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    [–] Giving away some hydro homie sticker, just upvote and comment your reddit name I’ll dm the winners on the 16th un_open 22 points ago in HydroHomies

    I’ll take all of the names put them in a randomizer pick 5 winners, I’ll post the winners. I’ll dm them get their address than I’ll post again a picture of the letters in the mail box.

    [–] Simple Questions Simple Answers: Patch 9.13 un_open 1 points ago in summonerschool

    So, for the longest time I’ve noticed some mid lanners in high elo hide behind the wall next to river and wait until the minion wave crashes so they can walk up and last hit the 3 minions. Recently I was watching fakers stream and noticed he was doing it as well as his lane opponent here the clip of him doing it fakerlevel1 Me being plat I can’t really understand why someone would do this beside avoids taking damage? I am wondering why are people doing this? Does it really do anything/give you a advantage in lane? How effective will it be in mid-low elo? Can this strat only work in certain situations with certain matchups?

    [–] Overfishing? un_open 2 points ago in Fishing

    Very large but i only fish off a bridge

    [–] Ignite smite nunu? un_open 2 points ago in nunumains

    It’s really hard to tell if it works

    [–] What do you do when you are being taxed heavily? un_open -2 points ago in summonerschool

    Supports have support items that allow them to get passive income. they don’t need to cs to get items, when a support takes cs it hurts the adc because it’s delaying them from getting items. Generally supports rely on having a strong adc so taking farm from them hurts their team a lot, plus supports don’t really rely on items as much as adcs

    [–] What do you do when you are being taxed heavily? un_open 1 points ago in summonerschool

    You can’t stop them from taxing so just don’t get mad about it and let it happen

    [–] What do you do when you are being taxed heavily? un_open -4 points ago in summonerschool

    Let it happen, reminder the jungler is on your team, so the gold will contribute to your victory

    [–] What do I do if I get perma freezed? un_open 5 points ago in summonerschool

    Try to call for you jungler to help you push the wave into their tower, when he leaves only last bit and the wave should slow push back into you. You can set up a freeze on your side or a slow than. If your jungler won’t/can’t come just stay in xp range and don’t cs at all the wave will come back into you.