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    [–] The Dollop #306 - Gay Life in the Tasmanian Colony (live in Sydney) wintertash 1 points ago in TheDollop

    You're right, it was an awesome ending. I got kinda emotional actually, having grown up in the 80s and 90s and remembering when some of those big changes were happening here and around the world.

    [–] Feedback appreciated πŸ˜‰ wintertash 1 points ago in ratemycock

    You've got a seriously sexy cock

    [–] Just chilling in bed wintertash 1 points ago in softies

    You're very nice looking!

    [–] Roy Moore's friend recounts the time they accidentally went to a brothel with 'very young' girls wintertash 8 points ago in politics

    Moore is a colossal piece of shit, but apparently brothels catering to soldiers during the Vietnam War were often staffed largely by underage and just barely of age girls and women.

    That doesn't make it right of course, but Moore is far from unique in visiting such a place.

    [–] Roy Moore Emerges from Self-Imposed Exile to Chat with 12-Year-Old Girl wintertash 1 points ago in politics

    It was a ridiculous stunt that got a shit ton of play in the media. Ignore the headlines and just look at the optics of Moore chatting normally with a young white girl, that's what's been all over people's screens for a day.

    It's a fuck ton of free promotion, and plenty of folk just disregard the editorial content saying "what the fuck is this" that goes with the images. They played the media, who didn't learn shit from 2016, like a fucking fiddle.

    [–] Report: Trump furious Haley said his accusers "should be heard" wintertash 5 points ago in politics

    IANAL, but here's what I understand: No one is proposing putting him in prison, which is the purpose of a trial. That makes the "innocent until proven guilty" thing not be relevant in the same way.

    There are legal avenues open in this situation, specifically laws around libel and slander, but invoking them has its own risks, since the legal threshold for evidence disputing a libel or slander charge isn't as high as that for a criminal trial. If any of these accusations are legit, it could come to light during a counter argument.

    [–] The Dollop #306 - Gay Life in the Tasmanian Colony (live in Sydney) wintertash 3 points ago in TheDollop

    As a gay guy (albeit an American one) I'm kinda terrified over how depressing this one could be. The Glenn Burke episode was pretty damn crushing. There's not a lot of good times in history for my folk.

    [–] PSA, carburetors backfire. Don't be this guy! wintertash 1 points ago in Justrolledintotheshop

    Some states in the U.S. ban the sale of strike anywhere matches, while others allow them.

    [–] Speaker at Moore event says he accidentally went with Moore to a brothel with child prostitutes wintertash 276 points ago in politics

    Shit like this is why I imagine the writers at The Onion drink heavily. How do you write satire when this is the real world?

    [–] i'm big wintertash 1 points ago in gaysiansgonewild

    And beautiful!

    [–] First post here! Thoughts? wintertash 1 points ago in tinydick

    Very cute. You look much how I imagine I would if my parents had let me keep my whole penis. Love to see you hard too

    [–] Our Chest Masculinization Surgeries wintertash 2 points ago in lgbt

    That's not especially surprising I'm afraid. The one dark lining to the silver cloud of having insurance coverage for medical transition surgeries is that it can be challenging to find surgeons who accept insurance.

    [–] Our Chest Masculinization Surgeries wintertash 1 points ago in lgbt

    Any idea if Garramone has started taking insurance? I know as of a few years ago he wasn't.

    [–] People who aren't strictly monosexual, can we talk about identity? wintertash 2 points ago in lgbt

    I feel like it's extremely awkward for me to use anything but "gay" in most conversations, but then I feel not only dishonest, but like I'm selling out my non-monosexual comrades to a degree.

    I totally get you. I tend to ID as a "mostly-gay" man, but among my partners, I happen to have a girlfriend. Technically I'm gay for men/male energied people and more like demisexual for women/female energied people.

    I'm never going to see a woman (or at least not yet) and instantly be sexually attracted to her on first sight, but if we become close intellectually and/emotionally, I can find myself attracted (sexually and otherwise) to her.

    Whereas I see a hot guy and I can immediately find myself wanting in his pants.

    Technically I suppose my experience falls within the spectrum of bisexuality, but I relate to the world far more as a gay guy than a bi or pan guy.

    [–] 1963 Aston Martin DB5 [3370x1895] wintertash 1 points ago in carporn

    I should probably know better than to try and give the benefit of the doubt. Thanks for sharing the original and crediting the artist

    [–] 1963 Aston Martin DB5 [3370x1895] wintertash 3 points ago in carporn

    I don't know, but it could be that it just looked more right this way, since most folk scan across an image right->left and front to back feels like the right way to view the car.

    Or it's a stolen image trying to beat GIS, but I prefer the first theory

    [–] Rate my uncut cock wintertash 1 points ago in ratemycock

    10/10, fucking perfect

    [–] Rate pleasee :) thanks! wintertash 1 points ago in ratemycock

    9/10 - gorgeous. A bit on the big side for sucking, but would be AMAZING to get fucked by