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    [–] I’m starting to think Elliot’s speech and mannerisms are based off Elon Musk willism 6 points ago in MrRobot

    A sub for discussing how to control future AI and use best practices when designing it.

    [–] Anyone else try to put all the extra pieces together after building a set? willism 2 points ago in lego

    I call them abominations. Backstory is Majisto invites his wizard buddies over to get drunk, and they end up drunk summoning Lego abominations.

    [–] Woman w STEM degree willism 3 points ago in STEM

    You mention losing 16 jobs in a relatively short amount of time. What kinds of jobs were these where you were employed for only 4 months, on average? 6 Months is the typical probationary period. Were you unable to pass any of these, assuming your positions had them?

    [–] Screenshot this before it gets removed willism 7 points ago in CalPoly

    Scrolling to the end of video transcripts should also let you immediately move forward, if I remember correctly.

    [–] My fanart of Éowyn and Faramir willism 3 points ago in lordoftherings

    I must be missing something here... Eowyn is human. In fact, she is from a lower race of men than Faramir, who I believe has some Numenorean blood.

    [–] Fun times ahead willism 1 points ago in EngineeringStudents

    use libgen

    [–] Why should we fear to use it? willism 2 points ago in lotr

    Good thoughts, I'm leaning toward this interpretation now.

    [–] Why should we fear to use it? willism 1 points ago in lotr

    Great memory, I completely missed that.

    [–] Why should we fear to use it? willism 6 points ago in lotr

    Is this Saruman in Orthanc, or Gandalf in Minas Tirith? Looks like it's Gandalf cause of the ring.

    [–] We understand willism 1 points ago in ToolBand

    Yes, oui, si! Yes, oui, si!

    [–] Astronomers watch the aftermath of a star ripped apart by a huge black hole willism 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in Physics

    I highly doubt homo sapiens will still be around by the time Andromeda collides with or own galaxy.