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    [–] Keanu Reeves owns a shop building motorcycles unknown_human 957 points ago in pics

    The company is called ARCH and they make a $78,000 motorcycle.

    This video about their work is really cool.

    [–] Leonardo DiCaprio gets his Oscar engraved unknown_human 7156 points ago in gifs

    Fun fact: The term "Old sport" is used 55 times in The Great Gatsby.

    [–] Finish Her! unknown_human 3796 points ago in gifs

    He must be good at hiding weed.

    [–] Finish Her! unknown_human 1909 points ago in gifs

    Are you thinking of Ron Swanson or Dwight Schrute?

    [–] Yellow or blue, it's up to you to choose unknown_human 269 points ago in gifs

    A pretty big dick for someone who doesn't like dicks.

    [–] Slide unknown_human 34 points ago in gifs

    I can't believe this exists.

    [–] Slide unknown_human 34 points ago in gifs

    Shouldn't stick a pineapple in there.