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    [–] I (61f) hired a contractor (34m) to finish basement. Paid him $19,000. He did a small portion of the work and disappeared. I want to file in civil court but cannot find him to serve legal papers. No local address, business address is a garage. Process server and sheriff could not find him either. trek_nerd 514 points ago in legaladvice

    MN lawyer; not your lawyer.

    As others have said, a good PI or skip-trace should be step number one. The license lookup is good in theory, but my guess is that it will bring you to that garage.

    If the P.I. can find him, great! But if not, you can motion the court for alternate service. The rules on that are finnicky, so I would suggest consulting an attorney before bringing that motion.

    There are several good skip tracers and P.I.s around. I would suggest calling a few local law firms and simply asking them for a recommendation. Alternatively, ask the police if they might know someone.

    Good luck!!

    [–] Got my Surface Pro 6 today! Any tips or recommended software? trek_nerd 1 points ago in Surface

    Meanwhile I just replaced my SP4 because I broke the screen. Otherwise it was in perfect shape. My original Surface RT and RT 2 both still work as well. Obviously there are some lemons out there, but I can't fault Microsoft based on my experience.

    [–] SurfaceBook Screen Real Estate trek_nerd 2 points ago in Surface

    This is exactly what I was wondering. Thank you so much!!

    [–] Mt. Lexington, St. Paul, MN. trek_nerd 11 points ago in minnesota

    But Buffalo only has 4 to 8 inches of snow on the ground. We're between 12 and 18. They may have gotten more, but it's also melted.

    [–] He had a great time trek_nerd 77 points ago in facepalm

    Yup. Not the right seats. A quick Google search comes up as a Frontier flight. Although it could happen anywhere.

    [–] Accident in my 2017 Fusion Hybrid, what should I know? trek_nerd 2 points ago in fordfusion

    If you haven't, go get yourself checked out. Even a minor accident can cause whiplash or leave you with other injuries you might not otherwise notice right away. Your insurance will pay, so go see the doctor.

    [–] [MN] A girl is planning to claim I am the father of her baby when we never had sex trek_nerd 163 points ago in legaladvice

    MN lawyer - NOT YOUR LAWYER. First, as others have said-talk to your social worker. Second, do not pay her any money, sign any documents, or do anything else to acknowledge that the child is yours.

    If she wants child support, they will have to take you to court. Well, good news there, you'll qualify for a public defender. At your first court appearance, ask the court for a public defender. Because this will have to be a paternity action, you can at least apply for a PD.

    Finally, if this is a foster situation, was an attorney appointed for you during the child protection process? If so, call that lawyer. S/he may not represent you anymore, but they'll be able to give you some resources.

    Good luck!

    [–] Reliability of a 2007 MKZ trek_nerd 2 points ago in lincolnmotorco

    I had a 2007 Fusion with the 3.0L V6. The engine was flawless. My dad and I repaired it after it had been in a flood, so after about 70k miles it started to have some electric issues. But mechanically it was great. Never an issue.

    I upgraded that one to a 2010 Fusion with the 3.0L V6 and drove that one to just shy of 100k miles. Again - no mechanical issues whatsoever.

    The only issue I did have in both cars was with the heated seats. It's a common occurrence on the Fusions (I don't know about the MKZs) for the driver's heated seat to act up where it will get SUPER hot and then shut off. Happened on both the '06 and the '10. That would be my only concern about stepping into your grandpa's MKZ.

    [–] RNS systems trek_nerd 1 points ago in Epilepsy

    I don't see why it would matter, but that's a question for your doc.

    [–] RNS systems trek_nerd 3 points ago in Epilepsy

    The only option is to have the system placed in the skull. It is a removable device, but it requires surgery to remove. The reason for that is because the leads are strategically placed to have the most effectiveness.

    If I can maybe answer some of the common questions -

    She went in for surgery at 8am and was out by 5. She spent the night in the hospital and we went home the next day.

    She was in some pain, but it was easily managed through meds. She took prescription pain pills for about a week and then was able to get by with just ibuprofen for about another week.

    She and I know where it's at. We can feel it because we know where it is. Anyone else could not see it and would think it was just a bump on the skull if they felt it.

    Metal detectors and airport scanners are not a problem.

    It's made it titanium and can withstand a fall, but if you hit it directly then you probably ought to see the doctor.

    Those are the common ones that I like to hot on, but please feel free to ask more! We're an open book with the RNS because it made such a positive difference, so I'm happy to answer anything.

    [–] RNS systems trek_nerd 3 points ago in Epilepsy

    My wife has the RNS System. We're very pleased. Her seizures have gone down, but our focus has been on medication reduction, so we haven't seen the seizure drop that some others have had. Overall a great experience.

    I'm happy to answer your questions, ask away.

    [–] Phone mount trek_nerd 1 points ago in fordfusion

    I have a magnetic vent mount. The mount slides over the grills on the air vent and the phone mounts magnetically to the mount. Seems to work great for what I use.

    [–] My grandpa and his dad almost 100 years ago. Tesla model 3 trek_nerd -16 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    I get that it's all personal preference, but it's really not. It's hard to overcome the shortfalls of the exterior when you know the interior is so terrible.

    [–] Boxes in recycling bins help burglars pick targets, St. Paul police warn trek_nerd 2 points ago in saintpaul

    There's free to everyone cardboard recycling just off of Rice St. near the capitol. Just bring it there.

    [–] I won...again in court trek_nerd 331 points ago in Epilepsy

    One other possibility might be a motion to have your ex wife declared a frivolous litigant. If she keeps making the same allegations time and time again losing every time, then you might be able to force her to pay a bond to the court before she can file again. Not sure if TX has such a rule, but most states have something like it.

    [–] Massage Parlors for Cheap? trek_nerd -3 points ago in TwinCities

    Blackbird Wellness in Lakeville. She's not cheap, but if you want results, make the investment. I've yet to get a decent cheap massage. A cheaper massage is fine for relaxation, but shit when you're in pain.

    [–] Sen. Jeff Flake draws the line: Protect Mueller probe or no new federal judges trek_nerd 2 points ago in politics

    Under that logic, then neither does McConnell following his Merrick Garland charade.

    [–] Tin Cup’s owner says she’ll move to Vadnais Heights, blames city for North End St. Paul crime. trek_nerd 6 points ago in TwinCities

    We used to eat there frequently when we lived in the area. They wouldn't tolerate behavior like that in the bar. If someone started acting up, they were out the door. I know there are Yelp reviews talking about fights in there all the time, but we never saw any in the 3 years we were going there.