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    [–] Angry Eagles fan attacks girlfriend, puts dog in microwave, police say whydoyouflask 13 points ago in news

    I would have to assume the relationship is over. Those are all dealbreakers for me.

    [–] What's the reasoning behind paying new hires significantly more than current employees? whydoyouflask 3 points ago in careerguidance

    Maybe, but I think you will see a change when the next generation gets promoted into more management positions. I can only hope that HR people can decide to truly bridge the gap of advocacy for both employees and companies and see that they two are not mutually exclusive.

    [–] What's the reasoning behind paying new hires significantly more than current employees? whydoyouflask 3 points ago in careerguidance

    I thinks that's poor planning and an old fashioned way of thinking. I know that the industry you are in impacts the culture. They people we hire are smart, hand working and engaged. A good HR team should be showing cost benefit analysis showing why adequate paying your employees is a priority. The cost to productivity, recruiting costs, training costs, all add up and it is more expensive to replace a good employee and keep them engaged through thoughtful consideration . Also top performers will want to to stay at a company that they feel treats them fairly and addresses their concerns. That means having honest conversations, "I know you want a raise and I see you coming in and working hard, but my hands are tied right now with the budget, as soon as we can make changes I will go to bat for you." And then actually do. People can understand lulls, but the communication has to be there. And the follow through. Obviously the conversation would be a little different with a non top performer. "I understand that you want a raise right now, but I cant hand our pay increases arbitrarily. If you come up with a plan that you think you can execute that has a meaningful impact to the company, I think we can make something happen." Sometimes average performers are just high performers that haven't been activated. But this only works if you have a company of managers are are willing to take feedback and aren't threatened by someone wanting to do more. My point is people who think squeezing payroll os the only way are not thinking of squeezing their workforce for more results. I had an employee who wanted a bigger raise, and we sat down with her, explained why it was fair, and we discussed together what she could do to get to the price point she wants to be. If she can handle more responsibility and balance it with ongoing projects than a couple thousand is nothing in the grand scheme of things I'd more is getting accomplished.

    [–] What's the reasoning behind paying new hires significantly more than current employees? whydoyouflask 6 points ago in careerguidance

    Yeah I run my HR department differently. We have readjusted the budget to make sure that we are being fair, and it's always over the 2.5% cost of living adjustment. I work at a small tech company and we have very low turn over. I wonder how many other HR people are on hear reading this and whose hands are tied by management that is blinded by greed. But we are also unusual for the US where our lowest wage is 18/hr. I'm lucky I guess that my management team actually thinks about people.

    [–] Galen whydoyouflask 1 points ago in samoyeds

    Lol. Language is pretty funny.

    [–] Galen whydoyouflask 1 points ago in samoyeds

    Galen? As in crazy? That's what it translates to in swedish. Lol

    [–] AITA for being upset that my parents gave my wedding fund to my sister to freeze her eggs? whydoyouflask 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    NTA. I think you parents and sister should have clued you in when they took the money, also your sister should have been paying them back. I would ask her to assist since she spent the money that was allocated to you. I would be damned pissed and might not invite her to my wedding.

    [–] Samoyed Nearly Collapsed whydoyouflask 1 points ago in samoyeds

    That crazy! Glad the pup is okay.

    [–] Samoyed Nearly Collapsed whydoyouflask 1 points ago in samoyeds

    OP, any news on your pup?

    [–] 🔥 Dragon Blood Tree 🔥 whydoyouflask 2 points ago in NatureIsFuckingLit

    I would call it a mushroom tree

    [–] AITA for changing the locks on my 23 year old sister and kicking her out of my house. whydoyouflask 5 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    Unpopular opinion, YTA. I would have put a not on her door telling her now that she has graduated, she needs to get a job and pay rent. Sit her down and make a plan for her to move out. Shes clearly scared.

    [–] I neither have the time nor the crayons whydoyouflask 6 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    I'm pretty sure Tywin Lannoster mastered the English language.