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    [–] Hey reddit! Today we are doing a verified AMA about the Bitcoin Halving at r/IAmA. To celebrate the Halving we are giving away 2 prizes of Half a Bitcoin each. vortexchroma 1 points ago in Bitcoin

    1. I love Bitcoin because I view it as uncensorable, and a hedge against the established financial system.
    2. I'll probably hodl most of it, and also spend some at local restaurants who are really hurting right now.

    [–] Two 6 week classes vs 12 & 8 week class over the summer? vortexchroma 2 points ago in nvcc

    If you can keep up with the pace of a 6-week class, I’d definitely recommend going the one-at-a-time route. Makes it simpler to just focus on one and finish that before moving on to the next one.

    [–] The support team fucking sucks vortexchroma 4 points ago in M1Finance

    I’ve emailed them multiple times over the past two months to try to resolve an issue, and they haven’t even responded once.

    [–] [Winner’s Thread #52] Hi everyone!! vortexchroma 1 points ago in millionairemakers

    Sent .015 ETH, congrats!! Hope you and your grandma weather the storm just fine :)

    [–] Don't just sign up for the free stock worth $2.50-$250.00 lol vortexchroma 4 points ago in Webull

    If that’s true, it probably uses prior day closing prices, which would place it above $3.

    [–] Don't just sign up for the free stock worth $2.50-$250.00 lol vortexchroma 5 points ago in Webull

    That’s cause GRPN lost nearly 50% of its value just today. Was above $3 yesterday, the values they give are usually accurate but it should be taken out of the pool now.

    [–] Nice vortexchroma 1 points ago in Webull

    No, there were deposit tiers. At least as high as $50k.