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    [–] uhh hope you guys can help me out winning-colors 3 points ago * (lasted edited 17 days ago) in namenerds

    If you want to keep the same initial:

    Oliver Reese

    Oliver Reed

    Oliver Roman

    Oliver Robert

    Oliver Rowan

    Oliver Riley

    Oliver Ryan

    Or maybe a family name or something you’ve always liked?

    Hope that helps :)

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    [–] Thoughts on the name Oliver Henry? winning-colors 1 points ago in namenerds

    I adore Oliver and it sounds so nice with Henry. I hope to use Oliver for a boy someday.

    [–] SSA 2018 Masterpost winning-colors 1 points ago in namenerds

    It’s a pretty name. Too bad Amazon took it from you. I know someone who just announced their upcoming child will be named Alexa. I’m surprised people still choose it.

    [–] Ain't that the truth! winning-colors 1 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    I just realized I don’t remember my grandparents phone numbers :(

    [–] Car insurance sanity check? winning-colors 1 points ago in NewOrleans

    Try Allstate. I have an 08 Honda and I pay about $170 a month for full coverage.

    [–] [Question] Do you recommend a playmate? We love our Daisy, she’s 18 months old and she’s our only pet (other than fish), do you recommend a companion dog? If so, what are some good options in terms of energy level? Would 2 female Beagles do ok together? Thank you! winning-colors 3 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in beagle

    Use the AKC site to search reputable breeders in your area. So many backyard breeders post pups on Craigslist and when they don’t sell they get dumped at a shelter. Pet finder is another good resource. You can search shelters in your area for certain breeds and ages. You can filter out puppies if you want or seniors.

    AKC Marketplace


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    [–] Someone got measles. winning-colors 5 points ago in vaxxhappened

    That’s unnecessary unless your titers are low. MMR is life long immunity.

    [–] AITA for honking at another driver who cut in front of me at a drive thru each time she tries to order winning-colors 3 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    I was gonna say the Starbucks I go to definitely prioritizes the drive thru because corporate times those orders. I’ve waited 15-20 minutes inside while I watched half a dozen cars go through the drive thru ordering frap upon frap upon frap.

    [–] [discussion] Do you think you'll get a dog of the same breed (or a similar mix) for your next dog? winning-colors 1 points ago in dogs

    I said no beagles because of how noisy they are. Guess what we have? He’s a quiet little guy, but he’s a beagle mix. I fell in love with his photo on the rescue Facebook posting. He’s very hound like except he doesn’t awooo. He’s also why I’ve fallen in love with hound dogs.

    I thought I always wanted a golden retriever because of their temperament. For a second dog I’d adopt another hound , or a golden/lab that’s on the smaller end. I would like a dog who’s a bit less stubborn. I know our guy isn’t dumb but damn sometimes it’s like staring down a grumpy troll to train him. I’d like a more biddable mix or purebred to be a good influence on him.

    [–] Medical scribe or paralegal jobs for a newly graduated English major winning-colors 2 points ago in AskNOLA

    Scribing is generally PRN without benefits. They tend to favor pre med and pre health track applicants who are actively applying to a graduate program (med school, PA school, PT school, etc).

    Scribe America takes forever to get back to you. By the time they offered me an interview I had been at my current job for over 6 months.

    If you’re interested in medicine I’d seek out private practice MDs and apply directly to open scribe positions via Indeed or Glassdoor.

    [–] Ah, Margaret knew it winning-colors 133 points ago in TrollXChromosomes

    I help patients all day. One has started grabbing my butt. The first two times I thought it was an accident or he was heavily medicated post op. The third time I knew it wasn’t an accident. It’s always when my coworkers can’t see him. I dread work tomorrow.

    It’s embarrassing. I’m good at advocating for others too, but for myself? I’m a lamb cowering in front of an angry lion.

    [–] Working a pedicab driver winning-colors 18 points ago in NewOrleans

    I know a guy who had a pedicab. He also lives in a RV so there’s that.

    [–] This actual CNN headline winning-colors 24 points ago in NewOrleans

    It’s not a hurricane until I contour.

    [–] s/o to my fellow uptowners winning-colors 1 points ago in NewOrleans

    Thanks friend I found a garage for $16/day on Gravier.

    [–] Cross-section of the human head winning-colors 3 points ago in medizzy

    Trochlea & Trochanter just roll off the tongue like butter.

    Definitely looking forward to next level A&P in grad school.