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    [–] Steve Irwin's family accepting his star on the Walk of Fame unknown_human 132 points ago in gifs

    "We try to continue dad's legacy each and every day. I'm going to get a little bit emotional, because it's such a special day," said Bindi, 19, while wiping away her tears.

    Brother Robert, 14, said, "He was the best and most incredible conservationist on the planet, but also the best dad."

    Meanwhile, Terri, 53, shared one of the best life lessons she learned from her late husband. "I have been so privileged to have had the biggest adventure with Steve. Every single day was like being in the middle of a cyclone. We never knew where we were going to go or what we were going to do," the mother of two said. "I learned from Steve that everyone just needs to say yes to stuff. Take a page out of Steve's book and love everything."

    "It's such a true blessing and to have dad on the Hollywood Walk of Fame forever remembered for his extraordinary conservation work is just unbelievable," Bindi said. "I truly feel like dad will be with us in our little hearts on the day as we unveil his star, but you know for us he was the greatest dad on planet Earth, and he really tried hard to encourage everyone to make a difference on the planet."

    [–] Conan has to correct Andy unknown_human 1254 points ago in whitepeoplegifs

    "I'm doing a bit here Conan!"

    [–] Conan has to correct Andy unknown_human 585 points ago in whitepeoplegifs

    Conan's reaction is hilarious. Also normally when something like this happens he would go like, "C'mon guys, it's a free show" or "What kind of shitty show is this?"

    [–] Took pot brownies to work today. HR loved it. unknown_human 1439 points ago in pics

    He's in joint custody of all those brownies.

    [–] Escobar's Hitman (2017) - Former drug-gang killer who took more than 250 lives and was involved in the torture and murder of thousands more is now a local celebrity in Colombia. [52:14] unknown_human 110 points ago in Documentaries

    Throughout his criminal career and on Escobar’s orders, Popeye kidnapped, tortured, killed and maimed. He planted bombs and terrorised thousands, from law enforcement officials to criminal competitors. Many innocent civilians became victims of the drug war as ‘collateral damage’. There are still people suffering long term consequences after the atrocities he and his accomplices committed; some were disabled, others bereaved. Popeye, however, is unrepentant, adamant that he has paid his debt to society. After spending 23 years behind bars, he is now a free man. His criminal expertise lands him roles in popular television shows and films. Some, who were not personally affected by his crimes, treat him as a film star, others see him very differently.

    [–] Jeff Goldblum with his wife unknown_human 113 points ago in pics

    Fun fact: Jeff Goldblum's wife is a contortionist.