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    [–] 4th Street renamed to Heather Heyer Way worriedfailure22 2 points ago in Charlottesville

    pretty white woman sydrome.

    POC don't get streets named after them, but one white woman dies and everyone flips out

    [–] MBA Profile Review worriedfailure22 2 points ago in MBA

    UG gpa is a little low, but GMAT makes up for it. I would skip emory and target UM/UVA.

    Columbia should be a match.

    Sidebar: how are you going to afford a third graduate degree? Do you have student debt at the moment?

    [–] Yellen — not Trump or Obama — deserves credit for economy worriedfailure22 -1 points ago in Economics

    certain people are still beign given free loans because of the community reinvestment act

    [–] Multiple Masters before MBA worriedfailure22 1 points ago in MBA

    do you mind PMing me what schools?

    [–] 5 people confirmed dead in Florida plane crash worriedfailure22 0 points ago in florida

    not to be a "told you so" type of comment, but I never fly in noncommercial flights. The rate of accidents is like an order of magnitude higher than flying in a commercial flights.

    [–] Moving to SoFlo in 2 weeks! Advice/reccomendations? worriedfailure22 6 points ago in florida

    Broward meat and fish is a fun grocer store to go to for local stuff, try pollo tropical, try versailles, get a sunpass transponder

    [–] New York's vanishing shops and storefronts: 'It's not Amazon, it's rent' | Business worriedfailure22 2 points ago in nyc

    You're burying the lede, moretti and hsieh found that our economy would be like 8-9 percent larger if big cities loosened up zoning so that people could afford to buy homes.

    IT is such common sense policy, but isnt happening any time soon

    [–] New York City's electric bike delivery workers face crackdown worriedfailure22 1 points ago in nyc

    people shouldn't be driving passenger vehicles in manhattan, especially lower manhattan. A 50 dollar entry fee based on time of day or making it a 1-2k a year permit to have a car should suffice. People should be biking or taking public transit/moped, and busses need to be souped up.

    Two story busses can pick up the slack. There are just too many cars

    [–] Show me your doggos!!!! worriedfailure22 2 points ago in askgaybros

    which one is the top?