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    [–] The mountains of Argentina to_the_tenth_power 4 points ago in pics

    Photo by @maxrivephotography

    [–] My Only Weakness to_the_tenth_power 2 points ago in gaming

    Cut scenes cut deep

    [–] True story to_the_tenth_power 1 points ago in gaming

    Fun fact, they just broke up 5 days ago

    [–] Bring Back Hand-Drawn Disney Animation to_the_tenth_power 29 points ago in movies

    Yeah, some of the musical numbers were a bit lackluster this time around. Also, Simba crying over his dad's death was a little less impactful this time around because the facial expressions were pretty blank.

    [–] The absolute worse to_the_tenth_power 4 points ago in gaming

    I think you'll see this there in a bit.