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    [–] Madlad wallyb05 1 points ago in madlads

    He’s an idiot but that’s funny

    [–] Napping issues wallyb05 1 points ago in newborns

    We did the same! Baby is now a 3yr old toddler and night sleeping has been great ever since. We did this around 6mo, wish we didn’t wait so long. We are expecting our 2nd soon and will be doing the same with him.

    [–] One week old sleep too much? wallyb05 1 points ago in newborns

    Let baby sleep. They will wake up when they are hungry.

    [–] Nose suction won't work! wallyb05 1 points ago in newborns

    This was a revelation when we got it for our 1st!

    [–] Re-purposing Rotisserie Chicken? wallyb05 1 points ago in EatCheapAndHealthy

    A little adobo seasoning and make tacos

    [–] AITA for using my best friend's baby name for my own baby? wallyb05 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    Yes, yta. I couldn’t imagine my wife’s fury if a friend did that to her.

    [–] Ramen and steak tacos!!! 🔥 wallyb05 0 points ago in FoodPorn

    I don’t know how to feel about that... was it bomb?

    [–] This might not belong here but I thought it was funny wallyb05 13 points ago in plantclinic

    Yuuuup...plants have 1st world problems too. Talk about being dramatic