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    [–] How can I help vote out US Rep Dana Rohrabacher in California's 48th District? tt12345x 1 points ago in BlueMidterm2018

    Hahahah yeah Dave wasserman called it really well. It’s great that Rouda pulled through, he always seemed much stronger than Keirstead.

    [–] Governor Ralph Northam: "Today I'm recalling four Virginia National Guard soldiers and one helicopter from Arizona. Virginia will not devote any resource to border enforcement actions that support the inhumane policy of separating children from their parents." tt12345x 144 points ago in BlueMidterm2018

    Not sure how many in total, but moderate Republican governors are definitely feeling the heat.

    Governor Baker (Massachusetts) was the first to announce he's withdrawing border support. About an hour ago, Governor Rauner (Illinois) rescinded an April offer to send national guard troops to the border, and Governor Hogan (Maryland) just recently followed their lead.

    The pressure is working.

    [–] @BetoORourke: An update since returning from Sunday's march to Tornillo: We've formally introduced legislation that would end the practice of family separation. H.R. 6135 now has over 190 co-sponsors in the House. Companion legislation in the Senate currently has 49 members signed on. tt12345x 16 points ago in BlueMidterm2018


    NUGGET: The House immigration bill has a number now: HR 6135. And it’s lead sponsored include Curbelo, Denham, McCaul and -- get this -- Goodlatte. Big deal on the latter.

    This legislation absolutely has a chance.

    If you have a Democratic Senator, thank them for their sponsorship and advocacy on this issue. If you have a Republican Senator, call them again and again and again until they sign on to S.3036, the Keep Families Together Act.

    With this companion legislation in the House, please also make sure to call your representative and tell them to support H.R. 6135. Last month, 23 moderate GOP reps signed onto a discharge petition to force a vote on four different immigration proposals. There are members of their caucus that will join, as Goodlatte has, but they'll need our sustained outreach as cover for doing so. Please, please call them.

    [–] UVa study sees possible link between tick-based red meat allergy and heart disease in VA tt12345x 2 points ago in Virginia

    One of my biggest nightmares, I love red meat... but heart disease on top of that? Might be time to move...

    [–] DCCC poll dump in competitive districts show Democrats in good position (exact # in comments) tt12345x 9 points ago in BlueMidterm2018

    Why on earth would they release that CA-39 internal? It's an open, Clinton-won district, Cisneros should be doing better.

    [–] What are some of the most widespread cooking myths/errors? tt12345x 20 points ago in cookingforbeginners

    Rinsing pasta is also a terrible idea that tons of people do. Washes the starch right off and keeps the sauce from sticking.

    [–] Cook: VA-10 goes from Tossup to Lean D tt12345x 11 points ago in BlueMidterm2018

    "Solid D" would be writing her off, "Lean D" is acknowledging every perceivable signal VA-10 has shown us since 2016.

    [–] @Sen_JoeManchin: I'm wholeheartedly opposed to any policy that allows innocent children to be separated from their parents. I'm signing onto the Keep Families Together Act but I'm actively working with my Republican colleagues to find solutions to the issues that aren't addressed in the bill. tt12345x 9 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in BlueMidterm2018

    No one here wants that, but for the foreseeable future, he's thankfully caucusing with us. It's West Virginia. The alternative to him would be a complete sycophant, rarely (if ever) joining our side in votes.

    West-VA's other senator, Shelley Moore Capito, votes with Trump 95.8% of the time, which makes a lot of sense, given Trump won the state by 42.2%.

    Meanwhile, Manchin votes with Trump 61.6%, about 30 points less than what's predicted for a Senator from West Virginia.

    It was the president's best win margin in any state, and we are goddamn blessed to get a Senator like Manchin to caucus with us, even if he deviates every now and then.

    Senator Manchin supports reinstating Net Neutrality, supported the bipartisan immigration proposal, voted against the tax scam, voted against repealing the CFPB's arbitration rule, voted against "skinny" repeal of Obamacare, voted against repealing a methane waste reduction rule, voted against an effort to keep states from denying federal money for Planned Parenthood, voted against letting internet providers harvest the personal information of consumers, voted against the nominations of Mick Mulvaney/Tom Price/Betsy Devos, and today joined every other Democrat in sponsoring legislation to prevent the separation of families at the border.

    How do you think "Senator Generic R" would be voting on all that? Because that's the only feasible alternative we have to Senator Manchin.

    [–] Cook: VA-10 goes from Tossup to Lean D tt12345x 40 points ago in BlueMidterm2018

    Because primaries are packed with absolute nut jobs for voters.

    She voted with Trump 97.5% of the time, supported the Tax scam, (despite 40% of her constituents relying on the SALT deduction) is one of the most vulnerable reps in the country, and STILL got a Trump-y primary challenger.

    That challenge was no fluke either, he received 40.7% of the vote against her and was endorsed by personalities like Sebastian Gorka, Ron Paul, and Pat McSweeney.