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    [–] Star Trek boss Alex Kurtzman was on the verge of tears during Picard table read tunnel-snakes-rule 14 points ago in startrek

    In all honesty, I'm more worried about Stewart. The more power he got in terms of script control, the more the quality dropped in the Star Trek films.

    Even on the series he was constantly complaining about how the Captain needed to do more "fucking and fighting", and was responsible for the terrible dune buggy sequence in Nemesis because he wanted to fang about in one while filming.

    [–] Star Trek boss Alex Kurtzman was on the verge of tears during Picard table read tunnel-snakes-rule 2 points ago in startrek

    Michael Piller's original idea for Insurrection was a take on Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness. Picard is sent off to find a rogue starfleet officer he hasn't seen since the Academy, it also involved the officer's wife at some point.

    I was thinking it would have been really interesting for the Kurtz character to be Jack Crusher, because they could use the existing relationship between Picard and Jack, and give some closure to the Picard-Beverly romance.

    [–] Star Trek boss Alex Kurtzman was on the verge of tears during Picard table read tunnel-snakes-rule 2 points ago in startrek

    Well, he didn't have final cut. The studio re-edited it after he turned in his version. Any issues to do with the story itself should fall on Piller, Berman and Stewart's shoulders.

    [–] 'It didn't make any sense': China censors all gay references in Bohemian Rhapsody leaving audiences confused tunnel-snakes-rule 177 points ago in worldnews

    There's an episode of Hannibal where a female character is frozen and then sliced up like bread. It was fine to show the mutilated corpse as long as they didn't show any nipple.

    [–] I met LeVar Burton, here’s what happened tunnel-snakes-rule 4 points ago in startrek

    I dunno. I'm sure part of the fanbase falls into this category but I think a lot of people are just selfish arseholes.

    [–] I met LeVar Burton, here’s what happened tunnel-snakes-rule 3 points ago in startrek

    They don't make me angry but they confuse me. How do they think this is an appropriate thing to do?

    I was once waiting for a comic book author to sign a book, I was the only one at this table but he was talking to his assistant so I was just standing around happily waiting him to finish up and these two people come over and quite loudly start to take photos of him like he's a fucking animal in a zoo. His assistant mentioned them and he just shook his head and sighed "I know", finished what he was doing, signed my book and was really nice.

    I don't get how fans can treat famous people like they exist just to please them.

    [–] The only true way to leave Strawberry Hotel. tunnel-snakes-rule 1 points ago in reddeadredemption

    Funny, I feel the opposite. I don't enjoy playing a bad guy, but I get a lot of satisfaction out of slowing moving Arthur out of the darkness into a more morally grey area, until finally doing anything to help his lil bro John escape with his family.

    [–] Best Grant Morrison Quote tunnel-snakes-rule 2 points ago in comicbooks

    Grant Morrison had written some of my favourite comics but I agree with eveything you said. Sometimes he just comes across as a bit of a pretentious douche.

    [–] Best Grant Morrison Quote tunnel-snakes-rule 7 points ago in comicbooks

    This is the first I've heard that he didn't know that Jason was the second Robin. Are we sure he wasn't just trolling?

    Because it seemed to me the many subtle differences in canon were to justify why the story worked. Bruce was more brutal and less trusting because he didn't have Dick as his constant reminder of the good he's done, Joker was a believable candidate for Mayor because this version wasn't a murderer, etc.

    [–] ‘Supernatural’ to End After Season 15 on The CW tunnel-snakes-rule 21 points ago in television

    And claimed that he would have prevented it from hitting the towers. :/

    [–] Ch7 #NSWVotes2019 panel tunnel-snakes-rule 5 points ago in australia

    God I love her sparring matches with Scott Morrison... I'm going to miss that in the upcoming Federal election.

    [–] Greatest threat to Australia's endangered species is dinosaurs tunnel-snakes-rule 2 points ago in australia

    Rudd stuck around too the first time. I think Abbott has the same thought in mind, that one day he'll regain the crown.