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    [–] Should Portland blow it up? Lillard for Simmons+ filler? weems13 1 points ago in nbadiscussion

    This is one of those situations where you can’t just “set emotions aside”. I know you’re thinking along the DeMar-Kawhi model but this trade is worse in every aspect. The fan base would absolutely riot if you traded Dame, let alone for someone like Ben Simmons. You can win a chip with Dame as your 1a or 1b, you couldn’t with DeMar and you certainly can’t with Simmons. Even if you build a perfect complimentary roster around Simmons, your ceiling is basically last years Blazers. Is that really worth trading away the franchises most beloved player?

    [–] [Highlight] Harden not respecting Ja Morant's jumper so he hits the 3 & talks after: "Tell that mf about me" weems13 1 points ago in nba

    Lol I like how you edited out “did I say everyone?” after you realized you did in fact say “everyone”. Yeah I wouldn’t really consider any of that “hate” anyways. Seems like fair criticism or just the same people find annoying....

    [–] Ultimate power-move weems13 7 points ago in instant_regret

    I mean obviously this wasn’t spontaneously done

    [–] [Highlight] Kyle Lowry making sure the kids are alright weems13 20 points ago in nba

    And he half cartwheeled onto my face instead of kissed me if you know what i mean

    Edit: I want Lowrys ass in my face

    [–] DETROIT-MIAMI TRADE weems13 1 points ago in TradeMachine

    Lol no. Why tf are you treating Griffin like a positive asset

    [–] Players That We 100% Will Not Trade weems13 1 points ago in lakers

    Nah that CP3 trade was like a decade ago

    [–] Players That We 100% Will Not Trade weems13 2 points ago in lakers

    He was just as bad in the regular season the year the Pels swept the Blazers

    [–] Players That We 100% Will Not Trade weems13 5 points ago in lakers

    Just wait until the playoffs come around

    [–] 2 0 2 0 weems13 7 points ago in DunderMifflin

    I don’t mean to brag

    But I don’t have a home to leave

    [–] 2 0 2 0 weems13 14 points ago in DunderMifflin

    Every state thinks they have the worst drivers

    [–] Which Starting Five is better? weems13 -1 points ago in nba

    Only if you include me

    [–] Why isn’t Anthony Davis a villain? weems13 70 points ago in nba

    Cuz the Pelicans failed to build a team around him and New Orleans cares way more about football