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    [–] Who should headline Coachella 2020? vewfndr 1 points ago in Coachella

    Would have said the same thing about Tame Impala last year though

    [–] Was cheetah print the theme for this year? vewfndr 1 points ago in Coachella

    My fiancée wore leopard print Saturday and specifically said “it’s what’s in right now!” ...sooo, yep! Lol

    [–] I really wish they had just let Kanye do his dome stage. vewfndr 1 points ago in Coachella

    Building a mound of dirt is a thousand times easier from a logistics and engineering standpoint.

    [–] Can we talk about Billie Eilish’s set? vewfndr 3 points ago in Coachella

    I dunno man... that crowd was the biggest of the weekend. I couldn’t believe it.

    [–] Thoughts on Sunday service from those who attended? vewfndr 8 points ago in Coachella

    DMX showed up with Murda Beatz yesterday too, so makes sense now.

    [–] How was the cell coverage yesterday? vewfndr 1 points ago in Coachella

    Seemed better than last year, which was virtually unusable at times.

    [–] Coachella attracts hundreds of Uber and Lyft drivers. Is it worth it? vewfndr 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in Coachella

    Took Uber last year W2 every day... only had an issue Saturday getting in because we were showing up late around 3p. Otherwise it was super smooth and never waited more than 10min getting out.

    I heard W1 was a lot worse last year, however.

    EDIT: I found it funny though, because we spoke with every driver about their experience and got a different story every time. Some said it was great, made lots of money... others said how horrible it was because it was so crowded they couldn't get work.

    [–] MoviePass Has Lost Over 90% of Its Subscribers in Less Than a Year (From 3 Million to 225,000), Report Reveals vewfndr 1 points ago in movies

    I cancelled the minute they started limiting what movies I could see. I then wrote them off completely when they tried to reactivate my account with no action on my part (Ended up blocking any charges from them via PayPal)

    Fuck them.

    [–] Happy Cake Day Portal 2! vewfndr 3 points ago in gaming

    I get bothered enough on a laptop without a 10 key. No way in hell would I go without one on a desktop.

    [–] Sunscreen bottle flasks vewfndr 4 points ago in Coachella

    I will wait for the day for someone to manufacture this idea... have a bladder of sunscreen sealing the alcohol in the rest of the bottle. So when you squeeze the bottle, actual sunscreen comes out!

    I give permission to whoever has the means of producing this to do so, lol

    [–] My security check vewfndr 1 points ago in Coachella

    Having never camped or have any future plans to, what about places like spare tire wells, under seat cushions and trim panels? I feel like these are very obvious spots to utilize. I'm also just fantasizing about all the ways I'd smuggle in things if I had to, lol.

    [–] California has these girls in awe. vewfndr 1 points ago in Coachella

    You'd be amazed at the things you take for granted when it's in your face all the time. Especially things as seemingly mundane as small hills. I fear having to ever move to a place that's completely flat

    [–] Feeling weak during workout? vewfndr 2 points ago in ketogains

    1) Stay with it longer than just a couple weeks. Going in and out isn't doing you any favors.

    2) Keep up with electrolytes.

    3) People who are ACTUALLY active in the gym can manage more than 30g of carbs (often times much more.) Don't be afraid to bump that up if necessary.

    4) see #3

    [–] W2 - the record to beat is 4. (my friends & me at gryffin!) vewfndr 9 points ago in Coachella


    So basically you weren't obstructing a view that wasn't obstructed already, lol

    [–] Weezer vewfndr 2 points ago in Coachella

    Saw them at Kaaboo a few years back and they have a solid act. I'm confident in saying you can't go wrong with Weezer. Will definitely be seeing them W2!

    [–] iPhone 1 still up in running vewfndr 9 points ago in iphone

    Should of been more aware.

    [–] Finish the weekend with something pretty, like this glass art vewfndr 9 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    I'm not sure about this EXACT one, but here's a place that has similar orbs. Be warned... they are not cheap.

    [–] undercover cops vip rose garden vewfndr 1 points ago in Coachella

    Saw someone get followed at Mojave and have her purse rummaged by a UC before They. The guy took a container from her, said something and walked away. She was clearly upset and eventually chased him down and appeared to be asking for it back... but was unsuccessful.