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    [–] Top U.S. officials tell the world to ignore Trump’s tweets wadeishere 2 points ago in worldnews

    That's like saying, don't look at a car crash on the road right in front of you

    [–] Fish wants to be bought wadeishere 2 points ago in gifs

    So long and thanks from all the fish

    [–] Assassin's Creed Cosplay wadeishere 79 points ago in gaming

    Unfortunately it's always like 2 days

    [–] Holy ritual wadeishere 12 points ago in trees

    Hash Wednesday

    [–] Playing on low settings vs ultra settings wadeishere -1 points ago in gaming

    Before eating tide pod(left)

    After eating tide pod(right)

    [–] I’ll just leave this here... Happy Friday!!! wadeishere 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in gaming

    That's a pretty valid opinion. We all have different likes and dislikes. There is nothing wrong with not liking Kingdom Hearts, however you have no soul

    [–] My freighter crew is incompetent. wadeishere 1 points ago in NoMansSkyTheGame

    Well that sucks. I got to go take a shit

    [–] Knifemaker Barbie wadeishere 1 points ago in pics

    Maybe it a fat joint

    [–] How to NOT do the robbery wadeishere 1 points ago in funny

    Instant karma is going to get you

    [–] Upside down wadeishere 1 points ago in funny

    So I guess it's original again

    [–] I would love to see him ref in the World Cup wadeishere 1 points ago in funny

    So he just randomly run out in the field doing this. Security isn't fast enough to catch him

    [–] The Man With an Adamantium Spine wadeishere 3 points ago in WTF

    A little funny, but some might find it kind of Dr. Strange

    [–] I raise your BB-ST for AT-8 wadeishere 3 points ago in lego

    I was hoping to see it just fall over

    [–] With Margaret McPoyle. wadeishere 4 points ago in IASIP

    Are you sure that's not Donavon McNabb