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    [–] Giveaway of The Division 2 wildxlion 1 points ago in thedivision

    Nice! Always great to see game communities do this!

    [–] Hi fellow reddit CNCers! Here is a machine that I built last year. Hope you guys like it. wildxlion 2 points ago in hobbycnc

    I'm actually researching gantry building methods right now and yours looks really interesting to me. I have a bunch of the open builds 20x80mm and 40x80mm c beam extrusion, and was wondering if using your method would still result in a fairly stiff gantry. I know the OB stuff isn't as rigid as the 80/20 stuff, but just curious if it would work well enough.

    I currently have a 1500 wide by 1000 deep workbee on leadscrews and running it at 25-35mm/s cutting speeds, but I'd ile to build a spare one from my extra pieces. Definitely going with linear rails and maybe the McMaster Carr 5 start leadscrews, or just ballscrews, but the x gantry is my biggest worry right now. Too hard to get the 80/20 where I live unfortunately.

    [–] Buy or build? wildxlion 2 points ago in hobbycnc

    The big shopbots are really quite good, but if you are willing to build it yourself and forgo stuff like automatic tool changers and the digitizing probe (there are non shopbots alternatives though), you could build a large machine and save some money. Maybe a CNCRP pro machine or something like that, heck, you could probably get 2 of them for $20k and that's a pretty good start for production. I learned a lot more from building my own than a co-worker of mine who has has a shopbots buddy for the past 5-7 years.

    [–] LPT: Help protect your grandparents from scammers by saying your name when they answer the phone. wildxlion 41 points ago in LifeProTips

    Yikes, that's a scary thought. It could have been some people who genuinely needed a little help and your grandma thought it was you, but still, the thought of not being able to recognize someone that close to you is terrifying.

    [–] Saved 200$ to upgrade my budget PC wildxlion 10 points ago in buildapc

    Good man. Wish I could find another one, 3770 just bit the dust for me

    [–] Gaps in model once imported to Cura? wildxlion 2 points ago in MPSelectMiniOwners

    The mpsm is a Bowden style printer, and there's usually a little bit of extra pressure (more than a direct drive), so even after the extruder motor stops, a little filament will ooze out sometimes. That's why it's on by default for the MPSM.

    [–] So Ice T uses telesto wildxlion 34 points ago in DestinyTheGame

    Ice T catches Molestos

    [–] Rooster Teeth Podcast: Damn You Pixar - #529 wildxlion 2 points ago in roosterteeth

    While he's pretty prolific as a voice actor (has a Guinness world record), I'm not surprised he's not an immediately recognizable name, as is usually with VO's. At the very least, if you watched Toonami, he's TOM.

    [–] Rooster Teeth Podcast: Damn You Pixar - #529 wildxlion 7 points ago in roosterteeth

    Depends, I thought it was "bloom" because that's how you pronounce Steve Blum's last name.

    [–] Are all clear epoxy food safe (for cutting board) wildxlion 4 points ago in woodworking

    Fda approved epoxy like art resin, foodsafe mica powder, and gel food coloring instead of any other dues, that's my recommendation

    [–] First go at resin and wood rings. wildxlion 2 points ago in woodworking

    Thanks, I'm aware of how to get rid of bubbles, but as I said, I didn't try. These are the excess resin leftovers from big pours, so after I poured these, I'm more concerned with the big pieces. Also, in a tropical setting, there's no space heaters or heating anywhere, haha.

    [–] First go at resin and wood rings. wildxlion 2 points ago in woodworking

    It's fairly simple so I'll try to give a brief explanation.

    First, I make a tray or a box out of corrugated plastic, so I can put a piece of wood in and put the resin, without using too much resin. Just got glue and corrugated plastic from the big box store. Since I'm making a lot of these now, I just make molds out of HDPE cutting boards.

    Second, I poured resin over the rings to make a block of wood+resin.

    After at least 1 day of curing, it's really up to you how to make the ring. Originally I just cut out with 2 sizes of hole saw, then sanded to the right size. Now that I'm making a good number of these, I just throw them in my small CNC and cut to a little oversize. A lathe is a great option too, especially if you have a cross vise type tool holder to make small cuts. Finished with thin CA glue.

    [–] First go at resin and wood rings. wildxlion 4 points ago in woodworking

    I actually thought so too, adds to the "water-ness" and since its not a table top, I guess it really doesn't matter

    [–] First go at resin and wood rings. wildxlion 3 points ago in woodworking

    I didn't try too hard to get the bubbles out of the blank on the left, just used some gel food coloring and a little acrylic paint for the silver. They've been holding up for the last few months fairly well. Epoxy is just some tabletop epoxy from HD since I cant find clear hardener for West systems or totalboat here.

    [–] Let's Talk About RAM wildxlion 1 points ago in buildapc

    Let's talk about memory,

    Let's talk about XMP,

    Let's talk about all the DIMM slots and the type of sticks we need.

    Let's talk abooout RAM

    Sorry. Had to get that out of my system.

    [–] A Review / How-to of 00napfkuchen's CR10/Ender3 Direct-Drive Mount. wildxlion 1 points ago in ender3

    I've been using this on my 3 printers for the past 5 months or so: I just added some support to the front for the bracket. The main advantage to direct drive, other than less retraction/oozing is that you can use a lower K number for linear advance.

    [–] Band saw or jointer 1st? wildxlion 1 points ago in woodworking

    Bandsaw. You could probably do a lot of what you need on a tablesaw if you just need to glue up boards.