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    [–] What have you seen genuinely shitty people do that they thought was perfectly acceptable? wklink 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Wow. So this crazy senator is probably the most racist person in the whole government, I guess...

    [–] What have you seen genuinely shitty people do that they thought was perfectly acceptable? wklink -7 points ago in AskReddit

    HOLY SHIT! Can you believe these fucking politicians that exaggerate the truth or even outright lie to make themselves look better? I wonder if anyone ever told a bigger lie than what this crazy senator said...

    [–] The Orville - 2x7 "Deflectors" - Post Episode Discussion wklink 24 points ago in TheOrville

    They brought up the possibly of needing to disable the security firewall before the test, then they did so briefly during the test. Then... nothing else. Maybe that was a red herring, but I think something else happened during that test (backdoor installed) and it will come up again, probably at the start of the inevitable Moclan war. It will take a while as they'll be "upgrading" the rest of the fleet. And yes, the torpedo was past of the Moclan's test.

    [–] Keep vs Lists for Google Home and Assistant on Android - they don't talk to each other wklink 3 points ago in googlehome

    They were thinking they would convince you to buy stuff on your shopping list from their store. I guess the good news is that they didn't turn Keep into a shopping platform...

    [–] Send text command to google voice? wklink 1 points ago in tasker

    You can install on a local server. It acts as a Google Assistant, albeit with some limits. However, it can accept broadcast commands, so you would just need to configure Tasker to send the command via http get once it connected to your wifi.

    [–] Mike Pence Makes Strong Case for Donald Trump’s Resignation wklink 3 points ago in politics

    You don't have to take the reporter's word Trump has used phrases that may elicit some historic or inadvertent reference to anti-Semitism, you can just ask the ADL.

    [–] Trump says he ‘works probably more hours than any past president’ after schedule leaks wklink 6 points ago in politics

    Tommy Vietor, a spokesman for the National Security Council for President Barack Obama, called Trump's second-guessing of the Secret Service "a lie."

    The Secret Service "advises on security but the President makes the final call," Vietor said on Twitter. "He chose to skip the memorial."


    [–] Neighbor wants the survey we commissioned. Do we have to give it to her? wklink 6 points ago in homeowners

    Even then, there are setback requirements. If they don't have a survey, how do they know if they're inside the setback?

    [–] Trump says he ‘works probably more hours than any past president’ after schedule leaks wklink 294 points ago in politics

    Harrison gave the longest inaugural address in history. I suspect that Harrison spent more hours and put in more effort on that speech than Trump has spent on his entire presidency.

    Harrison gave that speech in a cold rain without a jacket. Trump wouldn't go to a D-day ceremony because it was raining.

    Harrison's schedule was booked solid during his month long presidency. He ran on a platform to end the spoils system (giving jobs to people who supported you just because they supported you), and made a number of cabinet appointments. The only thing he did of significance was calling Congress back into session to avoid a government shutdown.

    So no, I don't think it's given that Trump worked more than Harrison.

    [–] Acting U.S. Attorney General Whitaker will testify before House panel on Friday wklink 2 points ago in politics

    I don't think so. John Mitchell wasn't AG when he committed the perjury (and other crimes) that sent him to prison for his role in Watergate.

    [–] To this day I still can't believe this movie was made wklink 49 points ago in videos

    Dude, watch Tosh's 45 minute uncut spoiler alert. It really makes you appreciate how awesomely awful this movie is.

    [–] Virginia Blackface Scandal Ensnares Top State Republican wklink 4 points ago in politics

    One year after the last miscegenation law was overturned by the Supreme Court (Loving v Virginia).

    [–] Making sure it's all there. wklink 2 points ago in scriptedasiangifs

    They don't get that much money.

    [–] Second front end for the Mrs? wklink 2 points ago in homeassistant

    The custom headers is a great add-on and it's very effective at giving them a limited view, but it doesn't actually prevent them from modifying anything or navigating to dev-state or anywhere else. True user security is in the roadmap.

    [–] Woman who cut her husbands penis off gets standing ovation from TV audience wklink 42 points ago in rage

    Both Lorena and John Wayne Bobbit were charged and tried for each of their various crimes, and both cases went to jury trial.

    Lorena's defense was that John Wayne drove her to it. In John Wayne's trial, he argued that he didn't break any laws. They were each acquitted.

    So, legally speaking, nothing was wrong here...

    [–] The complete text of a new book by Robert A. Heinlein has been recovered and restored and will be published in November 2019. wklink 2 points ago in books

    I finished it and accidentally left it on a plane. I was a bit upset because it left a hole in my collection, but I've never bothered to replace it.

    As disappointing as it was overall, I still like the idea that there's an alternate reality where they never developed stoplights because people only followed rules if they were being watched.

    [–] Governor Northam wklink 33 points ago in nova

    Maybe he's actually in blackface under the hood...

    [–] Why did Agathe leave her daughter wklink 7 points ago in PatriotTV

    It's also a parallel for how Tom uses his son John to do what needs to be done. They both put their kids at risk to stop a bigger danger.

    [–] FCPS opening two hours late tomorrow January 31 wklink 1 points ago in nova

    The best analogy I've heard is jumping out of an airplane. There are people who do it all the time. They've trained, they prepare, and they have all the right equipment. Jumping out of an airplane is routine and no big deal.

    Now go on a commercial flight and tell all those passengers that they need to jump. Now. We have a few parachutes, not sure when they were packed, though. The professionals don't understand why everyone didn't bring their own. The flight attendants have a few extra sheets and some garbage bags, so we'll just make due with that...

    [–] FCPS opening two hours late tomorrow January 31 wklink 1 points ago in nova

    To get an exemption to start the year early, they need to show how many snow days they've needed historically.