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    [–] Kushner requests more intel info than almost all White House staff: report tyrghast 4 points ago in politics

    My request is that when they all get tried for treason, the punishment is medieval and public.

    [–] which is your least favorite race? tyrghast -2 points ago in wow

    Should never have been a playable race, but we're a decade into a laundry list of mistakes for the Warcraft experience.

    [–] John Goodman, early 90's tyrghast 1 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    Are you your real self in an interview, selling yourself to strangers so they take a chance by trusting you?

    [–] *UPDATE* I thought my husband had a stroke and when I tried to help him he said he was leaving me. tyrghast 2 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    Addiction is a mental health issue, and mental health issues are commonly (poorly) coped with by projection. Any decent counselor or therapist will educate the patient on coping mechanisms and how some, while valid, are not honest or constructive.

    [–] *UPDATE* I thought my husband had a stroke and when I tried to help him he said he was leaving me. tyrghast 1 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    It's such a polarizing drug. I've known people who abuse it, and seen people rant on Reddit and social media who do what they can to demonize it.

    I take it. It makes me normal. The first time I tried it, it was not my prescription and so it was not legal. But I didn't get high like my friends, I felt calm and extremely functional.

    Nowadays I have a regular prescription for 1mg, and it really helps me function in public.

    [–] John Goodman, early 90's tyrghast 7 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    The only time Nicholson didn't look stressed the fuck out prior to the Overlook corrupting him was during the job interview.

    It makes sense, because it gave his family a place to live almost bill-free for 4 months and he was struggling to make ends. Unreliable income is fucking stressful.

    [–] TIL Axolotls can regenerate limbs, organs and even parts of the brain. They are also 1000x more resistant to cancer than mammals. Despite this, they are critically endangered and almost extinct in the wild. tyrghast 490 points ago in todayilearned

    On planet earth 2 the last episode covered some European town where catfish were introduced and they've almost wiped out the entire aquatic ecosystem there. They've grown so large and aggressive they'll even snatch pigeons trying to get a little drink on the bank.

    [–] 89% of readers say ‘No parade’ tyrghast 1 points ago in politics

    So the president leads the military, but the military is employed by Congress.

    The military exists under a contract employee relationship with US Congress. Servicemembers, in their enlistment contracts, are outlined as subcontractors under this existing contract and then the following paragraphs outline that you agree to waive certain rights to follow the UCMJ.

    The president can tell the military what to do, but major structural changes have to be made by Congress in their controlling interest of the contract.

    [–] Navy SEAL who says he killed bin Laden: ‘A military parade is third world bulls---’ tyrghast 22 points ago in politics

    Navy 101: At first you're mad about getting fucked, and then getting fucked is the routine so you grudgingly go on with it, and then the rare moments you don't get fucked actually terrify you because that has to mean there's an even bigger fucking coming up. A good day is a prelude to disaster.

    [–] Tobacco farmers could make more money converting their fields to solar arrays, land use study finds. tyrghast 15 points ago in science

    Last year they did a complete flip on that, once we got out to intl waters the boat prices switched from CA to WA prices, and all the tobacco went up like 4 bucks in prices. So many people were pissed because the air wing was mostly CA based, but the home port for the ship was in Washington and they decided to go with home port prices as soon as they got out of CA water.

    [–] Paul Ryan deletes tweet touting woman's $1.50 raise as proof of the tax bill's success tyrghast 2 points ago in politics

    So essentially the taxes filed under the prior tax bill, but the ultrawealthy are already touting benefits from an unsigned tax bill, and the GOP is trying to claim they are having a positive impact on the tax structure without having made any actual changes?

    The way this circles back to Trump is how Trump and company have enacted nothing, but claiming false (and pithy) improvements in workers lives, while letting the ultra-wealrhy and corporations prepare for min-maxing profits under a clearly corrupt plan.

    [–] Hello, please help me. tyrghast 1 points ago in garlicoin

    Tastiest bot ever

    [–] Paul Ryan deletes tweet touting woman's $1.50 raise as proof of the tax bill's success tyrghast 1 points ago in politics

    Where is the tax break? Which of the 99% Are actually seeing a break?

    Before I get into I want to say I'm fine with paying taxes, and I was not a supporter of the Trump tax plan. Taxes are how we fund the government, and the government is our construct for mitigating risk in our society (in a very basic, tribal sense).

    So I got out of the military pretty much the exact middle of the year. First week of July. My taxable income for the first half of 2017 was about 14,000 USD. I was already employed as a civilian before my EAS, so I spent 0 days unemployed this year. My second job of the year taxable income was a hair over 32,000 USD.

    My wife's taxable income for the year was 7,000 USD.

    I also cashed a small 401k out that I had from the military and that worked out to 45 dollars in penalties come tax season, the only amount on my 401k payout that hadn't already been taken as tax during the payout.

    The best option for our taxes was the standard deduction, even factoring in unusual circumstances like the sales tax on a new car and tax exempt income that combined amounted to 9k.

    We still owed 600 USD to the IRS after filling in everything. Even after spending one quarter of the year claiming fewer exemptions than I was allowed legally (starting my new job I selected married filing single and one exemption until we had changed our living situation, which involved my wife having to leave her job, and moving off base).

    Overall last year was a very playing it safe type of year for me. I had a lot of moving parts and a significant degree of uncertainty for 4 months until we resettled as civilians.

    My projected income at my current job is approx. 68k gross, so that's how I get taxed paycheck to paycheck, but my real income from last year wasn't 68k at all, so I figured my tax liability would almost certainly be neutral (I'm already used to not receiving a return, so I wasn't hoping for that).

    So as a married couple it appears we owe 600 bucks, despite 3 W-2s and always claiming the appropriate exemptions. Not to mention major life changes and heavily increasing my 401k contributions at my new 401k.

    We are normal, boring, average Americans who just recently joined the lower middle class and are doing everything the right way and Trumps regime demands we pay MORE money so that the people at the top can benefit.

    Among the average citizens of Reddit who is getting a tax break here? Trump supporters, how do you defend the current executive branch?

    [–] Navy veterans - what are you doing now? tyrghast 9 points ago in navy

    Did 4, then walked across the street to be a contractor. Now i do the same job for 2.5x the pay, less hours, zero b.s..

    I need to get my butt into college, but for I'm just enjoying the relaxing 40 hour work week and trying to deprogram after being brainwashed by the Navy.

    [–] Executing a vectored thrust tyrghast 27 points ago in interestingasfuck

    It was very close to being an explosion. The crew was literally prepping the jet for live ordinance practice for that mornings flight schedule.

    Thankfully the bombs were not loaded yet, and the worst that happened to the aircraft was a fucked up stab and the stab arm was deformed, so that's a big downer.