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    [–] You sly dog! whydoyouflask 1 points ago in samoyeds

    I just want to squish that face!

    [–] New Puppy 6months needs work whydoyouflask 1 points ago in samoyeds

    his coat and akin are a lot better, but I recently noticed that some of his akin is turning black. we had a professional take care of the coat, but shes convinced he isnt a real samoyed since he has coarse hair in some spots. his previous owners didnt really take car of him, which i suspect is the culprit and he tales fish oil everyday to help it get back to a healthy state. I am a little concerned about the blackening skin and he had a vet appointment on friday to get neutered. the vet says that he is on par with his size so neutering him now should not be a concern, but hes displayed some more aggressive behaviors, among other things. it seems to be moving in a promising direction, but I think anytime you rescue a dog.

    [–] What are some tough pills the US needs to swallow? whydoyouflask 11 points ago in AskReddit

    apply somewhere else if you see that on the application. huge red flag.

    [–] These people are one of the worst. whydoyouflask 2 points ago in trashy

    the term "dfuq did I just read?" comes to mind.

    [–] Experience with Cat siblings? whydoyouflask 2 points ago in samoyeds

    I have a kitten and I got my Sammy at 7 months. he wasn't treated well, but super friendly. he didn't get to meet other animals early on. we were careful with it. I recommend researching dog and cat introductions, as it takes time. the dog will want to meet the cat the cats require more patience. I have to stop chasing behavior early on. its almost 3-4 weeks now and the kitten holds his own with the dog, but they are still learning their boundaries. I'll post a video of the two them on this sub. you want to make sure that cat doesn't feel trapped and you have lots of treats so you build positive associations for both animals. you'll want another person to help you so you are not stuck between animals. depending on how friendly your cats are it could go great early on, or it can't take more coaxing. but its definitely doable. let us know how it goes.

    [–] Slight aggressive behavior whydoyouflask 1 points ago in samoyeds

    I appreciate the sympathy and advice. We are starting obedience classes on the 9th, so hopefully that will help. For some reason I got it in my head that these dogs have the best temperament and then never have any outbursts, which is just insane. My last dog was a real people pleaser, so this strong willed one is definitely a challenge. Good thing I'm not afraid of those.

    [–] Slight aggressive behavior whydoyouflask 2 points ago in samoyeds

    thanks, the 2 unleashing that have happened were not on purpose, one was when my gentle leader broke, and the other he squeezed through the door.

    [–] New Puppy 6months needs work whydoyouflask 1 points ago in samoyeds

    The trick is to have a really strong guy over 6ft holding him and giving him kisses and you work through that butt fur. Then we gave him a large rawhide bone. He was so focused on the bone he barely cared about the brushing. The underside is my biggest challenge.

    [–] New Puppy 6months needs work whydoyouflask 1 points ago in samoyeds

    I was able to slowly work through some of the matts with a dematting brush. He chewed on a raw hide for about 1.5 one night and i was able to work through a lot around the base of the tail and around the ears. My boyfriend and I spent about 2 houses the first night where he kept the dog focused on him, and I worked on his coats as gently as I could. I think he's going to be okay. Its the underside that is the most challenging. But we know some breeders now that know we would rather they stop working on him then shave him down. Working on the coat a little bit every day has kept him from getting over whelmed and his back is healing up nicely. He was wearing a cooling tshirt for a few days so he couldn't scratch and make it worse. I appreciate the advise. I think its going to work out, but its just a lot of work.

    [–] New Puppy 6months needs work whydoyouflask 2 points ago in samoyeds

    Thanks so much, this is great!

    [–] Freezing eggs whydoyouflask 1 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    I'm curious about all options. As I said, putting the horse before the cart. It might be total unnecessary. She's had a lot of issues on the hormonal side. When they tried to adjust her hormone levels to shrink the cyst on her ovary, it grew and another one appeared on her fallopian tube. I assume that her hormonal treatment to stimulate the ovaries for harvesting, could have added complications. But it's an assumption and I'm just curious about other people's experiences.

    [–] Candida skin rash.. please HELP!!!! whydoyouflask 1 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    If you think its candida avoid sugar, it craves it and will only temporarily relieve symptoms. Use calamine lotion. And take a lot of probiotics and yeast infection pills you can get over the counter. You might have some stomach upset for a while but you need to get rebalanced. Try to get to a could be something else.

    [–] Got rejected 3 minutes into a date whydoyouflask 0 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    It has absolutely nothing to do with you. 1 he wouldn't have agreed to the date if he didn't find you attractive. Men are really visual, so don't get down on yourself for that. 2. It seems like he's obsessed with something particular. So you dodge a bullet there. 3. He's rude, dodged another bullet. 4. He seems like he has no social graces. Like a bull in a china shop. Dodged yet another bullet. By my count you are lucky. Missed a lot of bad stuff. You are due for a good date with someone nice. Keep putting yourself out there. I met my boyfriend on tinder and we are approaching to years,he's great. But I listened to my gut a lot. Its hard to put yourself out there, but it's worth it when you finally meet someone who is right for you.