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    [–] Was seated next to a guy with Tourettes wintertash 3 points ago in Tourettes

    ...fellow human like a human... that seems like it should be the minimum

    Yeah, but it's not. If people restrain themselves to staring, maybe pointing, or laughing, I feel like it's been a good interaction with the public. The bad interactions are the ones that involve name-calling/dehumanizing language, verbal and/or physical aggression, filming with their phones, threats, and very rarely, physical violence.

    And while my symptoms are highly noticeable, often loud, and many are quite painful, I certainly have known folk plenty worse and who have had to endure more than I do. I was at least lucky enough to have parents who were teachers (and a mom with a background in special ed) who took my diagnosis seriously. I was never beaten or punished as a child for my tics, like plenty of folk my age were.

    [–] I love dirty comments from older guys wintertash 1 points ago in TwinkLove

    Maybe indeed. What part of the world are you in?

    [–] I love dirty comments from older guys wintertash 2 points ago in TwinkLove

    I'm definitely older than you, and I am quite taken with your absolutely perfect cock. I'd give a lot to have that in my mouth.

    [–] Shot in slow motion wintertash 3 points ago in shockwaveporn

    Ah, good point, that does seem more likely.

    I never made it past geometry, but I'll take your word for it

    [–] Shot in slow motion wintertash 35 points ago in shockwaveporn

    This wasn't filmed by a person most likely. The camera would be on a mount synchronized to the rifle's firing mechanism. Assuming the shell firing goes correctly, it's easy to predict its speed & trajectory, so the camera mount would be programmed to swing along the anticipated flightpath. The camera would have covered the exact same space regardless of if the shell was in frame or not (such as in the event of a misfire).

    [–] Mining Casemate at Ship Cove, Cape Elizabeth ME [2700x1800] [OC] wintertash 4 points ago in AbandonedPorn

    From the Portland Head Light website:

    A natural cove that hosted a number of structures necessary for preparing electrically-fired buoyant mines to be strung together in strategic channels in wartime. The underground Mining Casemate was built into the granite cliff on the south side of the cove. Based on information from a nearby observation station, officers in the casemate would fire the mines, floating eight to forty feet below the surface. After the town’s acquisition, the Mining Casemate was long used as the control base for the town’s civil defense headquarters.

    [–] Anyone on Keppra or Clonidine? wintertash 1 points ago in Tourettes

    Clonidine is pretty fast acting and as such can be used as a PRN (only as needed) or as part of a daily regiment, though because of its short half-life in the body, many people end up using the transdermal patch if they are doing a daily dose.

    Personally, clonidine is one of the only drugs that has any impact on my tics, but it also fatigues and cognitively dulls me too much to be useful. So I take it PRN, mostly at night on days my tics have been bad enough to keep me from sleeping.

    That said, you took half a pill, and it was probably a starting dose, which tends to be 0.1mg, so you would likely have taken 0.05mg of the drug. Its lack of efficacy isn't shocking.

    [–] Nikon Z6 & Z7 are on the way plus the 58mm f/0.95 lens! wintertash 2 points ago in photography

    I ordered mine from a local camera shop and they had it in the next day, though in fairness, that shocked the hell out of all of us.

    [–] I recently found a passion for R/C cars and slow motion. Still need to work on my editing skills but I think this one turned out ok! wintertash 10 points ago in videos

    I gotta tell you, your video was a way better advert than the video they've got running on their page. You should really reach out to them about doing a new promo vid to replace the one they have.

    [–] Tell me what you think ;3 wintertash 1 points ago in twinks

    You're so very pretty. Lovely cock, sexy feet, fabulous legs, quite a picture

    [–] Please tell me what you guys think. All opinions are welcome wintertash 1 points ago in ratemycock

    I love your cock, it's a perfect 10/10, and I liked getting to see your feet too. Now we just need a shot where your sexy dick is in focus ;-)

    [–] Little softie wintertash 1 points ago in softies

    I think I'm in love!

    [–] Small cock with big, low hanging balls wintertash 1 points ago in softies

    Wow, that's a seriously sexy package you've got there!

    [–] Will you rate me? ^^ wintertash 2 points ago in ratemycock

    Fantastic 9/10!

    [–] There’s some blood on this softie wintertash 1 points ago in softies

    Your cock (and the rest of you for that matter) is absolutely gorgeous

    [–] Cheap macro for A7iii: extension tubes for my sigma art 50 f/1.4, or Minolta Rokkor 50 mm macro? wintertash 1 points ago in SonyAlpha

    I think 50mm is a great place to start with macro as it's a neutral focal length, not too wide/not too tight, and the most affordable option. You can always add something else down the line.

    [–] Can’t remove noise from photos, no matter how much I amp up the sliders. Lightroom handles it much better. wintertash 1 points ago in captureone

    I find that Capture One does an OK job with noise, but a terrible job with previewing noise reduction in the workspace. I tend to both sharpen and clean up noise in the workspace at 100% zoom, but then zoom out and switch the display mode to proofing for the output recipe I plan to use. Often the NR will become evident then, and from there I can tweak the settings in proofing display to get what I want.

    But I'll agree that noise reduction implementation seems to be a place C1 lags behind a bit.

    [–] Tell me what you think. wintertash 1 points ago in ratemycock

    From this one photo I'd go with a score of 8.75/10. You're a bit big for my tastes, though for a cock like yours I'd be ambitious. I'd love to see you soft and another hard angle. Your veins are lovely, and of course, having all the cock you started with is awesome.

    The gay boy in me wants you in my mouth, the photographer in me wants you in front of my lens.