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    [–] Scott Morrison says he will pursue 'preventative regulation' on religious freedom tunnel-snakes-rule 1 points ago in AustralianPolitics

    What's the bet ScoMo and his cohort of interested parties haven't given much thought to ensuring we have freedom FROM religious beliefs?

    I'd imagine he's given plenty of thought to it. Just not the sort of thoughts you'd prefer.

    [–] Half Price Books delivering another solid book again tunnel-snakes-rule 1 points ago in StarWarsEU

    Oh, you're the dude who created a thread dedicated to how much you hate this book! I loved that thread... although I did disagree completely with you, it was still hilarious.

    [–] Wow. Cavill Exits as DCEU’ Superman. tunnel-snakes-rule 1 points ago in comicbooks

    Sure the guy who said Batman "kills all the time" in The Dark Knight Returns and Batman's reputation for not killing comes from Burton's movies understands the source material.

    [–] What TV series finale made you want to yell "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?" at the TV? tunnel-snakes-rule 2 points ago in AskReddit

    My favourite part of those novels is the subtle jabs at the inconsistencies surrounding Trip's death. But they didn't have that much time for the coverup so it had to do.

    [–] ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Makeup Designer Glenn Hetrick Predicts “Freak Out” Over Season 2 Klingons tunnel-snakes-rule 19 points ago in startrek

    I'm still waiting for the explanation on why the Romulans suddenly developed protruding foreheads between TOS and TNG. Come on Star Trek, address ALL the makeup changes!

    [–] Jordan Peele Talks “Twilight Zone” Revival; “A Show That I Think Is Needed Right Now” tunnel-snakes-rule 13 points ago in television

    I liked that the 80s reboot paid around with episode lengths in b the first season. You might get two stories in one episode or a single long one. At least that's how I remember it.

    [–] Sarah Sanders declines to guarantee that there are no tapes of Trump using racial slurs tunnel-snakes-rule 2 points ago in politics

    I dunno... You're Australian based on your flair. Our whole country is filed with people so casually racist it doesn't even seem like a conscious choice. It's usually nothing as overt as dropping the n-bomb... but a dismissive attitude towards Muslims or Asians or Aborigines that is completely racist to the impartial observer. Many of these people would also balk at bring called racist.

    [–] Ethan Peck cast as Spock in Star Trek: Discovery tunnel-snakes-rule 8 points ago in startrek

    That was just a passing of the torch moment. Every series has done that except Discovery. Picard in the pilot of DS9, Quark for VOY, even Enterprise did it with Zephram Cochrane.

    [–] Favourite character tunnel-snakes-rule 1 points ago in FinalSpace

    Glenn from Walking Dead and Avatar Wan from Legend of Korra are the two I know him from. He's also in the Netflix movie Okja arms does a crapload of other voice work.

    [–] Favourite character tunnel-snakes-rule 2 points ago in FinalSpace

    I've discovered that if Steven Yeun is playing a character he will immediately become my favourite. So it's Little Cato for me.

    [–] Hey, DC Universe's Titans Is Right—Fuck Batman tunnel-snakes-rule 1 points ago in Nightwing

    I'll give you credit for going with the less conventional dick=jerk as opposed to the more traditional dick=penis.

    [–] Hey, DC Universe's Titans Is Right—Fuck Batman tunnel-snakes-rule 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in Nightwing

    I agree with the message but not the delivery.

    Nothing about that scene felt like Dick to me.

    [–] What's the dumbest fan theory you've heard, that other people genuinely believe? tunnel-snakes-rule 3 points ago in FanTheories

    He could have been having understandable difficulties doing his job because of that tragedy, which affected his end result.