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    [–] What if the Roman Empire had never fallen? wirecats 1 points ago in HistoryWhatIf

    Rome wouldn't control a "decent portion of Europe" anymore. That ended a thousand years earlier, when the Western half disintegrated. There were too many things threatening Rome for hundreds of years while it still existed, and those things wouldn't suddenly vanish after a certain time.

    If Rome somehow survived in one form or another until the early 1900's, I imagine it would take the place of the Turkish Empire as the "sick man of Europe".

    [–] What if the Roman Empire had never fallen? wirecats 8 points ago in HistoryWhatIf

    I read that when the Byzantine Empire fell, all its scholars fled to Western Europe and had a direct impact in kickstarting the Renaissance. If Byzantine did not fall, and its scholars stayed, then Byzantine would have probably been the epicenter of Renaissance. Art, science, engineering, and rationalism would have probably flourished from Constantinople and beyond, rather than from Florence or Venice.

    [–] Comedians Bobcat Goldthwait, Dana Gould injured in Atlanta car crash wirecats 2 points ago in big3podcast

    Poor old lady. I hope she's not Italian. Otherwise, she might pretend to be in a coma for three weeks to scam the government for free disability checks.

    [–] A Wholesome good deed wirecats 1 points ago in HumansBeingBros

    I won't deny it's wholesome.. but why the camera? The cynical in me thinks that the driver did this more so that she could get good public karma rather than truly from the heart.

    [–] I just had a big "D'oh!" moment wirecats 23 points ago in ftlgame

    Update: I restarted my game in the next sector.

    Ran into a rebel ship with level 2 shields, an anti-personnel and repair drone, 3 crew members, 2 laser guns, and an anti-combat drone defensive drone.

    My ship only has a level 1 ion blaster. All its damage is done by drones. Hence, I couldn't do any damage. I thought I had no option but to send a boarding party. Highest priority was the enemy's drone module - once I knocked that out, I could dish out some damage.

    Terrible idea in retrospect. I sent 2 guys over (all I could afford) and they immediately got swarmed by the anti-personnel drone and the surrounding 3 crew members. It was suicide. What makes it worse is one of the guys I sent was my shields expert - he was about half way to being a 2-star shields specialist.

    [–] M wirecats 2 points ago in facepalm

    It instead opted to build a wind farm, so they could generate energy just by breathing and farting

    [–] After 23 hours of playing, I finally beat the game on Easy mode wirecats 1 points ago in ftlgame

    Don't know why I felt so psyched to share this story of how I beat this game. Guess I was so frustrated from coming close to beating it so many times that when it finally happened, it felt fucking fantastic. Like an orgasm.

    [–] Hong Kong protests: Video shows paramilitary forces assembling in Shenzhen wirecats 2 points ago in worldnews

    All eyes on China now. Are we going to see Tianamen Square Massacre #2? Is the West going to just stand by and let it happen? Best of luck to Hong Kong.

    [–] Saw this on Twitter the other day wirecats 1 points ago in facepalm

    Of course bats are birds. They have feathers, lay eggs, and feed their young by regurgitating food. Haven't you ever seen a bat??

    [–] What would daily life on Earth look like if there were two moons? wirecats 1 points ago in askscience

    I'm not an expert on anything but I'm inclined to believe that a moon is not strictly required for life, in any form, to emerge. I believe this because life can be found thriving in the deepest depths of the ocean, where pressure and temperature due to geothermal exhaust is very high, and where it's too deep for the sun's light to penetrate, and where it is reasonable to believe that the moon's effects are negligible.

    For complicated forms of life, like reptiles, amphibians, insects, and especially primates, it's hard to say if the moon has had a minor or major role in its evolution.

    [–] NYC natives living away from home, what do you miss most about the city? wirecats 18 points ago in AskNYC

    Understatement of the year. Maybe it's just a NYC thing but every other city i've been to, you can't get anywhere by walking. Car is a must.

    [–] German Tourists Have a Problem with the US: Where are the sidewalks? (Video w/ Subtitles) wirecats 2 points ago in videos

    This video really puts to perspective just how much the US is a nation of cars. It's not just the lack of sidewalks that subtly encourages people to drive more. It's how entire cities are designed. A lot of medium to large cities, especially Los Angeles, are built so that everything one needs, groceries and services, are too far apart for walking, so you need a car to get anything from anywhere. More people driving = less need for sidewalks.

    [–] Elderly couple found dead in apparent murder-suicide, left notes about high medical bills wirecats 3 points ago in news

    Welcome to America, the land where you are free to get fucked in the ass by big corporate interests and a corrupt lobby-based political system

    [–] True happiness wirecats 2 points ago in newyorkcity

    bet ya there's a drunk guy on the other end pissing on the floor

    [–] Texas Congressman says if El Paso shooter is charged with a hate crime, pastors will be next wirecats 9 points ago in atheism

    All these shooter apologists and sympathizers like religious authority figures, Gohmert, the NRA, and every other prick not 100% in favor of punishing mass shooters or diminishing their future ability to carry out other mass shootings, can go fuck themselves.

    [–] School shooting is in our male DNA??? wirecats 3 points ago in iamverybadass

    Which F is for men of science pushing the limits of our technology and knowledge of the universe?

    [–] Friend of mine spotted a Badass wirecats 11 points ago in iamverybadass

    This is America, goddamn it! The land of free beatings for anyone exercising their constitutional right to freedom of expression!