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    [–] Insects could vanish within a century at current rate of decline, says global review wirecats 18 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in science

    Vertical Farming.

    NASA figured out a neat way to grow food in space efficiently. Keyword is efficient - because resources in space are scarce. Stacks upon stacks of hydroponics + artificial UV lighting + select amount of nutrients + artificial fertilizers = lots of food for a fraction of the energy and land used by conventional farming.

    Move food product from large industrial farms to city scrapers (groudscrapers, earthscrapers, skyscrapers, even oceanscrapers on coastal cities). Cuts cost of transporting produce over hundreds of miles, cuts use of pesticide since food is grown in a 100% controlled lab environment, massively cuts energy since heavy farming tools are no longer required. All this means a green revolution and a sustainable and/or renewable source of food, no need to worry about receding layers of soil due to erosion/poor farming, no need to worry about cascading ecosystem failure due to habitat loss or, for example, colony collapse disorders in insect groups due to heavy pesticide use, etc.

    Biggest losers are, obviously, the farmers. And agricultural corporations will be sure to fight this to the death at courts, politics, etc. So, not even sure it's gonna happen, but I believe it would be a real turning point in the fight to sustainable food security and stop climate change.

    Assuming that vertical farming can be powered by renewable energy, which it seems we're trending towards that sort of future anyway where significant global energy output is supplied by renewable sources.

    [–] Women, what do you find most confusing about men? wirecats 1 points ago in AskReddit

    is its very, very easy for guys to become and remain friends.

    That's bullshit. Guys can be just as anti-social and difficult to be friends with as girls, or as anyone else.

    [–] Gazprom HQ (spotted in a Russia 🇷🇺 sub) wirecats 1 points ago in evilbuildings

    Which is very fitting because City 17 was inspired by the look & feel of a typical Soviet city

    [–] Trump lifts sanctions on firms linked to Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska wirecats 3 points ago in worldnews

    They didn't elect anything, they're just a reflection of the people who elected trump.

    Which is exactly why I said T_D elected Trump. I know that T_D isn't single-handedly responsible for the shitshow we have in the White House. I was using the name as a representative symbol of every man and woman who conned themselves out of a decent presidency, or at least one that isn't chock full lies, scandals, controversies

    [–] Fyre Festival victim recoups more than $100,000 in GoFundMe donations after scam wirecats 3 points ago in UpliftingNews

    Didn't sound much to me either but let's be real for a sec. At least he didn't get anyone killed or seriously injured. For the damage he's caused, he's serving time in prison, got a permanent record and infamy which will undoubtedly affect his future employment prospects, and is saddled with heavy debt that he'll probably spend the rest of his life paying back.

    [–] One 50 minute car ride, 16°F weather, 10 fingers without feeling, one bucket shot captured. wirecats -1 points ago in pics

    probably because Google prioritizes certain sources first when searching. Those images you linked all look like professional photos, not to mention they're aerial shots of the city skyline. Your average touristy instagrammer isn't going to take shots like those.

    [–] For those of you from another region or country, what NYC restaurants that purport to serve cuisine from your region or country come closest to serving the real thing? wirecats 3 points ago in AskNYC

    is there a subreddit where people share cool under-the-radar locations to visit? Particularly restaurants serving foreign cuisine. Because I want to share some awesome fucking places but I'm not from any of those regions.

    [–] Medicaid expansion caused a significant reduction in the poverty rate. wirecats 1 points ago in science

    Article is locked behind a paywall and people ITT are talking like they're experts on everything healthcare.

    Does anyone have a link to a free preview of the published paper?

    [–] Taiwan rejects ‘one-China principle' as support for independence rises: poll wirecats 99 points ago in worldnews

    Of course Taiwan would feel different than in mainland China... Taiwan is a successful democracy that respects the freedoms of its people. PRC is a repressive communist regime and a major violator of basic human rights.

