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    [–] Do yall agree with my top 10 Point Guards at the moment 17/3/2019 watchbold 1 points ago in nba

    yeah but gotta pay him respect for being the man at wizards 3-4 years I think Lillard is here and who will you replace for Bledsoe and Lowry?

    [–] Goodbye r/teenagers watchbold 5 points ago in teenagers

    God damn

    [–] Earth-chan at the climat march watchbold 2 points ago in Animemes

    Are we gonna ignore surprised pikachu?

    [–] yeet watchbold 1 points ago in Animemes

    Who is saske?

    [–] yeet watchbold 21 points ago in Animemes

    But what if it’s kushina’s grandson’s step nephew?