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    [–] The "You can no longer purchase crystals" Megathread tyrghast 1603 points ago in StarWarsBattlefront

    It wouldn't even matter if Disney had no control on the contract. They would quietly inform EA no more star wars games will have their permission and send pics of their legal teams massive genitalia

    [–] If you're an atheist and you do this - FUCK YOU...seriously... tyrghast 847 points ago in atheism

    Why do you need labels?


    Much more reality friendly version.

    [–] Somebody made a big mistake at the douchebag t- shirt factory. tyrghast 659 points ago in pics

    I thought the thumbnail was Darth Vader's helmet for a moment.

    [–] Maybe the French aren't so bad after all. tyrghast 614 points ago in pics

    France is our oldest ally. We bonded over a hate for the British.

    [–] Is it still cool to meet this guy? tyrghast 599 points ago in

    Can people stop bugging Bill Murray long enough for him to see a doctor?

    He looks like death fried twice in all of these recently posted photos.

    [–] Right brain Left brain. tyrghast 585 points ago in

    I am an advertisement, I am a product of the dark side of free market.

    [–] Shaq next to his Human Sized Girlfriend tyrghast 541 points ago in pics

    It would be like rain on your wedding day

    [–] TIL Axolotls can regenerate limbs, organs and even parts of the brain. They are also 1000x more resistant to cancer than mammals. Despite this, they are critically endangered and almost extinct in the wild. tyrghast 495 points ago in todayilearned

    On planet earth 2 the last episode covered some European town where catfish were introduced and they've almost wiped out the entire aquatic ecosystem there. They've grown so large and aggressive they'll even snatch pigeons trying to get a little drink on the bank.

    [–] My Scumbag Parents tyrghast 441 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    Nah don't even entertain that fucking thought. A dance recital is bullshit. Family is more important than money.

    One set of my grandparents didn't attend my youngest sisters wedding (in favor of going camping). Know what we did? Told them they can fuck off about seeing their great-grandkids ever. They don't get to part of my sister and brother-in-laws family.

    [–] Zero Tolerance in Public Elementary School just went way the hell overboard... tyrghast 427 points ago in AskReddit

    After 15 years working in schools my high school's police liaison had had enough.

    Officer Bud was a great guy. Never harsh with the kids, but stern when needed. The year after I graduated he made a speech at a PTA meeting.

    He told the truth: he was sick and tired of shitty parents thinking the system should be raising their kids. He told them to take responsibility for the constant internal and external altercations based on petty bullshit like clothing. He told them he was far too exhausted from having to work with the school board to impose ever stricter limitations on the students because of their poor upbringing.

    Of course, the PTA pressured the school into removing him after his many years of faithful and reasoned service. I see him around town occasionally, doing the regular ol' cop routine, but his real place was in that high school. He had a rapport with the kids, and would rather have them see why they were wrong instead of immediately taking them to juvie.

    People don't like to be told they've fucked up the most important thing in their life, no matter how true it is.

    [–] So my tiny friend uploads this to Facebook... tyrghast 432 points ago in pics

    Gravity becomes more intense the closer you are to the center of a photo

    [–] US House Passes CISPA!! 248 to 168 tyrghast 426 points ago in politics

    Neil DeGrasse Tyson for Secretary of Carl Sagan

    [–] What's the most intellectual joke you know? tyrghast 406 points ago * (lasted edited 5 years ago) in AskReddit

    I would watch this show

    Buddhist monk gone renegade, using his meditative thinking training to plan elaborate crimes. He often imparts some twisted version of Buddhist wisdom on his victims.

    Hot on his trail is a debaucherous, drunken, not too bright detective who swears like its his job. He's never been one for spirituality, but by chance he's on the trail of this religious mad man.

    [–] My friend's kid brother met a cheerleader the other day... tyrghast 416 points ago in pics

    "I'm sorry but your son is..."


    "Close but no, an engineer."

    [–] Scumbag Blogger: Goes on date with Magic:TG player and mocks him behind his back to the world tyrghast 395 points ago in pics

    You don't get to call us unprofessional

    This from the guys who took a universal remote to a convention and wreaked havoc on the events they were supposed to be covering.

    Best part: they posted a video of them doing it ಠ_ಠ

    [–] I see what you did there Pixar tyrghast 382 points ago in pics

    So he became a responsible and productive member of society who is performing a service that is both necessary and unappreciated. Good for him.

    [–] TIL JFK purchased 1200 Cuban cigars before signing the trade embargo 51 years ago tyrghast 377 points ago in todayilearned

    We're waiting in Fidel to die. You can vacation there now to your hearts content, but at this point its still a 'fuck you' to Fidel for not rolling over and doing our bidding.

    [–] Today my Jessica Biel got stuck in the sink. tyrghast 367 points ago in

    the 15 year old side of me is all like "hah, she was checkin' her cooter on the sink"

    but the grown up side of me is all like "that is a dick fucking move, breaking a man's sink and possibly ruining products in the store"

    [–] Just went to an imported goods store in Sydney, Australia. About to try these for the first time!!! tyrghast 338 points ago in pics

    One day ill introduce my children to the classics of the Internet and they'll ask me "exactly how high were you during your formative years?"

    [–] I'm loving this stay as a team feature Blizzard tyrghast 330 points ago in Overwatch

    After they leave to 'sleep' you get matched against them the following game lol