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    Rolling, rolling, rolling...

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    Hungry hungry hippos...

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    Warehousing safety rule #53:

    If it’s falling don’t try to catch it.

    Had a guy, working for me, dislocate his shoulder trying to catch a box falling from a reach truck.

    Guess what the next 3 weeks worth of safety topics were.

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    Also known as a triple point

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    Worst times for an accident

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    its great and nostalgic all the same! thank you for taking the time.

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    Just also going to pretend Gameboy Color was never a thing

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    Ohh I know this one! I know this one...

    So trucks have a maximum weight limit that they are allowed to transport which is 80,000lbs for both load, trailer, and tractor. As well as maximum lengths widths and heights (see trucks and low bridges for further details)

    You can purchase permits to exceed the normally legal limits. These permits are issued on a state by state basis and require specific routes to avoid causing unnecessary damage to roads and other infrastructure (see trucks and low bridges for further details).

    The cost of these permits is usually minimal. For example in SC $100 will get you an overweight permit for a tractor for a year. But the route requirements can be taxing in their own way. Combine that with additional fuel, Maintance, pilot vehicles,and driver time the cost to haul an over sized item begins to add up. Not to mention at a certain weight it makes it nearly impossible for standard big rigs to pull a load over the Rockies.

    It ends up being cheaper,albeit slower, to get it to the nearest piece of equipment (boats, and trains) that deal with items in the 100s of tons, and suck up the oversized cost for a short distance.

    From the description it sounds like trains would be a poor choice for size limits, you would run in to the “specialized routes” problem same as trucks.

    As a bonus piece of information, when transporting over weight items the “non divisible” load rule comes into effect where if a load is over weight and can be practically broken down into smaller pieces and shipped separately it must be broken down and shipped separately. The exception to this is import/export containers which once sealed are considered “non divisible” even if it is 50,000lbs of potatoes.

    More bonus info: shipping a 53’ trailer 600 miles will on average cost you between $900-$1200, shipping the same load to Europe via container ship will run you about $1400 depending on your proximity to a port (excluding tariffs).

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    I'm chalking this one more up to luck, my time line was a month but it paid off in a quarter. Thankfully I maintained the shares from when I did the DD.

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    Thanks for the support, every technical analysis I came across says just about the same thing.

    REFR is out performing both its sector (computers and tech) and the market as a whole while also exhibiting sustainable long term growth the target price of $3 is easily in reach.

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    Ohh Believe me I get it, I remember feeling frustrated not being able to get a decent photo of the deceleration of independence due to the low light levels and ban on flash photography.

    My surprise more came from when discussing window tinting I think of things that move (planes, trains, and automobiles).

    [–] Hello, I’m planning on buying a truck but I don’t necessarily know how to look for the “perfect one”. I’ll be able to spend around 22k, is that even enough to get a good f150? Sorry if this isn’t allowed here and thanks ! villagewysdom 2 points ago in f150

    I just purchased mine (XLT, supercrew, 3.5 v6 flex 4x2, 36k miles) last month for 23k (all in).

    I spent 3 months looking and researching before I was able to get this one, in that time the biggest thing I learned is how well the f150 retains its value. There are so many options and trim levels it can be overwhelming. So, start by establishing what you want up front and narrow your search down to just those vehicles helps a lot. I knew going in that I wanted a supercrew cab and less then 50k miles, from there I was able to bring the search results down and cast an ever wider net till I found mine just over 2 hours away.