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    [–] Yellow pimple suddenly appeared on my arm vinylllover 1 points ago in medical

    take a hot shower, it’ll likely pop on its own. the pain won’t be horrible, just a little burn-y. ass some neosporin and a band aid after and you should be ok

    [–] What was the dumbest thing you ever did to try and impress a girl or guy? vinylllover 1 points ago in AskReddit

    shave my arms because a guy i liked said he didn’t like girls with hairy arms, to this day i still have to shave my arms because it’ll just grow back darker

    [–] Why do I have "man boobs" vinylllover 1 points ago in medical

    If your concerned with the aesthetic aspect, try doing some chest workouts :)

    [–] Set to catch - Gorgon City vinylllover 1 points ago in Coachella

    same same, sirens is sooooo good

    [–] What commercial did you dislike so much that you now avoid the product? vinylllover 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Diet Coke, they’re new commercials that say “because i CAN” is so jarring and irritating. pretty sure i’m the only one who thinks this though lol

    [–] Is not wearing glasses harmful to ones ocular health? vinylllover -4 points ago in medical

    i mean i’m no optometrist but i think wearing glasses would actually make it worse. considering you’re making your eyes more used to a lens. not wearing glasses would make your eyes stronger if that were true. as you get older your vision gets worse, that’s just fact.

    either way, glasses are dope! contacts are a pain but if you’re worried about cosmetic reasons glasses/contacts help you see the little leaves on trees and details on mountains! 10/10 recommend vision

    [–] AP Seminar Group project vinylllover 2 points ago in APStudents

    that’s a yes or no question. you might be better off with something more specific, maybe “are the reintegration systems in place enough?” or are the technological reintegration of inmates (using computers, phones etc).

    obviously you’d have to be more refined than the spit up questions I gave you, but it’s a pretty good topic and you can use a lot of scopes; male/female, jobs? money management, you could go on.

    good luck!! i loved AP sem cause we just fucked around but nonetheless good luck!

    [–] When your senior capstone presentation is the same day as Coachella vinylllover 3 points ago in Coachella

    i’ll literally have to prep the whole week before coachella NICE that’s GREAT news wOW love senior year HA

    at least the week after wkd 1 is spring break for me!

    [–] It’s so sad when friends drop out vinylllover 8 points ago in Coachella

    you’re never too old! both my parents are 50 and i pump music into them as much as i can. they even saw brockhampton last year per my request. never. stop. having. fun. no matter who’s with or without you, make the best of it and i’m sure you’ll still have fun!

    [–] Most interesting interactions with people at Coachella vinylllover 5 points ago in Coachella

    i saw future in i think 2016??? weekend one. i was in the middle in front of those weird metal stations (where i assume they do the sound and filming?) anyway, not important because i look to my left and i see tyler the creator, then directly behind me is katy perry, then next to her is WIZ KHALIFA.. THEN next to him was travis scott????! fuckin weird turn of events but it was cool. katy had a juul and i remmeber stupidly yelling “HIT THAT JUUL KATY PERRY” but to my surprise she actually belly laughed so that was dope. pretty cool to see your teenage dream candy pop princess with a shaved head rippin some nic

    also wiz posted for some pics and of course had a massive blunt, he was pretty nice! tyler was 1) not happy with the set and 2) not happy with life? he seemed overall pissed at the world. travis was dazed out and was a massive mouth breather

    [–] Coachella 2019 Lineup vinylllover 1 points ago in Coachella

    tbh i missed them the year they went and then got SUPER heavy into them and then sorta lost hope about them coming but IM PSYCHED WITH U

    [–] Pepper Burns vinylllover 1 points ago in medical

    rip ur butthole dude

    [–] Pepper Burns vinylllover 1 points ago in medical

    don’t forget to maybe not eat the chili, unless you didn’t add the peppers lol

    [–] Got accepted to CSU Channel Islands! vinylllover 1 points ago in ApplyingToCollege

    i know one other person who got accepted early and it was to CSU monterey bay. i applied to san marcos, chico, and san bernardino.

    good luck! i’m sure you’ll be fine.

    [–] Final Wishlists 2019 vinylllover 3 points ago in Coachella

    parcels! parcels! parcels!

    [–] winter break = lots o time! vinylllover 1 points ago in Needafriend

    i’ve wanted to go too! i’m in california so that’s a bit of a trek but they’re lineups are always so solid, especially 2017 oh my

    [–] winter break = lots o time! vinylllover 1 points ago in Needafriend

    i live close so it’s like a thing yanno definitely recommend!

    [–] Best set at coachella you’ve ever seen? vinylllover 1 points ago in Coachella

    oh yes!! just saw amine last night in LA because the energy and coachella was so good, he did not let me down