    [–] Just ordered ALCATEL 20.03 wirecats 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in dumbphones

    Cool. I can also google keywords that support my argument and link you the top result. Not to say that I stand by what I said or that I'm convinced of the contrary, just showing that I can cherry pick shit off the net as well. I'd be skeptical of both articles.

    [–] Just ordered ALCATEL 20.03 wirecats 1 points ago in dumbphones

    Your sight gets worse because your eyes get deformed over time which affects the way light enters your eyes. That or you have some eye disease that's clouding your vision. Doesn't have anything to do with staring at screens or reading books for too long.

    [–] [US] Dumbphone Suggestion wirecats 1 points ago in dumbphones

    The alcatel go flip isn't really a dumbphone. It's a smartphone with a clamshell body.

    [–] The Oceans Are Warming Fast, and Our Lives Are About to Change wirecats 12 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in collapse

    There's a theory that claims that early Earth was devoid of any oxygen, and that it was a species of bacteria that filled the atmosphere with it. This bacteria consumed certain nutrients and produced oxygen as waste. The bacteria couldn't breathe the oxygen, so after a couple million years of unchecked growth and thus filling the entire planet with this toxin called oxygen, they killed themselves off in what was possibly the first climate change induced by living organism. Life on Earth wouldn't recover for another hundreds of millions of years, and when it did, it would breathe oxygen at last.

    But they were just bacteria. All they did was eat and shit. People created the Industrial revolution, computers, and robots that crank everything up to the Nth degree. While the early bacteria completely changed Earth in a geologic timescale (millions of years), we're doing the same in just a few tens of thousands. It's a blink of an eye in comparison.

    All 7+ billions of us are altogether consuming more resources than the planet can replenish, and producing more waste than it can absorb or recycle. We're in an uncontrolled and unchecked downward spiral to our own destruction, just like that primal bacteria. If we can't jumpstart another technological revolution that will stabilize the climate and sustain the environment within the next 100 years, we're fucked. If we can't figure out how to mass migrate millions or even billions of us to self-sustaining colonies on the moon in the next 100 years, we're fucked. See where I'm getting at? Real solutions that aren't just patchworks for the environment aren't practical. They're pipe dreams. We're fucked.

    Which leaves me thinking about one last solution. Let climate change happen. Let it take its toll. Let it wipe out half of humanity. Maybe it's the Earth's self-correcting measure, like a reaction to a bad cold. In any case, I'm almost certain that climate change will inevitably cause more death and destruction than any disease or war known to history. The sacrifice will be unbearable. But for the sake of humanity, the human population has to be culled. I Just don't see another way. Either some of us live, or all of us die.

    [–] Look at them wirecats 15 points ago in Eyebleach

    First time giving birth or first time giving birth to 8 cubs?

    [–] 12 million year old praying mantis trapped in amber wirecats 2 points ago in interestingasfuck

    Something about that pose strikes me as odd or unnatural. Wouldn't a living organism trapped in amber flail about just before being completely absorbed? That praying mantis looks like it was just minding its business as usual when a big blog of amber suddenly appeared on top of it, rather than slowly & gradually creeping its way like I think amber normally behaves.

    [–] Low-dose radiation from A-bombs elongated lifespan and reduced cancer mortality relative to un-irradiated individuals - "The average lifespan of A-bomb survivors is longer than the Japanese average. Solid cancer deaths of A-bomb survivors and control subjects were fewer than the Japanese average." wirecats 1 points ago in Futurology

    I haven't read the article yet, but I'm going on a hunch that the survivors lived longer lives because those who were weak or compromised enough to succumb to radiation died in the first years after the bombs fell. In other words, the survivors were probably born with a body that is naturally more resilient by chance, so it's not that the radiation from the bombs made them live longer, it's that they outlived their ill effects relatively unscathed. The conclusion I'm making being that the survivors would have lived just as long without the bombs.

    Just a hunch though. I'm going to see if I'm right.