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    [–] [Spoilers] Post-Premiere Discussion – Season 8 Episode 1 wick720 6 points ago in gameofthrones

    I liked when they rode the dragons and sang, “I can show you the world”

    [–] Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher on the set of The Empire Strikes Back - 1979 wick720 6 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    Right?! I’m sure after the first one they realized they were a part of something truly special.

    [–] What is the smallest thing that makes you lose your temper immediately? wick720 -1 points ago in AskReddit

    When somebody stops at a yellow light.

    Funny story with this one. When I was in kindergarten the teacher was going around the class asking students random questions about traffic signs. She asked me “What does a yellow light mean?” I said, “Go faster!” (Because I truly thought that’s what it meant. My mom ALWAYS sped up whenever the light turned yellow) Needless to say she had a talk with my mom that day after class. I’m 32 now and my mom still loves to tell the story. I think she’s proud of her aggressive driving skills.