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    [–] *Spends $1000 to go heli skiiing ubsr1024 2 points ago in videos

    180 twist, then he just skis back up the hill until he loses momentum.

    [–] One too many... ubsr1024 8 points ago in WTF

    Gauche as fuck.

    [–] These damn ads are what did it! ubsr1024 246 points ago in funny

    Hey, they know HTML and that kind of expertise comes at a premium!

    [–] 57% of British people want a second Brexit referendum if May fails to secure a deal with the EU. ubsr1024 7 points ago in worldnews

    What does that even mean?

    They didn't agree with being in the EU but they also didn't agree with being out of the EU?

    Maybe they were doing a poor job of describing their own ambivalence?