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    [–] Playing video games with the most ADHD kid ever will_JM 23 points ago in funny

    They’re playing together. He said that funnily enough his boy was winning.

    [–] Owners playing for a Championship, let's see your Week 17 lineup... will_JM 1 points ago in fantasyfootball

    8 man league full PPR

    QB Tom Brady

    WR Diggs

    WR Jefferson

    RB Ekeler

    RB N Harris

    TE Kittle

    Flex Gronk

    Flex Waddle

    Kicker Folk

    Def San Fran (thinking of plugging the bears)

    Could plug in Evans if he plays but I’m already projected the 20 favorite. And this was the lineup that got me in the ship. I’m just gonna roll with it.

    [–] Democrat Lauren Underwood declared winner, beats Republican Jim Oberweis to keep House seat will_JM 9 points ago in politics

    I’ll never forget the day I called Peter Roskam’s office and telling them that he’s gonna lose the election after Helsinki. Felt so good when we got to wave goodbye to that persistent toad.

    [–] What is a great gift for my boyfriend who LOVES chess? will_JM 1 points ago in chess

    I can’t believe no one suggested a vertical chess board. You can get them for like 20-30$. And they’re fucking awesome.

    [–] Weightless is 3EB’s best song will_JM 27 points ago in ThirdEyeBlind

    Dude what? Motorcycle Driveby without any questions or equivocations.

    [–] Ohio debates "Heartbeat Law" which would ban abortions and deem women murderers; punishment up to death penalty. will_JM 58 points ago in MorbidReality

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if the male agent who got the woman pregnant was included in the guilty language of any abortion ban, we wouldn’t ever hear about abortion again. In other words if we started prosecuting and (presumably) sentencing the men to death, the entire abortion “debate” would cease over night.

    The reason that men are never included in these types of bills IS the proof that this is purely anti woman. Plain and simple.

    [–] CMV: The Porn industry has done irreparable damage to a generations sexuality and should be in some form prohibited will_JM 8 points ago in changemyview

    This demonstrates the parenting skills of a potato. I do NOT want the government deciding these things. Minors are already under the jurisdiction of their parents or guardians. Adding the government doesn’t accomplish anything more. If you want your children prohibited from pornography, you can literally accomplish that on your own without requiring the rest of society to bend to your views. That’s the point of a free and secular civilization.

    [–] IWTL how to invest correctly as a college student. will_JM 1 points ago in IWantToLearn

    As someone who knows nothing, but understands that I need to invest, would you reccomend Canguard?

    [–] Whats wrong with religion and having faith? will_JM 5 points ago in DebateAnAtheist

    Because it’s unnecessary to do so. Why not discard unnecessary assumptions?

    [–] Sen. Hirono cancels Kavanaugh meeting because Trump is 'an unindicted co-conspirator' will_JM 1 points ago in politics

    Listen, I understand you wanting this, but our founding fathers set up our constitution in such a way that impeaching each other on these basis is offensive to our system of checks and balances. After all, Trump merely nominates, it is the Senate that confirms. So really your call to action is for the wrong people to be removed.

    Look the Supreme Court is there to interpret laws that congress passes. That’s it. What you need is a competent congress that is passing competent legislation such that these laws can be interpreted competently. Right now we don’t have that. Vote.

    [–] New study reveals we are at the brink of starting a domino effect of adverse ecological phenomena that will make it almost impossible to control climate change. will_JM 0 points ago in Futurology

    No. Those in power know what’s coming. It’s not that they don’t care, it’s that they don’t care about you. In fact they’re banking on huge swaths of the human race to die out. They don’t want to have to share once we’re on the other side of the global change.

    [–] Trump’s delusions are about to blow up in his own voters’ faces will_JM 2 points ago in politics

    See here’s the thing. People aren’t pro Trump per se, as much as they are his ideas. It’s not just Trump who spout this sort of non sense. What sets Trump apart is his delivery. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve encountered a supporter of Trump who says something of the variant, “Trump tells it like it is.” Which, immediately, exposes the farce to any outsider. The very fact that his rhetoric to the supporter isn’t as important as to how the rhetoric is delivered renders the message irrelevant. Which is, of course, the point. Setting aside how seemingly childish his actual speech pattern is, and it’s relation to those with whom the message resonates with, what is also striking about Trumps delivery is its ability to compel the listener to rent a room in his house of cards. It brings you into the BS, Which is specifically designed to continue the con. It is a self perpetuating loop that Trump seized on and capitalized on, not because people specifically like Trump, but through layers of manipulation tactics based solely on the delivery of his message.

    [–] Keep the focus on Trump’s cruelty and incompetence will_JM 4 points ago in politics

    Trump is the show upfront. They want all eyes on him, because in the back they’re taking everything they can. At everyone’s expense.

    [–] Megathread: Mueller files new charges against Paul Manafort and Russian associate Konstantin Kilimnik will_JM 1 points ago in politics

    Someone more learned than myself can reply whether or not the 5th amendment is applicable to pardoned criminals with regard to their personal involvement in whatever crime they were pardoned for. However I will say that I think Trump is in an incredibly difficult position here. Which is what I suspect is behind the attempts to sway public opinion.

    [–] Megathread: Mueller files new charges against Paul Manafort and Russian associate Konstantin Kilimnik will_JM 2 points ago in politics

    It means that even if he pardons himself and all Americans involved, the investigations resulting from the Russian indictments would continue. Including all involved, even if they were pardoned of previous crimes.