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    [–] “DiE liT aLbUm oF thE yeAR” By August 609 +:) wspoe 10 points ago in playboicarti

    I think carti is something that you have to come into yourself. Personally, I didn’t fw carti really at all until several months ago when he just clicked with me. Now he’s probably one of my favorite top 5 artists

    [–] LEAK: Connor mcregor vs carti wspoe 4 points ago in playboicarti

    LEAK: Carti vs his bus driver

    [–] Put Me On ⚠️ wspoe 1 points ago in playboicarti

    Buffy the body 🚫🧢

    [–] Making fun of a disabled person because their political views don't align with yours. wspoe 12 points ago in iamatotalpieceofshit

    He was literally mocking a disable reporter named Stephen Kovaleski. Here is a picture of Trump’s impression vs Kovaleski himself:

    Look I’m just tryna say the facts...

    [–] Top 10 Cozy Tapes Songs? wspoe 1 points ago in flacko

    No particular order: 1. Bahamas 2. Bachelor 3. Blowin Minds 4. Put That On My Set 5. RAF 6. Walk on Water 7. Yamborghini High 8. Telephone Calls 9. Perry Aye 10. FYBR

    I don’t see Walk on Water enough in here

    [–] New vid soon wspoe 2 points ago in flacko

    It is for teyanas video, the song is called “Issues/Hold On”

    [–] BRING BACK BULLYING wspoe 19 points ago in playboicarti

    “Slat bro yeah haha yeah you know I got that drip, I really want to see carti but I’m not tryna mosh or anything that’s too violent”

    [–] Does anyone know why A$AP Mob and some Rocky songs on Apple music only add as the clean version? wspoe 1 points ago in flacko

    You just need to re-download Long Live A$AP, he updated the deluxe version a couple days ago. Delete the songs from your library and add them back

    [–] Top 5 Greatest Playboi Carti features of all time wspoe 2 points ago in playboicarti

    Good point, plus rocky ate his verse, so u actually changed my mind that it is a top 5 carti feat

    [–] Top 5 Greatest Playboi Carti features of all time wspoe 1 points ago in playboicarti

    That feature is just adlibs, I love that song but I’m just saying it isn’t his BEST

    [–] Asap Rocky - Babushka [edit] wspoe 1 points ago in flacko

    Damn I got chills

    [–] Gay Fish wspoe 8 points ago in southpark

    I’m conflicted because I love Kanye and I love South Park

    [–] TBH (insta @_Blockaye) wspoe 6 points ago in travisscott

    Except it says “Travis Scott fans”... lol

    [–] New fan send me ur best songs wspoe 2 points ago * (lasted edited 18 days ago) in playboicarti

    Listen to Flex, Shawty in Love (on SoundCloud), Location, Let It Go, Middle of the Summer, Right Now, and Don’t Tell Nobody (also on SoundCloud)

    [–] Got the official set list after the Testing Tour Dallas show wspoe 1 points ago in flacko

    He won’t do Goldie. At some shows he gave the crowd a choice between him playing LPFJ2, Peso, and Canal St. At a couple shows the crowd chose LPFJ2, but at one they chose Peso. He will definitely do Fuckin Problems tho