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    [–] 29 years vmlinux 37 points ago in Libertarian

    The Libertarian group I was subbed to on facebook was worse. They owner of the group wanted to take away all of the guns from any member of Antifa. Seriously, a Libertarian group wanting to confiscate guns of a group they don't agree with. Mind melted.

    [–] White House proposal to cap student loans would mean only rich people can afford elite schooling vmlinux 1 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in politics

    All I'm saying is that if you offered 180,000 dollars for a baby boomer that needs to retire to train and mentor some young person to take their place it might do more for the economy than shoveling more money to the corrupt 4 year colleges around the nation that can't seem to properly compensate professors and adjuncts, but always have more and more money for aquatic centers, fancy pants buildings, and more middle managers. I have a 4 year degree, but I'm increasingly displussed by what I see happening to the cost of school. I have 3 kids, and there's no way in hell I can put them though college on a single income, and I don't want to see them sell 10 years of their financial lives paying for some dean's fancy office. Everything in the world right now is getting more efficient, EXCEPT college which is somehow getting less efficient year after year.

    I'm concerned for the last of the Millenials and the generation after the Millenials which happens to include my kids.

    [–] More than half of Nowata County deputies resigned after refusing to open jail due to safety issues vmlinux 0 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in news

    Yep, not only that Judges have extremely large latitude in what they can say in a court room.

    [–] White House proposal to cap student loans would mean only rich people can afford elite schooling vmlinux 9 points ago in politics

    Are we in the unpopular opinion sub? Oh boy, here we go.

    Supply and demand. Infinite supply of loan money, infinite inflation of college costs and student debt. If the government would 100 percent just get out of the business of student loans and let the free market take them over then colleges would be forced to be more efficient. Nobody is going to want to loan someone 200,000 dollars to study unless it's to become a doctor and they have collateral to back it up. Paying your way through college yourself is now absolutely impossible because colleges keep throwing more and more of our money away on extreme amounts of useless administration employees, athletic programs, and their facilities. Colleges snort up loan money like cocaine, and we keep demanding that the government give them more of it, then we make demands that the government forgive the debt. What the actual fuck. In 1994 when I graduated you could go to a 2 year community college, then another couple years at a university and pay for it yourself with money you made over the summer and at a part time job. Now that's a pipe dream. Little Baylor University here in TX is now 60,000 a year.. for fucking WHAT??? You could hire an expert in most fields for 3 years and have them do nothing but train you for that.

    [–] Engineering and sex are mutually exclusive vmlinux 2 points ago in facepalm

    Why cant I drive a train and have sex. There is lots of open countryside.

    [–] Fox News struggles to preserve the profits of hatred vmlinux 2 points ago in politics

    Are they running out of companies trying to sell gold for the impending stock market disaster, shitty canned food for a disasters, authentic silver buffalo turd coins stamped at an official sounding mint, class action attorneys for mesothelioma, or gizmos that skymall would have rejected sold by a fake veteran commando of the special forces?

    Their advertisers love the people that watch them. It helps weed out the people that will see through the scammy bullshit they are peddling.

    [–] When i get downvoted and sent abuse for being insane enough to say that I enjoyed Captain Marvel on Reddit vmlinux 2 points ago in TrollYChromosome

    Fuckem, I enjoy a lot of movies people like to shit on. I rarely watch movies, but when I do I'm cool with a trope ridden movie that follows a generic plot as long as I'm entertained.

    [–] The trashy manager vmlinux 4 points ago in trashy

    We only do business with other businesses and people have done reviews on us for having their cars towed. Or not giving them money when they come in begging.

    [–] *Language warning* Buddy of mine just posted this. vmlinux 5 points ago in Justrolledintotheshop

    Like sewing needles, yarn needles, carbeurator needles, live giving medicine needles, or all of the above?

    [–] Australian senator who blamed Muslim immigration for the New Zealand terror attack punches teenager in head after getting egged. vmlinux 2 points ago in news

    It's one of many cancer subs on reddit. T_D, LSC, twoxx, etc. Pretty much any sub that bans for commenting in another sub, or doesn't allow civil conversation is cancerous.

    [–] Skydiver catches pet bird mid-air vmlinux 1 points ago in gifs

    This isnt skydiving its paragliding, those are paragliding risers in the video, and the hawk is leading the paraglider to thermals. The hawk is actually taking the human for a flight. :)

    [–] First conditioning! Happy with the results! vmlinux 3 points ago in goodyearwelt

    I think I may buy a pair of these, what are they? Sorry for my ignorance, but I love cap toes, and I'd like a pair of boots just for wearing around with jeans.

    [–] Lori Loughlin Is Free After Posting $1 Million Bond, While Her Daughter Spent Last Night On A USC Official’s Yacht vmlinux 1 points ago in news

    Sympathy yes, but allowances no. If you buy an expensive classic car that was stolen 4 owners ago the cops will take it from you and give it to the original owner. Were you at fault, no. In fact you never even unjustly benefited from the transaction. So why should students that did a lot less than atheletes that get kicked out of school for doing be any different. We hold our NCAA atheletes to extreme standards, the least we can hold other students to is to "not cheat". Whether you knew you cheated or not is immaterial.

    [–] US to ground all Boeing crash aircraft - BBC News vmlinux 1 points ago in news

    One of the first rules you learn in any flight sport or profession is that you pilot the entire way to the crash.

    [–] Strong Winds flips Semi on it's side vmlinux 1 points ago in nononono

    You are probably right in this scenario, but that is still the suggested method in general even if it puts you though a bar ditch and barbed wire fences.

    [–] Strong Winds flips Semi on it's side vmlinux 6 points ago in nononono

    I drove a lot of trailers in the Texas Panhandle as a kid. Not 18 wheelers, but box trailers can get blown over too. I currently have an old motorhome and it works the same. If the wind blows you hard enough to the left to start tilting you, you have to swerve left or get flipped, but the problem is that when you get hit by the wind that hard your first instinct will be to keep the wheels straight which actually gives momentum to your big ass wind sail and over you will go.

    Personally I just don't drive big stuff on red flag days. It's not worth the hassle.

    [–] This is the funniest ban I've ever received LMFAO vmlinux 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in pussypassdenied

    How does one go about setting up a bot to do this? I'm about to start banning tons of people for commenting in subs that are hate groups against free speech from all the subs I own or will own. The_Donald, Socialism, menslib, twoxxchromasomes, etc.

    I got banned from twoxx from making a comment on this sub that was in /all/ about how often to dry clean a mens suit. So darned sexist.