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    [–] Kendrick tweets "Cortez Kenny" Livestream toshirotf 9 points ago in hiphopheads

    2:20 AM on the East Coast, 11:30 PM west coast, plus its friday

    [–] Kendrick tweets "Cortez Kenny" Livestream toshirotf 17 points ago in hiphopheads

    Ohhhh fuck YouTube live streams only keep the last 2 hours even if you have it paused there, so that footage is gone now

    Really nothing has changed. Bald black guy (presumably Jay Rock) in an embroidered, thick, black TDE (said TDE in big letters, "Los Angeles California" above) jacket on was on an electric lift and he was talking to people below (but we couldn't see them)

    [–] Kendrick tweets "Cortez Kenny" Livestream toshirotf 294 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in hiphopheads

    We're supposed to find this? Okay, fuck finals, let's actually do this.

    So let's start out with state/city, we can pretty much guess this is Los Angeles because that's where they are all situated, the person who comes in at 13:09 even reps it on the back of his jacket (TDE, and LA).

    That same someone who comes in at 13:09 is coming in on what seems to be an electric lift? The way he rises up and jump stops, and the same kind of movement going down makes it seem like a fork lift or scissor lift. Which implies that this isn't just a streetlight, this is likely higher up -- on a bigger street, highway, or something. We can probably rule out small streets then.

    Okay so now the streetlight... This is obviously a 'modern' streetlight rather than the traditional streetlights we have, so downtown Culver City and some parts of La Brea can be ruled out, yeah? Also not the beachside where they have pillar streetlights

    Can anyone confirm that this is just a normal streelight vs. maybe it being a "smart light?" There are parts of Los Angeles with only smart lighting, so this could narrow it down.

    So it's definitely not the Phillips SmartLight because of the end of the streetpole in the stream is rounded. So this rules out those green parts of Hollywood

    Also, what is that brand? Anyone able to recognize this? Kind of looks like the Nike logo, but I don't see a Nike. I'm pretty sure it's the DAMN. over Nike logo that's the profile photo for the Cortez Kennyyoutube account. Which doesn't help at all

    From that Vermonica display in Watts and just personal experience I keep having images of the fourth one from the left, that's what I'm used to seeing. But looking it up, there aren't three buttons normally on it, and it usually has a number, which isn't in the livestream... Unless the design is the number and I can't read it?

    Yo if anyone can read what is under the streetlight or thinks it's a number, that would actually help a lot

    NGL i'm not a streetlight expert (s/o streelights on Rap Genius though), I need help with this

    What are the chances that it's by 11th St and Chick Hearn near the STAPLES Center, where he shot Alright?. Answering my own question I think it'spretty slim, explained below ->

    Not that it was a major issue but increasing the black point of the image shows that there is absolutely nothing in the background, no building (at least emitting light) and no other light streams (afaik) so the chances that it's downtown are slim. It's worth noting though that the angle is pointing up so it could be hiding the light. But knowing Los Angeles the sky would be brighter downtown and it looks pretty dark in this stream

    Oh fuck, is it the same place where they're on the lift and putting something on the streetlight in those 2 seconds during the King's Dead music video? @0:28 in the MV Nah nvm I think that's just a filming camera

    Streetlights getting nowhere. Can we read geotag EXIF data from youtube streams?

    Metadata info from Amnesty

    Video ID: j8XMULh4HVs

    Upload Date (YYYY/MM/DD): 2018-02-17

    Upload Time (UTC): 04:05:47 (convert to local time)

    Absolutely no help smh

    Stats for nerds

    Video ID / CPNj8XMULh4HVs / yPc9PUECMQ1FO9t- Viewport640x360*2

    Current / Optimal [email protected] / [email protected]

    Codecs avc1.4d4028 (137) / mp4a.40.2 (140)

    Host r1---sn-gvbxgn-tt1r

    Network Activity 0 KB [varies]


    What does that mean?

    Looking it up on Google i'm led to which gives me an IP address, I use IP Tracker to look it up and im led to Mountain View, CA in a parking lot where there are 0 streetlights soo... I'm going to assume this is the host of the provider or Google or what?

