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    [–] How do I (21f) open up to my boyfriend (22m) about my scars and skin burns that I got from an accident? wifeysoicy 27 points ago in relationships

    I have "warrior wounds" too. That's what I call them, cause I too survived a near-death accident. Listen, a good man doesn't care about your scars. I promise you, you care much more than he or anyone else ever will. It took me a long time to make peace with the new scars/burns on my body. Don't be scared to show off the scars, cause they are every reminder that you survived!

    [–] AITA for refusing to give my niece our dog's room? wifeysoicy 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    It's your house, your rules, your spare room and your dog. You are under no obligation to move things around to accommodate a guest. Should the guest not like your accommodation, they have the choice of leaving.

    You said it from the very start, she can stay on the couch. Take it or leave it. If she's skating on thin ice, you make that clear and feel no regret for the decisions you make in YOUR home. You are absolutely NTA.

    [–] AITA for shutting down an illegal immigrants bank account? wifeysoicy 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    Ranting here, but why are illegal immigrants the new enemy of our country? When this country was in fact, founded by immigrants? Your Great Grandparents, Grandparents were not born here. They came here seeking a brighter future for you and yours. Why are we all of a sudden claiming that no one deserves the right to a brighter future?

    Oh yeah, our Celebrity in Command.

    [–] My (23F) boyfriend (23M) cuddled with my best friend (23F). Should I treat it as cheating? wifeysoicy 5 points ago in relationships

    If I were you, I'd do away with both of them. My best friend would never lay in bed with my boyfriend. Vise-versa, my man would never cuddle with my friend.

    Also, take into consideration how he first told her not to say anything. He tried to hide this from you (GUILT).

    She felt guilty and in turn, told you (more GUILT).

    [–] Fiance is cheating on me and I am heartbroken [Update] wifeysoicy 1 points ago in offmychest

    I thought of you today! Thank you for providing an update. You are strong and did the best for yourself. My world came tumbling down one day too (ex had a whole affair with my cousin). I questioned why this happened to me. Now, 3 years later, I thank those assholes for betraying me. Life is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks to their back-stabbing, I picked up the pieces and moved on. In some weird, twisted way, it's what what meant to happen. I hope you will look back on this one day and thank that bitch for giving you the chance the find something greater.

    The absolute best of luck to you!!

    [–] My father (64M) impregnated a woman he met for 1 week (26F) wifeysoicy 14 points ago in relationships

    Your Father is manipulative. Don't feel bad by doing what's best for you. Cut ties, and dear lord, don't ever loan him any $$ again.

    I know he is your Father, but toxic is toxic - regardless of blood ties.

    [–] What should I (31m) be telling my sister (41f) about her crappy husband (50m)? wifeysoicy 2 points ago in relationships

    If she asks you how you feel about him, be honest.

    Just be a lending ear and a shoulder for her to lean on. There's not much you can do but be there for her and be honest.

    [–] My daughter is destroying us wifeysoicy 5 points ago in offmychest

    I'm sorry. You've done all the right things and have offered all the help available. You've tried your best and that's all you can do for the sake of your sanity. Best of luck to you and your family. I hope this gets better.

    [–] Anonymous [23 F?] Contacted Me [18 F] Asking if I Had Sex With Her Boyfriend [25 M]? wifeysoicy 2 points ago in relationships

    Let me add, screenshot this harassment. You never know if you need to seek a restraining order on Crazy.

    [–] Anonymous [23 F?] Contacted Me [18 F] Asking if I Had Sex With Her Boyfriend [25 M]? wifeysoicy 6 points ago in relationships

    This girl is googling your information and writing to you via different forms of social media - which is nuts.

    Had she sent you a private DM, asking woman to woman type of shit, idk... this might of been different. But publicly commenting?? She seriously can't expect to resolve shit like this. Creating different accounts and continuing the harassment is a lot of work on her end. It's quite obvious that she's not in a healthy relationship. All of which, has nothing to do with you.

    You have zero obligation to respond to her. Set everything to private and block her.

    [–] AITA for not telling my girlfriend I slept with a man? wifeysoicy 0 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    lolololol you guys are all too literal. It's impossible to know everything about a person. Relax.

    [–] AITA for not telling my girlfriend I slept with a man? wifeysoicy -5 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    You're giving my comment a little too much thought. Like I said, don't make it a huge deal. You say it when it comes up and feels right.

    [–] Adult Braces wifeysoicy 2 points ago in offmychest

    This is awesome. Congratulations! You will be so happy with the results. Best of luck to you.