] Up grade or not? tmoney321 1 points ago in CCW

    I used to like the G17 mainly for its grip compared to 19. Then the G45 came out. Depends what you are looking for or interested in.

    [–] Obligatory first rifle purchase picture tmoney321 3 points ago in guns

    That 1-8 NF scope is really nice, enjoy!

    [–] 🇺🇸 tmoney321 2 points ago in The_Donald

    I was thinking this same thing last night lol. Telekinetic memes.

    [–] My Escape from Tarkov Inspired SLR-107FR tmoney321 11 points ago in EscapefromTarkov

    Been looking at getting an Arsenal for awhile. Nice build!