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    [–] Masks for pollution travelstuffdump 1 points ago in teachinginkorea

    Late to the thread, but I think the smoke pollution and Co2 pollution might be a different beast. Masks most definitely help with typical city pollution. I can speak from experience. When I lived in a heavily polluted Asian city I wore a mask almost every day in traffic, and if I happened to forget it the results were obvious. It felt like a constant mild case of bronchitis or something. Forty minutes in traffic for a sore throat and a cough without a mask, no problem with one. But don't take my word for it.

    Here's a study:

    And here's a breakdown of the study and some other sources:

    In short, even a paper surgical mask is good for a 60-80% reduction. A proper heavy fitted is good for up to 95%. They work. And the negative effects are obvious if you don't wear one.

    [–] The sheer bliss on this little guy's face! travelstuffdump 6 points ago in gifs

    He might give hope but you take it away. Not knowing the details of reptilian emotional display doesn't make someone a "stupid fucking idiot" or a "naive goddamned moron."

    An ounce of humility or empathy would get you a lot further. You could be like the guy you're replying to and explain something and why it's wrong without being a giant arrogant prick.

    [–] Men, what general advice do you have for an 18M? travelstuffdump 5 points ago in AskMen

    If you want to accomplish anything, you do it one day at a time. People think a huge outpouring of effort is what changes their life, but really it's like 10 minutes to an hour of work every day. Like if you want to learn a language, just studying for a bit every day will get you there. You have plenty of time. If you want to get in shape, making an easy plan and sticking to it is miles better than making a hard one and quitting after a month.

    [–] Whats a good pickup line involving Rick Astley's "never gonna give you up"? travelstuffdump 9 points ago in AskMen

    Damn gurl, are you my (bad habit)? Cause I'm never gonna give you up.

    Example: Damn gurl, are you my tendency to isolate myself when I'm most in need of support? Cause I'm never gonna give you up.

    [–] What is the most detestable trait a woman can have? travelstuffdump 26 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in AskMen

    The attitude that all men are there to impress them. There's no greater turn off than a girl who seems to be totally uninterested in putting in any effort but expects you to hold the conversation, charm her, compliment her, and win her affections. No one wants a date to feel like a tough job interview. Like damn, you're a person and I'm looking for a relationship, not a prize.

    [–] What's an unusual compliment you received that you really liked travelstuffdump 201 points ago in AskMen

    A stranger once told me "hey, I just wanted to say, you're really pretty." I never saw her again but it stuck with me and I appreciated it.

    She was a woman and I'm a man, for the record.

    [–] Terry Crews playing for the Washington Redskins, 1991 travelstuffdump 11 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    You don't deserve the downvotes. It goes every way. There's tons of videos on youtube of Koreans failing to guess white people's ages too. If you're not around one kind of features a lot it becomes a little bit harder to tell how age plays on them.

    [–] Contract Review (please) travelstuffdump 1 points ago in teachinginkorea

    Genuinely asking, is it unusual to have a clause like that in Korea? I think every contract I've signed elsewhere said something to the effect of 'if you show up drunk, bang the students, or don't do your job we'll fire you.' It seems reasonable to me but maybe Korea has a different standard.

    [–] this microscopic water bear appears to be scratching his back travelstuffdump 8 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago) in gifs

    There should be a show where Earth turns out to be a lifeform itself and takes an anti-biotic equivalent to get rid of the weird infection that's inflaming it's respiratory system and devastating it's internal ecosystem.

    But it should be played like a mystery. The opening sequence shows life forms from microscopic to blue-whale size to sort of hint at it but it's never directly stated. The show is set aboard an 'ark' ship filled with survivors of a catastrophe on Earth. People had start dying en-masse. No one could quite figure out why. It didn't look like a typical plague because it started all over Earth at once, but not on the moon colony. There are too many refugees leaving from Earth though and the colonies can't take them all. So they have to look for a new home. Fortunately we know about several habitable planet by now, but it's never been possible to travel to them. Now we're desperate and do a kind of stasis-ship thing to get there. Drama and different factions emerge, each proposing a different solution for their problems.

    Except when we arrive the exact same thing that happened on Earth starts happening again. We're expelled. It happens again and again. Finally someone pieces it together. We're the equivalent of an infection for planetary scale life. The end of the show is finding a way to live symbiotically with a new planet so they aren't expelled.

    It might be a little hamfisted in the message but if played subtly I think it could work.

    [–] [Unpopular Opinion] Kvothe is the king of neckbeard, incel, not-like-other-guys cringe. travelstuffdump 2 points ago in KingkillerChronicle

    Good take. Depending on the ending the whole book may be about the dangers of being so 'gifted' especially if you haven't learned restraint and respect. On the low end you may be a shitty neckbeard. On the high you may unleash hordes of scrael upon the land.

    [–] What is the most effective psychological “trick” you use? travelstuffdump 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Fun fact: Napoleon was from Corsica and spoke French with a famously thick accent. Apparently it was difficult for some people to understand him his French was so bad.

    [–] If you put your mind to it, how quickly can you ejaculate during sex? travelstuffdump 18 points ago in AskMen

    I wouldn't say I have complete control, but pretty good. It's entirely a mindset thing for me. If I'm focused on her, and what will feel good for her and make her cum, then I won't. I'm doing a job and even though I'm enjoying it, my own pleasure is very much in the back of my mind. I'm very much concentrated on her reactions and keeping a rhythm and cumming just isn't possible for me like that. Then when I switch and focus on the sensations I'm feeling and what works for me I cum in 1-2 minutes usually. The more I do it the easier it is for me to switch modes.

    The downside is that sex can be kind of robotic and job-like if you get too much into that mindset.

    [–] I have an IQ of 128, but i'm not smart at all. AMA travelstuffdump 3 points ago in AMA

    You gotta try some fruit for the sweetness instead of sugar. An apple cut into bite size chunks or some craisens are my favorite. Mix with cinnamon and some walnuts or other nuts. 10/10 breakfast. I like to add some flax seed too cause it doesn't really change the taste but it's really good for you.

    [–] What should everyone try at least once in their life? [Serious] travelstuffdump 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Yeah, it's actually a city roughly the size of ancient Rome that was left to the jungle. What you usually see in the pictures is just the main temple. But everything except palace compounds, temples, and walls were built of wood and have long rotted. It's like exploring the skeleton of a city.

    [–] Francis Ford Coppola Backs Scorsese’s Marvel Superhero Movies Analysis, Calls The Films “Despicable” travelstuffdump 5 points ago in entertainment

    I think there are some pros and cons here. The grand plan may stifle individual vision but it did create a massive arch that I think can safely be called a major cultural phenomena. I can't think of anything near the scale and payoff of that last Endgame battle scene where every hero shows up and they all matter to the viewer. It's not the time of cinema Coppola and Scorsese make, but it's a triumph in its own right, even if it isn't my exact cup of tea.

    [–] What should everyone try at least once in their life? [Serious] travelstuffdump 22 points ago in AskReddit

    I swear, Angkor Wat blew my nips clean off. Riding my bike around this massive abandoned city in the jungle alone. There are almost no tourists if you get out of like the 3 major temples. Giant overgrown stone temples all to yourself.

    [–] What should everyone try at least once in their life? [Serious] travelstuffdump 432 points ago in AskReddit

    I did this to my friend. He got really defensive and upset and shut down. But he also brought it up several times over the years to tell me it was sort of a turning point for him to be called out on his shit and was really thankful.