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    [–] Always been insecure about it, gay 30yo guy wintertash 2 points ago in ratemycock

    Interesting, I hadn't heard of sensation loss being a potential side effect of the procedure.

    Regardless, you've certainly got a great dick. Looks prefect for sucking or for hitting a guy's prostate

    [–] Always been insecure about it, gay 30yo guy wintertash 2 points ago in ratemycock

    I'm a both a very cock-centric gay guy and an erotic photographer, and I consider your dick pretty darn picture-perfect.

    I might do some stretching on your preputal opening, so it doesn't constrict at all when hard, but only if it causes issues with moving the skin for jerking off or for blow-jobs.

    I'm sorry you felt you had to have the PPP removed (they are a totally natural variation), but glad you're happy with the result. What about having them removed has made you last longer?

    [–] Always been insecure about it, gay 30yo guy wintertash 2 points ago in ratemycock

    You've got a great looking cock, what in particular are you insecure about?

    [–] any comments wintertash 1 points ago in ratemycock

    Fucking gorgeous

    [–] She was being restored by a young man who got called away to WWII and never returned home [OC] [1067x1600] wintertash 1 points ago in AbandonedPorn

    I was being truthful, in that I was going by the sign at the site, but hadn't researched any further. Other folk in the thread did a ton more legwork after this and were able to get more solid confirmation of the story's veracity.

    [–] Rate wintertash 1 points ago in ratemycock

    9.5/10, a seriously awesome cock

    [–] Just another dick wintertash 1 points ago in gaymersgonewild

    And an awesome sick at that

    [–] Kayaking with orcas. (X-post from r/pics) wintertash 2 points ago in thalassophobia

    This is so reminiscent of a scene in Disney's 1974 "The Island at the Top of the World"

    (also: I'm old)

    [–] 19, UK, Public restaurant bathroom ;) anyone want to help?? PM me! ;) wintertash 10 points ago in PublicBoys

    Very sexy.

    As someone who prefers uncut cocks, I really do live on the wrong side of the Atlantic

    [–] 25, gay UK wintertash 1 points ago in tinydick

    Beautiful cock, but doesn't seem tiny in this photo at least

    [–] ITAP My Eleven Children wintertash 36 points ago in itookapicture

    Love the photo!

    Did you shoot them all on the same day, or at (or close) to the same time on adjacent days, or just when the light through the window looked similar to earlier shots?

    How long did it take to get all eleven photos shot, and did you do most of the processing on the individual shots or once the compositing was done?

    Thanks again for sharing, and I'm sorry it sounds like folk have been... reddit-y.

    [–] Can i join this sub ? wintertash 2 points ago in tinydick

    You've got one sexy cock there!

    [–] Taking out a silicone 17mm toy. wintertash 3 points ago in sounding

    That's incredibly sexy (a great looking cock too)

    [–] What is the historical significance of Buddhism? Why is it considered a major world religion? wintertash 1 points ago in AskHistorians

    According to the PEW Research Center, as of 2010 Buddhism was practiced by about 7% of the global population, close to 500 million people, far larger than say, Judaism for example.

    While others can speak to its historical significance, the sheer prevalence of Buddhism surely contributes to its status as a major world religion.

    [–] Trump proposes eliminating federal funding for PBS, NPR wintertash 1 points ago in politics

    And Fox's bullshit response when called out on the unsubstantiated conspiracy crap they peddle is that those programs aren't "news" but "entertainment" and that the viewers understand that. Fox insists that their audience knows that Fox & Friends, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, etc are their entertainment programs and not intended to be taken literally, as opposed to their news programming, which is hosted by folk like Shepard Smith (though Smith also does non-news content apparently) and Chris Wallace.

    Somehow, I think the network knows that's bullshit though, and that plenty of their viewers don't know that the network isn't even claiming to have journalistic standards outside of their designated "news" shows.

    [–] How would one have become a blacksmith in the US Navy in the 1920s? wintertash 1 points ago in AskHistorians

    Sorry about that, I really did try to see if this material had been covered before, but it wouldn't have occurred to me to search for "rates" or "ratings."

    That's really fascinating information, particularly in terms of the Navy starting to offer schooling in some areas in part as a way of encouraging retention.

    From reading submarine and destroyer histories, I'm familiar with the idea of people earning their ratings through experience on board ship, but somehow I hadn't combined the shipboard tasks usually discussed in that context (ship histories and memoirs often being written by commanders, rating discussions tend to be about watch-keeping and ship handling it seems) with other technical skills being accumulated and ratings granted through the same system in other areas of a boat or ship.

    So it's possible that a blacksmith on board a repair ship such as the Vestal may have gotten his start years earlier as a grunt in an engineering space on board a large ship or at a navy yard, and essentially done an apprenticeship with a shipboard/yard blacksmith in addition to his other duties, eventually being granted a rating of blacksmith based on a demonstration of proficiency? Having been rated as blacksmith, he'd then be assigned in the future in part on where a smith was needed? I am understanding that correctly? And was it simply luck of the draw that he ended up in proximity to a smith he could then learn from, or were those sorts of decisions based in part of someone's pre-navy background (though in that period pretty much every farm boy had some rudimentary smithing knowledge)?

    Sorry again if we're retreading old ground here.

    [–] No, Obama not facing indictment for spying on Trump wintertash 8 points ago in politics

    I don't imagine there is literally one person who both believes this AND can have their beliefs swayed by Politifact declaring it to be bullshit

    [–] maybe too curved? wintertash 1 points ago in ratemycock

    Nope, not too curved at all. Perfect for hitting a prostate or G-spot

    [–] i need someone to drain my balls... wintertash 1 points ago in ratemycock

    Hell yes, you've got a beautifully suckable cock

    [–] Starts as a softie... wintertash 3 points ago in softies

    Fucking glorious