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    [–] Thankfully they circled the title, I almost would have missed it! waltman77 1 points ago in wokekids

    We had standards based. 1 was below standard, 2 was approaching standard, 3 was meeting and 4 was exceeding.

    [–] The Good Fairy waltman77 1 points ago in wokekids

    Girls brains or schizophrenic ones?

    [–] The Good Fairy waltman77 2 points ago in wokekids

    The jokes write themselves

    [–] Yeah sure, someone who can't spell "awesome" can think of this waltman77 4 points ago in wokekids

    Different or sharper pencil. And the "w"' and "e"s look pretty distinctly different also what little chitlin knows to put a comma after "but"

    [–] Thankfully they circled the title, I almost would have missed it! waltman77 12 points ago in wokekids

    Obvious foragery, in my very limited and narrow worldview i never saw letter grades in elementary school.

    [–] ELI5 How does stress manifest as physical symptoms? waltman77 1 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    Basically stress is the "Fight or Flight" response of the body gone wrong. In primitive humans it prepared the body for immediate action, so if you saw a snake you may feel stressed and you'd either throw a rock at it or run away.

    Now when your body is preparing for action it is happening at the expense of other more mundane processes, such as digestion, growth, and healing. For example, when you're stressed your body sends blood to your muscles so that they're ready for action, but this blood is being drawn away from your stomach and brain. Typically this isn't an issue when the stressor is quickly resolved.

    The physical impacts happen because what is stressing you out isn't immediately resolvable. I'm not able to throw a rock or physically run from student loan debt, but my body still feels threatened and reacts accordingly. This going on for days or weeks at a time means that bodily processes become greatly disrupted resulting in physical illness.

    TLDR: Your brain is telling your body that you're constantly in for the fight of your life and your body is suspending anything that isn't immediately essential for physical survival.

    [–] ELI5: Why are intelligent peoples usually not very social smart? waltman77 1 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    I'd say this isn't true, consider comedians. Most of them would be regarded as "socially smart" since they're capable of making people laugh, but to be successful at this you need a knowledge of a wide range of subject matter as well as a good grasp on language and a large vocabulary. All 3 of those are "intelligent" characteristics and they all come together to make a very socially capable person.

    [–] ELI5: Why do some things sound better in our head but don't when spoken out loud? waltman77 3 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    I'm not quite sure what you're asking. But I'd venture that it's because while thinking your words aren't constrained by the physical aspects of speech, so it is possible to think of a sentence that flows well in your head, but is difficult to say aloud the exact way you thought it.

    [–] Immigrant Girl Will Be Deported Because Adoptive Father Missed Deadline While Serving in Afghanistan waltman77 1 points ago in politics

    Probably something along the lines of "A lieutenant colonel should have known better or at least have had the foresight to contact an immigration attorney before delaying a decision like that"

    [–] Just finished season 5, why is no one talking about this scene? (Spoilers) waltman77 4 points ago in BoJackHorseman

    I understand the desire for a more serious plot from Todd but for the past few seasons Todd embodies Deus Ex Machina and his stories have set up larger events for the main characters.

    Starting in season 3 with Todd convincing Mr. Peanutbutter to buy spaghetti strainers and his cab service saving the day.

    Season 4 he becomes governor and immedietly resigns setting up Mr. Peanutbutter's gubernatorial campaign.

    Season 5, it is important to remember he and his creation are the bosses over the rest of the characters. The only reason the last few episodes played out they way they did is because of Henry's demands for more episodes.

    Todd may not be a very serious character, but my hunch is that it's intentional so that he can be a standin for an arbitrary god.

    [–] No workman's comp waltman77 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in electricians

    You should check what your state governments policy is on workers comp.

    In my state it's all government run, if you get injured on the job and your claim is accepted by L&I they cover all medical and 65% of wages tax free. Out here you'd be taken care of but your employer would probably be in hot water.

    [–] Basics I need to know to helping at an electrical store. waltman77 1 points ago in electricians

    Yep, and to make it even more fun your stuff will probably be labeled with the manufacturers part numbers so in edition to learning names you gotta translate it into part numbers.

    [–] FUCk YOU aBiGOTS waltman77 1 points ago in CoffeeTableAnarchists

    Oof, you sure got me man. Sick burn bronado

    [–] 8 feet is fine-management waltman77 7 points ago in OSHA

    Legendary: boxes are mixed density ranging from steel blocks to light bulbs

    [–] 8 feet is fine-management waltman77 3 points ago in OSHA

    That would be fine if they actually put some thought into building that pallet.

    [–] Patch 1.1.1 waltman77 3 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago) in dankmemes

    Luigi can't rub his cock without holding a glock

    An AR15 sends the class to an endless dream.