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    [–] #WeVapeWeVote winnebagomafia 2 points ago in Trumpgrets

    They targeted vapers.


    [–] Real 🅱️loomberg hours, who TF off the terminal?? winnebagomafia 1 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    The one time someone posts an actually good meme here, and it's downvoted to oblivion

    [–] Can’t wait for this EPIC debate!! Mini Mike, let’s GO! winnebagomafia 1 points ago in chapotraphouse2

    This is why all political elections should be settled by dick size.

    "But wait!" You say. "How could any female possibly win in this scenario?"

    Well, if Elizabeth Warren wants to win the election, then she betted be packing a massive hog

    [–] My first mock of the season. winnebagomafia 2 points ago in aclfestival

    I'm still kicking myself for missing them last year at Stubb's

    [–] Cringe of the highest order winnebagomafia 2 points ago in MakeMeSuffer

    A veritable tour de force

    [–] Lmao winnebagomafia 43 points ago in dirtbagcenter

    They fucking are though, but at least Obama would get my pronouns right. /s

    [–] ESPN Mock Draft Predicts The Spurs Drafting 2 Point Guards... LOL winnebagomafia 2 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in NBASpurs

    There actually is a very legitimate chance. He's projected to go around 14th and we'll most likely end up around there

    [–] Trump Lover and a Furry winnebagomafia 3 points ago in InfowarriorRides

    Yeah i'm just messing with you because I would watch it with my little cousins too lol

    [–] Trump Lover and a Furry winnebagomafia 4 points ago in InfowarriorRides

    I used to watch it with my sister

    Sure, buddy. Sure.

    [–] Melkor's Return by Wyatt Dabbs winnebagomafia 5 points ago in ImaginaryMiddleEarth

    Does circumcision even exist in Middle Earth?

    [–] Big Boss in trouble winnebagomafia 15 points ago in Animemes


    [–] HMFT after I try to cut in front of traffic. winnebagomafia 1 points ago in holdmyfeedingtube

    A cousin of mine jumped in a dumpster when he got caught in a tornado. The lids got ripped off and it slid across the ground for a few feet, but ultimately he was fine.

    [–] Who is she 🥵🥵🥵 winnebagomafia 2 points ago in HydroHomies

    Getting the bottle filler is absolutely worth the extra dough

    [–] Bernie Sanders surges in Texas, while Trump is ‘under-performing’ in new poll winnebagomafia 3 points ago in politics

    Texas doesn't matter, he needs to focus on the swing states.

    I say that as a Texan, because I've almost given up on the people here.