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    [–] Cobblestone! (Pebble fusion) werothegreat 2 points ago in stevenuniverse

    This is intensely disturbing.

    [–] Civ 6 AIs (Based on Personal Experience) werothegreat 164 points ago in civ

    Lies! Jadwiga always HATES me, even though I always go for a religion. And then Mvemba always lives too far away for me to convert!

    [–] Briefs are better than boxers. werothegreat 1 points ago in unpopularopinion

    Not sure I agree with all of your reasons there, but briefs are most assuredly the superior undergarment.

    [–] I thought this Poll was... Interesting werothegreat 21 points ago in StarWars

    I'm not surprised at all? The official Star Wars website did a poll a couple years back and got basically the same result (with the movies that were released at the time).

    [–] Painting - White Pearl was not amused werothegreat 13 points ago in stevenuniverse

    That is intensely unsettling.

    Good job!

    [–] Every Character in D&D Campaign Just Slightly Modified ‘Critical Role’ Characters werothegreat 3 points ago in dndnext

    Might I recommend College Humor's Dimension 20? I've been quite enjoying it, it's been pretty different from other campaigns I've seen.

    [–] My son won his first ever game of Civ tonight. I think he’s discovered the benefit of a navy. werothegreat 72 points ago in civ

    Looking at this I realized, with the new jersey system, we're going to have to learn a lot more civ colors. :/ I can clearly tell you've curbstomped Brazil, Netherlands, Chandy, China, and Alexander here, and that you're playing as Norway. Going to be a lot harder to guess after Gathering Storm!

    [–] A list of all the new things that we learned in "Familiar" werothegreat 9 points ago in stevenuniverse

    I think the "purple wire" is a hose lol. Steven mentioned getting water up his nose. :)

    [–] Civ6: City placement question werothegreat 2 points ago in civ

    I mean, I usually end up getting higher than that. I don't really do ICS as much as I did in V, so I don't strictly adhere to a perfect 3-tile hexagonal city grid.

    [–] Civ6: City placement question werothegreat 8 points ago in civ

    To add on to what's already been said, most cities are not going to grow big enough to work all tiles 3 hexes out.

    [–] Good LORD those yields! werothegreat 9 points ago in civ

    They did in V, not VI.

    [–] Good LORD those yields! werothegreat 3 points ago in civ

    Why do some tiles randomly have science or faith on them?

    [–] For everyone that is confused about the Diamond Days airing schedule werothegreat 1 points ago in stevenuniverse

    Are the middle three episodes then half-hour (25ish mins) each? Normal episode length is 15 (12ish) minutes.

    [–] Finally got petra before AI, and I got it and uluru in the same city. werothegreat 1 points ago in civ

    lol why are you building wonders as Alexander you should be taking them from everyone else XD

    [–] Sidekicks | Dungeons & Dragons werothegreat 1 points ago in dndnext

    So your sidekick can be a Warlock that trades Invocations for full spell slots? Neat.

    [–] This week's hint werothegreat 54 points ago in civ

    What do you think are the odds we get a Machu Picchu wonder?

    [–] "Please don't make faith purchases be the only way for tourism victory" second attempt. werothegreat 2 points ago in civ

    An alternative way to look at it: this gives you more uses for Faith, rather than just on a religion.

    [–] Less Popular Subclasses You Like? werothegreat 24 points ago in dndnext

    What? Divination Wizard is not underrated at ALL. Pre-rolling 2 (later 3!) d20s is batshit crazy.

    [–] Tourism should provide extra GPT werothegreat 89 points ago in civ

    I'd rather it have an impact on players you've Tourism-conquered, like it did in V.

    [–] Dam District : Production Cost and Benefits werothegreat 5 points ago in civ

    I would classify that more as a Wonder than a mere District.

    [–] Dam District : Production Cost and Benefits werothegreat 70 points ago in civ

    The idea is that "housing" in VI mainly comes from fresh water access; it's essentially a "health" mechanic. Building a dam creates a massive reservoir of fresh water. Some people may be displaced (maybe you build a dam over a farm improvement), but it allows for greater population growth in the long run.