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    [–] Chants of 'no more guns' break out at Florida school shooting vigil vrxz 9 points ago in politics

    Stop putin it- I mean putting it off, buy today or be defenseless tomorrow!

    [–] This Physics study book quoting Darth Vader vrxz 3 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    They altered the price. Pray they don't alter it any further.

    [–] TIL there's an enjoyable way to board a plane that saves time, but airlines intentionally won't let us do it. vrxz 2 points ago in todayilearned

    This is a really good summary and from my experience rings true.

    I'm still torn on whether to like or dislike budget airlines. On one hand I hate that they advertise low tickets on flight aggregators like Kayak, Google Flights, etc and don't show hidden fees for things like carry on luggage (I'm looking at you Spirit and Frontier). However, I have noticed that flights have been getting cheaper over the years across all carriers, and I suspect part of this is because of competition from budget airlines.

    As a consumer I have to put up with a more confusing marketplace for air travel, but in general it is a lot more affordable to fly.

    [–] My puppy isn’t very good at being bad. He took a snack from the kitchen then comes to show me in the bathroom. vrxz 5 points ago in aww

    This is the correct answer. Also, gonna shamelessly copy and paste my comment from 2 years ago:

    I used to be the guy who got fucking crumbs EVERYWHERE when I ate nature valley granola bars. But everything changed when the internet showed me the PROPER way to eat those fuckers.

    Step 1: Obtain unopened wrapper of nature valley granola bars. DO NOT OPEN as yet.

    Step 2: Using your hands, bend the wrapper so the bars inside break up into thirds.

    Step 3: Orient wrapper so it is vertical. Give it a few light shakes. You should hear those evil crumbs fall to the bottom of the wrapper.

    Step 4: Carefully open the wrapper from the top so you can stick your fingers in. Don't open the longitudinal seam of the wrapper.

    Step 5: You can now pull out bite sized pieces of granola bar and pop them right into your mouth. Don't bite pieces off, just put the whole thing in and chew with your mouth closed like your momma taught you.

    Step 6: Repeat step 5 until you have consumed all the pieces.

    Step 7 (optional): Tilt wrapper into your mouth and all of those pesky fucking crumbs will slide right in.

    [–] [Logic] Santa's brainteaser vrxz 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in HomeworkHelp

    I think the answer depends on how you interpret the riddle and requirements for the answer.

    Santa is delivering presents in Athens but has got lost and has to ask the way to get to Edinburgh.

    what is the only direction that Santa should go in with certainty?

    That "with certainty" part is kinda vague!

    You're absolutely right that Santa has to go westward on his journey to Edinburgh. But like I said if he goes straight west to Brussels, he can't get to Edinburgh without more info.

    If on the other hand, Santa wants to go there using the information he has currently he can go Athens --> Dubai --> Coventry --> Edinburgh.

    So there are two approaches to answer it. The interesting thing is that the Brussels clue is irrelevant in both cases, it is still a red herring that offers no useful information.

    So.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    EDIT: Map I drew

    If Santa goes westward and arrives at Brussels (X) he would then have a variety of directions to go in, possibly westward again or possibly eastward in addition to north or south.

    [–] [Logic] Santa's brainteaser vrxz 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in HomeworkHelp

    Edinburgh can't be south of Brussels, it is more northern than Brussels. But we don't know that Edinburgh is due North of Brussels. The drawn map is incorrect because the assumption made is that both cities have the same x coordinate. Nothing in the problem implies this.

    If Santa goes due west and gets to Brussels, he cannot get to Edinburgh because Edinburgh is more northern than Brussels but not confirmed to be due North.

    Edit: I'm partially wrong. Edinburgh can be south of Brussels. Sorry.

    Still, you can't get to Edinburgh via Brussels (Santa wouldn't know which way to go. It could be northerly or southerly in infinite directions)

    [–] [Logic] Santa's brainteaser vrxz 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in HomeworkHelp

    This is incorrect as nowhere does it imply that Edinburgh is due north of Brussels

    Edit: In other words, there is no evidence these cities share the same x coordinate

    [–] [Logic] Santa's brainteaser vrxz 2 points ago in HomeworkHelp

    One of the directional city pairs listed is a red herring. The other ones connect to give a path from Athens to Edinburgh. So there are two cities in between Athens and Edinburgh.

    [–] [HS biology] where does translation occur? vrxz 1 points ago in HomeworkHelp

    Other poster is correct, mRNA translation into protein occurs at ribosomes. Ribosomes are always touching the cytosol. They can be free-floating or membrane bound (attached to the rough ER).

    mRNA is targeted to one type of ribosome or the other depending on the protein's final destination. mRNA for proteins that go to the outside of the cell or the lysosome will go to ER-bound ribosomes and then through the secretory pathway. Those that need an intracellular-like environment or go inside other organelles are translated at cytosolic free-floating ribosomes.

    [–] Clinton to San Juan mayor: ‘We are with you’ vrxz 1 points ago in politics

    No problem. That person was going way overboard!

    [–] Kids, this is what we call IRONY. vrxz 30 points ago in pics

    -Rex Tillerson

    [–] Mueller's team met with Russia dossier author vrxz 3 points ago in politics

    Very interesting. The article is a tad vague though. Doesn't specify if the FBI met him under the tenure of Obama/Comey, Trump/Comey, or Trump/Mueller.

    Also, as far as I know, Mueller =/= FBI. He is a special counsel in the DOJ and can use FBI resources and cooperation, but not FBI.

    [–] Trump To Announce Intent Next Week To Decertify Iran Nuclear Deal vrxz 3 points ago in politics

    Every time he mentions killing this deal he makes it harder to reach one with North Korea. Why would anyone halt their nuclear program on the promise of a country that cannot keep its word? A deal is a deal.

    Maybe this is why Rex called Donald a "moron"

    [–] Mueller's team met with Russia dossier author vrxz 17 points ago in politics

    May have been this, news that they are looking into the dossier.

    But I believe this is the first story to report that Mueller's team has actually met with Steele.