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    [–] A Lesbian and Muslim walk into a bar waltman77 1 points ago in CringeAnarchy

    Did she just kiss her without explicit prior consent? Can we get a NSFW tag and trigger warning on this r*pe hentai?

    [–] Muslim Drag Queen waltman77 1 points ago in CringeAnarchy

    Absolutely haram

    [–] Those damned roaches waltman77 22 points ago in CringeAnarchy

    Between rural and urban america you can still see similar standards of development and living. Their values and mannerisms may be different but you can still see some similarities.

    [–] Feels Hours waltman77 45 points ago in CringeAnarchy

    Hard not to be cynical about it in a blue state. Luckily we vote by mail so i dont even have to put pants over my 3 day old cumstained drawers

    [–] Cucking Intensifies waltman77 1 points ago in CringeAnarchy

    Greed is a moral issue? I thought greed; for lack of a better word, is good.

    [–] Cucking Intensifies waltman77 3 points ago in CringeAnarchy

    It'd be easier and more effective to but a black rectangle over it in mspaint

    [–] Cucking Intensifies waltman77 7 points ago in CringeAnarchy

    Dont let the hate get you down. Priuses are a solid choice for the commuter/uber driver/habitual roadtripper.

    [–] heh. waltman77 9 points ago in CringeAnarchy


    [–] Europe for Europeans! Thank you, Dalai Lama :) waltman77 3 points ago in CringeAnarchy

    There's also numerous sects that have splintered from the catholic church and elected their own "Pope" but for obvious reasons these popes aren't recognized by the mainstream catholic community.

    [–] People are harassing Frank Oz on twitter because the puppet characters he created aren't gay waltman77 13 points ago in CringeAnarchy

    Steel your mind and heart, remove pity from your mind and instead assess every situation rationally using all the facts at your disposal.

    [–] Damn white people and their *shuffles deck* knowledge of weather waltman77 2 points ago in CringeAnarchy

    That trick really helped when backpacking. The next level is to time between the that and the next time you hear thunder so you can calculate how fast it's moving.

    [–] Vote this way or we remove your right to vote waltman77 5 points ago in CringeAnarchy

    They learned from the best and hit em with an absolutly wicked reversal

    [–] Vote this way or we remove your right to vote waltman77 16 points ago in CringeAnarchy

    Created us? Come on, everyone knows history started in 1776

    [–] "The resistance" waltman77 1 points ago in CringeAnarchy

    Turns out you can just suspend habeas corpus so long as you do it for "muh union"

    [–] No workman's comp waltman77 1 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago) in electricians

    You should check what your state governments policy is on workers comp.

    In my state it's all government run, if you get injured on the job and your claim is accepted by L&I they cover all medical and 65% of wages tax free. Out here you'd be taken care of but your employer would probably be in hot water.