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    [–] Clinton to San Juan mayor: ‘We are with you’ vrxz 1 points ago in politics

    No problem. That person was going way overboard!

    [–] Kids, this is what we call IRONY. vrxz 32 points ago in pics

    -Rex Tillerson

    [–] Mueller's team met with Russia dossier author vrxz 3 points ago in politics

    Very interesting. The article is a tad vague though. Doesn't specify if the FBI met him under the tenure of Obama/Comey, Trump/Comey, or Trump/Mueller.

    Also, as far as I know, Mueller =/= FBI. He is a special counsel in the DOJ and can use FBI resources and cooperation, but not FBI.

    [–] Trump To Announce Intent Next Week To Decertify Iran Nuclear Deal vrxz 3 points ago in politics

    Every time he mentions killing this deal he makes it harder to reach one with North Korea. Why would anyone halt their nuclear program on the promise of a country that cannot keep its word? A deal is a deal.

    Maybe this is why Rex called Donald a "moron"

    [–] Mueller's team met with Russia dossier author vrxz 19 points ago in politics

    May have been this, news that they are looking into the dossier.

    But I believe this is the first story to report that Mueller's team has actually met with Steele.

    [–] What is the average maths teacher like? vrxz 95 points ago in Jokes

    I like your mode of humor.

    [–] The commercials ARE TOO DAMN LOUD vrxz 4 points ago in slingtv

    I hope they're happy. Now the TV goes from a moderate sound level to blasting loud where it literally hurts my eardrums. I've noticed this much more with the on demand programs.

    I've resorted to simply muting the speakers whenever the commercials are on.

    [–] Does running a mile in 10 minutes burn the same number of calories as walking a mile in 20 minutes? vrxz 3 points ago in askscience

    While I accept that running requires more energy (work) than walking, I don't know if your explanation makes sense from a basic physics perspective.

    Work is equal to force applied multiplied by the displacement in the same direction. There is no time involved in this formula.

    It takes the same amount of energy to lift a bowling ball 1 meter in 30 seconds compared to 3 seconds (if we're talking about a non-complex system, not a human)

    Power is equal to work divided by time and represents the rate at which energy is consumed. Obviously it requires more power to lift a bowling ball in 3 seconds compared to 30, but the same amount of work is being done.

    But maybe you were talking about work in the colloquial sense, effort. It takes more cumulative effort, it's more difficult to run a mile in half the time it takes to walk it, therefore we must accept that it requires more calories. This argument might be more tenable.

    [–] On days like today, I go back and watch Bartlet's speech from 20 Hours in America. vrxz 3 points ago in thewestwing

    Good oratory is underappreciated. Change happens when people want it to happen, and a respected leader that knows how to craft and deliver a good speech can motivate millions of people to take action, for better or worse.

    [–] Gun control events with Giffords canceled vrxz 2 points ago in politics

    It's a shame they even have to cancel it.

    It would be like if a company had workplace accidents every month and was planning a meeting about how to reduce them, but cancelled it because another one happened a few days earlier.

    [–] Clinton to San Juan mayor: ‘We are with you’ vrxz 0 points ago in politics

    I guess we have a fundamental disagreement about the value of civility then. I appreciate aggressiveness and somewhat agree that the liberal wing needs more energy, but not when it means labeling anyone who opposes you a Trump supporter as the poster did without evidence. That's just stupid.

    [–] Clinton to San Juan mayor: ‘We are with you’ vrxz 1 points ago in politics

    Not really. We were talking about Trump and Clinton, not the primaries, hence I am a Clinton voter.

    I actively supported her during the general election campaign and still support her. Even during the primary, I was torn between Bernie and Clinton and it was a tough decision to go for Bernie.

    [–] Clinton to San Juan mayor: ‘We are with you’ vrxz 3 points ago in politics

    Meh. Not looking for credit at all, just credibility when I say I'm a Clinton voter and supporter (look through my posts), so maybe what I'm about to say will hold some weight with you.

    I still think you're being a tad too aggressive when it's not called for. Labeling someone a Trump supporter (without presenting evidence) whenever they attack someone you like is an overreaction.

    The poster had a legitimate opinion, there's no need to resort to ad hominem attack.

    [–] Clinton to San Juan mayor: ‘We are with you’ vrxz 5 points ago in politics

    I voted Bernie in the primary and Clinton in the general.... like a normal person.