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    [–] [offline] [5e] Durham, NC: I’ve been dying to play since I came back from Alaska. wither_thyme 2 points ago in lfg

    Hey, I’m sure how far away you would exactly be from me. I live in Greensboro and would be willing to travel a certain distance. I’m new to DnD, so not sure if you’d be interested. I would need to learn a lot. I have all the important books and have created a character. I’m trying to learn to DM.

    [–] [OC] Preparing to DM for the first time. I made a chart to help describe combat so I don’t sound too repetitive wither_thyme 1 points ago in DnD

    I just bought a bunch of organizational things today. I’m going to put paper into plastic sleeves In a binder so I can flip through it if I use it all the time