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    [–] That "pretend you know me" trick actually works. toast_chicken 71 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    I have that feeling a lot too. I almost always get involved. I tell myself, "if these people were hurt and you chose not to do anything, you'd never forgive yourself" or "at least I'll be able to sleep at night knowing they're safe."

    [–] That "pretend you know me" trick actually works. toast_chicken 124 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    I think it really depends how you go about it. Me and my friend said things like, "how are you?" but if another strange man sat down and asked the same thing, I'd probably panic. I like that suggestion to ask for directions, but if you do pretend to know someone, make it really obvious that that is what you are doing. Throw around fake names, events, and I think the person would get the picture. I think you'd also have to be aware of your body and body language. If I felt I was being flanked or trapped by another person approaching, I would assume you're with the creep.

    Does that help or make sense at all?

    [–] That "pretend you know me" trick actually works. toast_chicken 604 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    Yeah, my boyfriend and I were talking about that. I guess if some guy were being nasty to me, I would appreciate a man saying, "are you alright?" "Do you know him?" or "do you want my help in anyway?" I think when it comes to men handling this, they need to be much more cautious.

    [–] That "pretend you know me" trick actually works. toast_chicken 504 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    Ouch, but at least you said something. You never know until you approach them or ask. It's better safe than sorry.

    [–] That "pretend you know me" trick actually works. toast_chicken 1384 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    That's basically what we did until the nasty left.

    "How are you??" "It's been so long!" "Did you see those ducks?" "Look at this weird rock I found!"

    [–] Bone found about 20 ft off Wisconsin River toast_chicken 1 points ago in bonecollecting

    Not really too familiar with all of this, but my friend found it and was curious. My hand is fairly small, the longest part is about an inch and a quarter.

    [–] Guess I'm doing this now lol toast_chicken 4 points ago in CoronavirusMemes

    Thanks, you're really sweet. But yeah, I'm going to be one of those 30,000 Americans in the AZD1222 vaccine trial.

    [–] When I think about playing I feel dread, but when I do actually play I enjoy it - anyone else feel like this? toast_chicken 5 points ago in violinist

    Try playing music you actually want to play. If there's a particular style or composer you like, try getting a book related to that in your level and choose a piece that sounds interesting.

    My parents made me learn violin when I was very young and I hated it, and I only started liking when I got "good." Around when I stopped going from a "screechy" beginner, to someone with okay tone. So I do think practice and time is a part of it. With most instruments, it can take a while to reap the rewards. I'd give it more time to think about.

    [–] Hi all, anyone else break out in these red dots all over when out in the sun? toast_chicken 1 points ago in CholinergicUrticaria

    In high school I used to get these nasty ringworm-like welts all over my hands, feet, wrists and ankles. I was able to get rid of them by taking a lot of antihistamines for maybe two months or so and they haven't come back. I did something like two zyrtec in the morning, then two benadryl at night. It's been over three years and they haven't returned yet, but I still get hives like in the picture on occasion. My symptoms are pretty manageable with antihistamines.

    [–] Say hello to my new baby toast_chicken 25 points ago in lingling40hrs

    I thought a baby grand was any piano in the shape under 6ft?

    [–] When is it okay to break the glass of a vehicle to rescue an animal? toast_chicken -17 points ago in legaladvice

    I think the law is that you have to act in "good faith" and that you believe the animal is in imminent danger.

    [–] When is it okay to break the glass of a vehicle to rescue an animal? toast_chicken -13 points ago in legaladvice

    Thanks, just found it! It's reassuring to know that I would be able to do something if something like this happened again. It's just so upsetting that the animal (or person) could die in the span it takes for police to arrive.

    [–] Every time toast_chicken 16 points ago in lingling40hrs

    Oh sure, I see what you're saying. I generally use the phrase, "classical music" if the people I'm conversing with may not be classical musicians. I could say, "I like instrumental music," and the audience might think anything from Mozart to Macintosh Plus. It also would be confusing if someone asked me what kind of music I liked and I said, "romantic." If they are also classical musicians or enjoy classical music, I have no problem elaborating. I think it's more of a language thing than anything else.

    [–] Every time toast_chicken 66 points ago in lingling40hrs

    Okay, but there are a lot of banger film scores.

    [–] AITA? Neighbor damaged her car on my landscaping rocks. toast_chicken 32 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    INFO: in your area/town/county do you legally own the grass between the sidewalk and the road? I know in a lot of places the state owns that spaces and can do whatever they want there, like put trees and stuff.

    [–] Hugging? toast_chicken 1 points ago in intj

    Well, there's the function stack too. I don't think it's necessarily feeling VERSUS thinking. MBTI just measures which one you use more. I'm only something like 52% extroversion, but Ne is definitely my dominant function.

    [–] Hugging? toast_chicken 1 points ago in intj

    Sure, I get you. I have to be very close to the person for it to be an enjoyable hug. I don't like hugs from my parents or my friends. I guess I'll also hug someone back if they hug me, but I won't really like it? I only accept and enjoy hugs from my boyfriend and a very close friend of mine. But I'm talking like greeting/goodbye hugs from friends and family as the ones I don't like.

    [–] Hugging? toast_chicken 1 points ago in intj

    Opposite here! I like hugs and contact only from people I'm very close to. My parents were never physically affectionate to me, so I think it stems from that. I mean, I love people, but please don't touch me. I can't stand the "oooo cuddly uwu ENFP!!" stereotype.

    I also feel like hugs are just generally awkward? Your nipples and genitals are aligned with someone else's and I never know where to put my arms? Also, how long are they supposed to last? I'll give hugs to people I don't know well to comfort them, but that's the only time I'll offer.