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    [–] Beings in my universe simulator have become aware that their existence is fake. How do I convince them that it's real? varungupta3009 13 points ago in fifthworldproblems

    This happened to me too, and there's a quick fix. First, go two layers above our (or your) current simulation and tell the creator to turn off automatic memory defragmentation. Then go one layer down this simulation and tell the creator to restart the simulation whilst storing your current memory state in the heap and restore it after fast-forwading to the current state. Then go back to your simulation and eliminate your president. Then go back up two layers and re-enable automatic memory defragmentation. Done.

    If that doesn't work, just try turning it off and on again.

    [–] Not everyone will get this varungupta3009 2 points ago in iamverysmart

    You just got r/wooooshed.

    He/she meant that not everyone will get the pie.

    [–] Roses are red, can someone lend me a pen? varungupta3009 8 points ago in boottoobig

    Roses are red, this a tiny boot;

    But I like it, 'cause it be good.

    [–] How does Gordon Freeman have the ability to zoom in on his sight? varungupta3009 1 points ago in HalfLife

    Uh... Anybody notice he has just eyes and no body?

    Forget third person, don't change the topic!

    [–] One of my eggs reversed varungupta3009 1 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    This is what I call a gge.

    [–] Possibly unauthorized usage of Valve Main Theme on Russian federal channel! varungupta3009 7 points ago in valve

    I did the same thing, but I am not sure if this is that big of a deal anyway. I think Mr. Newell will let it go.

    [–] OH GOD OH FUCK varungupta3009 10 points ago in perfectlycutscreams


    Forgot the underscore pal. FTFY.

    [–] Well now I’m just hungry. varungupta3009 1 points ago in iamverysmart

    Let me spoil the plot:

    You will see Shyamalan in the movie, yet again.

    [–] [Minecraft giveaway] Account / windows 10 code varungupta3009 1 points ago in RandomActsOfGaming

    Desperate? I've wanted to play MC for 10 years (I'm 20).

    I still think it's pretty pricey though, that's why I never bought it, also because I got a laptop just 3 years ago.