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    [–] New blog post: Preparing for 0.990 release willism 4 points ago in spaceengine

    Been waiting for this and Tool for so long now. Gotta be patient for the sake of quality.

    [–] Advent calendar IBB: Day One willism 1 points ago in lego

    It took me ~5 minutes to build this properly. I can barely imagine the frustration of speed building a whole calendar in one sitting, lol! How long did it take you?

    [–] Day 1 (build-in-the-bag) willism 1 points ago in lego

    nice, i'm doing the same!

    [–] Timothy Leary speech willism 2 points ago in ToolBand

    I'm pretty sure Adam's ex wife Camilla worked as an assistant to Leary before his death. They probably had some inside access to that stuff.

    [–] Is this schedule doable for CPE next year? willism 7 points ago in CalPoly

    looks pretty doable to me. you'll be running on fumes for a lot of the time, but if you're disciplined, you'll be ok. advice for 329: read your datasheets; 346/347 labs can suck hard, so maybe you can take the backseat on those if you have an understanding lab partner; 228 is confusing and very math-y with diffeqs and convolutions, so pay attention and don't fall behind; stat 350 kicked my ass cause i didn't spend enough time with the problems. good luck!

    [–] Bohemian Rhapsody in multiple styles, Tool gets a mention. willism 2 points ago in ToolBand

    Not the new movie, of that's what you mean. It happens midway through the posted video.

    [–] test willism 1 points ago in test


    [–] test willism 1 points ago in test


    [–] Spiral out willism 1 points ago in ToolBand

    S P I R A L O U T K E E P G O I N G

    [–] I’ve been slowly getting back into LEGO recently. The first set I’ve bought in a long while! willism 1 points ago in lego

    I think the legs are small enough to be stored underneath either of the brown ground panels. I was able to fit some extra pieces in them, but not sure about the legs.