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    [–] Anyone in the pressure washing business? uhhsamurai 1 points ago in Entrepreneur

    I was thinking about having Facebook and business cards with my number on it. Then get a website when it becomes big. I really appreciate your advice!

    [–] Anyone in the pressure washing business? uhhsamurai 2 points ago in Entrepreneur

    What would be a good pressure washer to start off of with? Should I start with just doing driveways then expand later on? Should I open a LLC? Should I get insurance? Should I open a website? I really don’t know any other questions that I could think of, however any other tips would be very helpful. Thank you!

    [–] Training Abs while on a bulk uhhsamurai 8 points ago in gainit

    Yep that’s what I’m planning to do once I’m done bulking. Do you have any exercises you would recommend for abs?

    [–] Crash Landing On You [Episodes 9 & 10] uhhsamurai 16 points ago in KDRAMA

    OMG Kim Soo Hyun cameo!!! Also, I like how he played his NK character from Secretly Greatly. The NK squad coming to SK bruhhhh...

    [–] anyone else see this?? 😳 uhhsamurai 2 points ago in 90dayfianceuncensored

    90 day fiancé: love after lock up