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    [–] Mario Kart Why? wadeishere 1 points ago in gaming

    Just write Luigi in the blank space

    [–] Scariest image I've seen wadeishere 1 points ago in space

    You have no idea how cameras work, do you?

    [–] [NSFL] Lady (Probably on drugs) naked on the street with her head on fire in Vietnam. wadeishere 0 points ago in WTF

    Well have a seat. When daddy and a mommy love each other.... you know what, why ruin the mystery. You'll figure it out, sport

    [–] Another one for the island of misfit mascots. wadeishere -3 points ago in southpark

    Not everyone believes in your invisible space wizard

    [–] The Game of Life wadeishere 1 points ago in gaming

    HA Ha ha ha

    That makes me sad