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    [–] A general comment about thinking in WoT. wjbc 1 points ago in WoT

    Or they could add sex scenes. The characters do have sex.

    [–] Tucker Carlson Blows Up at Rutger Bregman in Unaired Fox News Interview wjbc 1 points ago in politics

    And r/news has been deleting the Tucker Carlson story because it's too political.

    [–] Pelosi says House will vote on resolution opposing Trump’s emergency declaration wjbc 1 points ago in politics

    Importantly, the Senate must vote on the resolution after the House passes it. So the Republican Senators will be on record.

    [–] A general comment about thinking in WoT. wjbc 5 points ago in WoT

    They have to do something with Lews Therin. I think it might be interesting to hire an actor to play him, but only Rand can see him. It might not even be clear at first that he's talking to a dead man. Fortunately, Rand often finds himself vocalizing his internal shouts at Lews Therin, which is why everyone thinks he is going mad.

    Maybe when the actor playing Lews Therin appears everyone else can temporarily disappear, so Rand seems like he's alone with Lews Therin. And then when Lews Therin disappears, suddenly everyone else reappears, staring at Rand, who just shouted something that made no sense.

    I think this would be nice because Lews Therin is not just internal dialogue, he's a character with a different personality than Rand's. It's really hard to show that with just a voice over.

    [–] (Spoilers up to book 11) Did not expect this relationship wjbc 12 points ago * (lasted edited 6 hours ago) in WoT

    The joy of the reread is seeing those hints. Mostly you see it when Thom is talking about Moiraine, saying things like she's not bad for an Aes Sedai. Moiraine once says that she knows the person she loves, but doesn't say who it is, except that it's clearly not Lan, it's not one of the three boys, so who does that leave? It's subtle, but it's there.

    The two of them don't spend a lot of time together, or if they do we don't see it. Maybe they had some private time off stage in Tear. But Moiraine also learned a few things when she asked her three questions, and when she left a letter for Thom she clearly knew something about their future. In fact, even before that, when they parted, she assured him he would survive. Moiraine also reveals that she is very familiar with Thom's past. The theory that they would end up together was floated by fans well before Jordan confirmed it.

    That said, few of the love affairs in this series have long preludes and romances. Considering that the end of the world is literally around the corner, perhaps lovers decide they have no time to waste -- or perhaps Rand influences matters and hurries them along.

    [–] Do your points go down? wjbc 3 points ago in weightwatchers

    As you make progress, points may go down, but I do think 23 is the lowest Daily Points Target, so yours might not go down. Are you fairly close to your target weight?

    [–] Besides curse words and military terms what other anachronisms have we just come to accept, gotten used to or just look the other way in some forms of fantasy writing? wjbc 9 points ago in Fantasy

    If you aren't Tolkien, don't try to write mock-archaic language. But curse words do offer an opportunity to come up with something specific to that world, like "Hood's hairy balls on a stick." Still, there's nothing wrong with a random "fucking dragon." Using "Jesus Christ" as a curse word wouldn't fit into most fantasies, though.

    [–] Something I’ve wanted to paint for awhile now. wjbc 3 points ago in Fantasy

    I love it. I've never written a fantasy novel but I think a great way to do it would be to visualize the coolest, most bad-ass scenarios you can imagine, and then figure out a way to make them happen.

    [–] A general comment about thinking in WoT. wjbc 2 points ago in WoT

    I've never liked voice overs.

    [–] Something I’ve wanted to paint for awhile now. wjbc 4 points ago in Fantasy

    I love the artwork! Is that a scene from your imagination?

    [–] Submission and domination in WoT wjbc 0 points ago in WoT

    By definition the distinction is sexist -- not necessarily in a negative sense but because it is different for the two sexes. It's going to be tricky explaining that without offending anyone. But I've always been fascinated by Nynaeve as a counterexample, because she doesn't seem to surrender to Siadar at all.

    [–] A general comment about thinking in WoT. wjbc 1 points ago in WoT

    But they won't have as many sex scenes as Game of Thrones, so they'll have to figure out how to make it more than talking heads.

    [–] I’ve chosen to do an open adoption. For people raised in a family like this, how did it go? What all can I do to make it easier on the child? wjbc 7 points ago in Adoption

    I'm an adoptive parent and we have an intimate ongoing relationship with my daughter's birthmother, and have for many years (my daughter is now a teenager). My daughter's birthmother is like a part of the family. We see her so frequently that I don't even keep count. I just saw her this weekend. We feel very lucky.

    I do not think you should wait for your birth child to grow older before initiating a relationship. If the adoptive parents are willing, and you feel comfortable, start the relationship right away.

    I won't lie, it was hard on the birth mother at first, there were a lot of raw emotions. But she felt strongly about visiting, we welcomed it, and eventually it became a beautiful relationship. By the time my daughter was old enough to understand what happened her birth mother was just a part of her life, and readily available for questions.

    [–] I have a question regarding NBA Draft wjbc 2 points ago in nba

    One of the links in my comment shows the application and there's nothing there about a fee, just paperwork.

    [–] I have a question regarding NBA Draft wjbc 7 points ago * (lasted edited 8 hours ago) in nba

    Players who qualify submit their names but many players go undrafted. Back in 2008 a random guy successfully applied for the NBA draft. Apparently he's not the only random guy to do this, every year there are unknown individuals who apply for the draft.

    The known players come from college or from non-NBA pro teams. Players who sign with non-NBA pro teams automatically become eligible for the NBA draft when they are no longer eligible to play in the NCAA. But many players enter the draft before losing NCAA eligibility by sending a letter to the league.

    [–] DO NOT BE AFRAID wjbc 21 points ago in dankchristianmemes

    Ezekiel was tripping.

    [–] Robert Parish has to be one of my favorite random “They were Bulls?” stints ever. wjbc 12 points ago in chicagobulls

    I remember 43-year-old Robert Parish playing for the Bulls in the same game as 18-year-old Kobe Bryant.

    [–] Who is the greatest NBA 'Journeyman' of all time? wjbc 2 points ago in nba

    Horry belongs in the Hall of the Very Good. It was not just luck, there’s a reason great teams wanted him on the court in the final minutes.