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    [–] Hoes...hoes never change urasha 1 points ago in trashy

    Why TF is this dude being downvoted??

    I'm 5'6, my girl is like 5'8, yet she says that I could do better than her. Can you imagine that?

    It's all about being confident, taking care of yourself (work out, clean/fitting clothes, personality (make ppl laugh, be a good person), & not sweat the small stuff

    Y'all gotta relax with the downvotes & just chill

    [–] [Evan Fournier] About Frank Ntilikna and his performance during the worldcup: "The guy only needs a real opportunity" urasha 79 points ago in nba

    I truly hope that Fiz gives minutes to DSJ & Frank & Elfrid is more like Insurance for us.

    The team(Knox, Zo, DSJ, RJ) love Frank, Mills likes Frank, it's just Fizdale & possibly Perry that aren't high on him & it sucks

    [–] Which 2018/2017 rapper has fallen off in 2019? urasha 2 points ago in hiphopheads

    Yea but I'm terms of popularity? I don't think either of those two are as popping as they were.

    [–] The Other Guys is a cinematic masterpiece. Spoilers urasha 5 points ago in movies

    The Godfather part I & II, The Pianist, The Titanic, Shawshank, THOSE were cinematic masterpieces, but the other guys??

    Ppl really think popcorn flicks are the creme of the crop nowadays.

    [–] How would you draft the top 5 drafts picks from the past 4 years if they were all drafted in the same class (pick your top 5)? urasha 7 points ago in nba

    So we're taking a dude who hasn't even played a whole NBA game in Zion over a guy who has played a season, a fantastic season at that & was also the number 1 draft pick who is DeAndre Ayton?

    Ok yeah I'm starting to think a good amount of r/NBA is really overating Zion now.

    [–] Frank Ntilikina was France’s leading scorer against Argentina urasha 13 points ago in nba

    I don't, I just fthink Frank hasn't been given a good chance to show his stuff

    [–] [Windhorst] Just wanted to keep you up to date on Team USA. They're down 23-5 to Serbia and Nikola Jokic hasn't attempted a shot yet. urasha 1 points ago in nba

    All I can say is;


    on the real tho, how can you be playing this atrocious at this point? I get you're not going to win a medal but man have some dignity

    [–] Kevin Durant gives me his perspective on whether or not LeBron had influenced his moves. urasha 1 points ago in nba

    Yea I felt bad about that one, even wanted to reach out and say sorry to him but I feel like he wouldn't really care for it, still feel bad about that one

    [–] [Kevin Durant] Idk they might. I like them both (Referring to Dennis Smith Jr/Frank Ntilikina) urasha 2 points ago in nba

    I'm surprised he likes both DSJ and Frank. Pretty sure it's hard to get praise from a guy like KD none the less