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    [–] A cute elderly couple in Sofia, Bulgaria whydoyouflask 6 points ago in europe

    I obviously don't mean it so literally. My father is 74 this june, he doesn't work anymore, but I don't consider him elderly. I just think the word itself implies a level of advanced age and infirmity. Calling people in their 50's and 60's elderly seems pretty dismissive. Like they don't have anything to contribute. That's all I mean. It's like when you tell a child you're 20 and they they say "you're sooo old". You're not.

    [–] A cute elderly couple in Sofia, Bulgaria whydoyouflask 27 points ago in europe

    "Elderly"? They are like what? In their sixties? If you are still working I don't think you should be considered elderly.

    [–] Local pastor to prom kids: "keep it in the pants, your future spouse will thank you!" How do Christians always fuck this up? Why send the message that non-virgins, particularly females, are less desirable than virgins? They claim that "sex isn't everything," but then they make it ALL ABOUT SEX. whydoyouflask 2 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    Let's be clear. Not all Christians are like this. My churches never were. Not once have I been lectured about sexual morality. Ages 4-10 in a Lutheran Sunday school / religion class every week, and ages 10-17 in a Catholic one. I think it has more to do with where you are though, than the church. My churches where in Sweden and Connecticut, not really places that believe in outdated principals of morality.

    [–] Same general area I guess whydoyouflask 2 points ago in crappyoffbrands

    They look more like the real ones we have in Sweden.

    [–] Framåt i natten whydoyouflask 3 points ago in sweden

    Jag vet inte. På daggis i Stenungsund vi kallade det an smörsked. Jag lämnade svergie när jag var elva. Det stämmer inte.

    [–] Framåt i natten whydoyouflask 5 points ago in sweden

    Am I the only one who grew up with it being called a smörsked?

    [–] Average Upper Middle Class in Connecticut, I went to high school with them whydoyouflask 6 points ago in trashy

    Where in CT? I lived in "upper middle class" neighborhoods for the past 11 years, this shit would never stand. Also, the recently in Simsbury the town came together to try to stop a chinese woman from being deported. Its just not something I have seen in central Connecticut.

    [–] Must be at least this woke to play whydoyouflask 0 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    Isn't this a repost? I think the last time it was from a dating app.

    [–] vegan btfo whydoyouflask -2 points ago in quityourbullshit


    [–] Cherlene responds to Xi Jinping making himself dictator-for-life whydoyouflask 22 points ago in ArcherFX

    I think its when Pam stole methamphetamines from the Yakuza (sp?) and shes kept offering more money for Pam's life, but the Yakuza boss said it was a debt of honor.

    [–] Nice guy thinks it ridiculous that I don't want to share my name. whydoyouflask 2 points ago in niceguys

    You know, I went back and forth on that, lol. I've only heard it as besides.

    [–] Nice guy thinks it ridiculous that I don't want to share my name. whydoyouflask 1 points ago in niceguys

    I know it's besides the point, but I found the use of the word "of" instead of the word "have" almost equally cringey.