    So there's some nice ass camera out somewhere in LA livestreaming a pair of cortez nikes hanging from a streetlight and nothing's happened

    I see people in this thread mentioning the 4chan-Shia Labeouf incidents, FYI doing the 4chan honking method won't work because there is no sound in the broadcast, nothing could be heard when Rock was going up and talking. So, the only way we'd be able to tell where exactly we are is if we find which way the sun begins to rise or if an airplane going to LAX passes. Unfortunately since the stream started at night and we can't see what it looked like when first uploaded, we can't see which way it set. Wind isn't really showing us anything. There's no distinct weather. We can't see stars or the moon.

    I'm stumped

    I find it funny that it's under the category "Gaming" like this is the Hunger Games or some shit


    • Light turns on at 8:33PM

    • Near airport

    • Streetlight looks to be GE Roadway Luminaire, credit: /u/one_two_tree

    • Street is perpendicular to sun, thus the street runs East/West, credit: /u/yezzir213

    [–] [FRESH] Zo - Born 2 Ball (Lonzo Ball’s debut mixtape) toshirotf 165 points ago in hiphopheads

    Nah I need a $75 mil Deng feat with nothing on it just to hog the album budget

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread 02/14/2018 toshirotf 6 points ago in hiphopheads

    Damn, sid. I'm down if you want to talk. Stay safe & stay strong brother

    [–] [Announcement] New Mods Thread toshirotf 1 points ago in hiphopheads

    too busy to chitter chat with you charlatans

    [–] [Announcement] New Mods Thread toshirotf 12 points ago in hiphopheads

    I'm leaving and starting my own subreddit with a team of others called /r/HipHopEDGE

    [–] [Announcement] New Mods Thread toshirotf 1 points ago in hiphopheads

    your new flair has made your boring replies 10x sexier

    [–] [Announcement] New Mods Thread toshirotf 2 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago) in hiphopheads

    smh dont slick edit to make me look stupid

    [–] [Announcement] New Mods Thread toshirotf 24 points ago in hiphopheads

    Cohtoh, throwaway_350, Sputchit, fuckupsomecommasyeah, dropthehammer11, vodkainsipido, the_plow_king, and eyeamjigsaw were added as moderators to /r/hiphopheads yesterday. eyeamjigsaw's good, and he knows music. fuckupsomecommasyeah's been getting better as a user recently. I don't know who the_plow_king is. but dropthehammer11 and throwaway_350...I don't know about you but I'm not going to support a subreddit with these guys in charge. I don't support the harassment of other users, among other things.

    since I doubt this is a temporary thing, I'm gonna peace out and hope this doesn't get deleted. anyone wants to talk, you know where I'm at. have fun, live well, visit the plug.

    [–] A History of Weird Hip-Hop Headlines toshirotf 10 points ago in hiphopheads

    I saw that, a similar thing also happened with Vic Mensa after shopping at Barney's. Didn't include it because it's not really weird it just shows how prejudiced some people are

    [–] A History of Weird Hip-Hop Headlines toshirotf 9 points ago in hiphopheads

    Fair enough, I don't know because I've never done it. Was more focusing on the life sentence part though

    [–] A History of Weird Hip-Hop Headlines toshirotf 41 points ago in hiphopheads

    I was but I became precognizant

    [–] A History of Weird Hip-Hop Headlines toshirotf 3 points ago in hiphopheads

    August is daddy I 100% believe her testimony

    [–] A History of Weird Hip-Hop Headlines toshirotf 32 points ago * (lasted edited 22 days ago) in hiphopheads

    I think at this point it's kind of lost its shock value to people that've heard it and it's just kind of sad and depressing.

    He was high on PCP, like 2 others mentioned in the post doing just as crazy things -- Chris Bearer, who cut off his dick and testicles, and Houston, who gouged out his eyeball to "kill the devil." It's safe to say that they didn't have complete agency/autonomy, but whether or not he should have life in prison is up for you to decide I guess. All around just sad though