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    [–] What do you do when a girl rejects you? to_the_tenth_power 9 points ago in AskReddit

    Don't wanna stick around the crime scene any longer than you have to.

    [–] What thing is either extremely well liked or passionately hated? to_the_tenth_power 8 points ago in AskReddit

    Like my grandpappy always said: "You want to divide a room, bring up politics or religion. You want to level a room, bring up pineapples on pizza."

    [–] Copper Pipe Joe to_the_tenth_power 3 points ago in funny

    Lol, well things on Reddit tend to spread like wildfire if they catch on

    [–] Chicagohenge 2019 [OC] to_the_tenth_power 2 points ago in MostBeautiful

    Looks like something out of a stylish film. Excellent work!