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    [–] Joined late and had to bring it back on em (3:00, 21 point TDM comeback) tt54l32v 2 points ago in Blackops4

    It def needs a nerf, maybe not the one they are giving it but a nerf of some kind.

    [–] Washed out road? Pff, my deliveries need me. tt54l32v 2 points ago in MyPeopleNeedMe

    Am I only the only one that every time they see one of the those trailers they sing the into Mr. Crowley.........
    What you got in that trailer Mr. Alarming....

    [–] Dark Matter Grind Finally Complete tt54l32v 2 points ago in Blackops4

    Strife gang heard the call, if it were slightly better in blackout it would be the best gun in the game.

    [–] This mom who hired a 5 piece jazz band to wake up her daughter who hates getting up tt54l32v -3 points ago in youseeingthisshit

    What if I did that to you. What if I found your weakness and put it on blast for the world to see. How bout you help me with getting up.

    [–] Gentle murder mittens tt54l32v 7 points ago in gifs

    " Hey..... I know you. GET THE FUCK OVER HERE MOTHER FUCKER." Paw the size of 20 inch wheel hits you in the back, pulls you in like a crane. 20 grit sandpaper across the face let's you know they really care.

    [–] [D] An analysis on how AlphaStar's superhuman speed is a band-aid fix for the limitations of imitation learning. tt54l32v 1 points ago in MachineLearning

    Instead of limiting what the ai can do, what about you take away the physical part and let a human control a bot in the strat dept vs an ai doing it all.

    [–] Davos Billionaire on 70% tax: "Name a country where that's worked -- ever." Co-panelist and MIT professor Erik Brynjolfsson: "The United States!" tt54l32v 2 points ago in esist

    Well then if it failed should they work for free? Or even have to pay? What if it lost a billion dollars. Do you think Bill is gonna expect a million dollar check from everyone? Yes hardly anyone is fairly compensated monetarily. But the compensation is balanced out by other means. Like the guarantee that you get paid no matter what.