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    [–] failed attempt wurrkop 1 points ago in DMT

    The brain/universe/cannon description that is sometimes thrown around feels pretty accurate.

    What kinda vape are you using?

    Yeah DMT taste kinda bad and feels a little harsh but if you get a couple of good hits you really get more interesting things to concentrate on ;)

    [–] Looking for some feedback on first lists wurrkop 3 points ago in boltaction

    Cool, thats the type of tips i need for starting this, had no idea of this rules interaction, thanks :)

    [–] So I 3D printed a nebelwerfer template, in quarters, 1 down, 3 to go... pzIII for scale wurrkop 1 points ago in boltaction

    Its rather basic and will need refining as well as experimentation to get right tolerances, unless you really know and have your hardware dialed in, for it to work straight off the printer but thanks :)

    [–] So I 3D printed a nebelwerfer template, in quarters, 1 down, 3 to go... pzIII for scale wurrkop 4 points ago in boltaction

    Here is my first quick thought:

    Im sure a hinge would be better if the pieces was well designed so it folds together nicely and locks open firmly.

    [–] So I 3D printed a nebelwerfer template, in quarters, 1 down, 3 to go... pzIII for scale wurrkop 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in boltaction

    Maybe something like connectors that slot into each piece around the edge and something holding all four in the middle?

    Jigsaw slots?

    Try putting a shape across the slots in the template, subtracting the template from it and that should give something that might hold it together.

    Possible edit the design to have a chamfer on the bottom edges and printing the above mentioned connecting shape so that it can snap into the chamfer.

    [–] Looking for some feedback on first lists wurrkop 1 points ago in boltaction

    Ive not played the game and im looking to get into K47 rather than BA so im definitely no authority but it jumps out to me that is that you have special weapon choices on NCO's.

    You might want to put those weapon options on regular men If the mechanics, in the event of a six rolled for damage after another six allowing the opponent to pick the casualty, is the same in BA as in K47.

    Loosing the nco OR the gun, as opposed to, loosing the nco WITH the gun seems like the an important choice to give oneself, if possible.

    [–] German Reinforcements, hot off the assembly line! wurrkop 3 points ago in boltaction

    As long as who ever made the 3d file allows for it.

    [–] I got a weird X-01 Headlamp wurrkop 1 points ago in Fallout

    Cant recall, i think the colour and image are linked but i think you can check at a power armour repair station, its one of the helmet slots.

    [–] I got a weird X-01 Headlamp wurrkop 1 points ago in Fallout

    I think thats an upgrade applied to the helmet, you can change the projected image it casts.

    [–] K47 players - are totenkorps any good as a unit? wurrkop 3 points ago in boltaction

    I certainly hope so, just looking at their mechanics the idea seems to be bogging stuff down with them, denying maneuvering space and possibly hurting smaller/weaker units.

    [–] Weekly Tactical Discussion: List Building and You! wurrkop 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in boltaction

    First try!

    The start will be on a K47 German starter+Shocktrooper box and 3d printing the StuH and Maultier.

    Leutnant Regular+1 2xAr

    Waffen-SS Shocktoopers x10 4xPf

    Wehrmacht Regulars NCO+9 4xAr 4xPf

    Wehrmacht Regulars NCO+5 2xLmg

    Wehrmacht Regulars NCO+4

    Totenkorps squad x8


    StuH 42



    This gets me a couple of units to move around, mobility for one of the large units+Leutnant or a mix of the smaller units.

    The Totenkorps will be slogging up, i dont think they can do much more, could they ride the truck? Drive 'em up and tilt the bed to let 'em off :P

    The Flammspinne can either go on its own excursions, support a strong point or quick assault along the mechanized squad(s).

    The StuH 42 might not be optimal but i really like the look and feel of it, hopefully the ability to fire indirectly over screening units will weight against the decreased Pen value.

    Im gonna go get the mentioned boxes today, even if what i have outlined above is really off, it should be fine since its basic units that will always be useful.

    At higher points/in the future im looking at taking more SS units, beefing up the Totenkorps squad and having the whole army (-korps) mechanized on half-tracks.

    For down the road i want the Heuschrecke as well as some Schreckwulfen.

    [–] Custom Boards wurrkop 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in boltaction

    Having a nice piece of "ground" to play on really enhances the look and therefore enjoyment IMO.

    I made a dark desert/badlandsy mat back in november, working with caulk is kinda messy but i did not expect it to turn out near as nice as it did.

    I used five tubes of the cheapest acrylic caulking i could find, spread it maybe half a tube at a time and then cover with sand, let dry and paint, dry brush, drybrush some more, wash the whole thing with something darker mixed with thinly with a bit of PVA for extra bindning action, then i went over it another 6 times with just watered down PVA for protection.

    Mel the Terrain Tutor has some vids on exactly this as well as more traditional boards.

    As for bought mats, ive only seen and played on a fat mat, they look great IMO, havnt ever tried on of the that get printed on wax cloth fabric or the other options so i cant say anything for them.

    [–] German Reinforcements, hot off the assembly line! wurrkop 2 points ago in boltaction

    Looking good!

    Printing a StuG IV, my first tank, as i type.

    Ive cut it into four pieces, front, back, tracks and made holes for alignment pints, hopefully it will come out alright.

    Doing the front bit first because im not sure if my PLA is off, its a cheap roll that i picked up a long time ago and most recent used for large terrain, the QC could be bad, ive lowered the flow rate but i still think its extruding oddly/too much.

    If this doesnt come out alright with a little tweaking ill just grab another roll from the store for this and keep using the cheapo stuff for low detail terrain.

    [–] How long can a fully colonized mycelium jars sit after it's fully colonized? Will it die over time? wurrkop 3 points ago in shrooms

    Ive read about people just rehydrating dried out jars after years, growth was slow initially but it worked fine in the end.

    A somewhat common method of storing strains without using agar is in a small jar of grains that is allowed to dry out in a fridge.

    Ive personally seen over a year old cake of popcorn that had dried to half its size in its jar go on an give fruits after a g2g and bulking.

    [–] Is there any way to Swap Controller Hands wurrkop 1 points ago in Vive

    Not sure that works because the default for the first powered on controller is to register as the left.

    I know it switches if you are holding both controllers and turn on the right one first and thats because steamvr guesses thats the way you will be using the controllers but it doesnt always get it right and i cant recall if it works "one handed"

    [–] Vive Original, Front Camera issue. wurrkop 1 points ago in Vive

    If you can see the option in steamvr->settings->camera i think it is, try dropping the rate.

    Gives a little bit of view lag but works, i think the USB bandwidth can be taxed at the default rate causing the camera device to drop off.

    If you cant access there, try the "remove all USB devices" option, unhook the link box from power, hdmi and usb, reboot and then hook it back together
    again and hopefully the camera tab should be accessible.

    [–] Official Spreadsheet Update 24th Jan 2019 wurrkop 1 points ago in Pimax

    Im 46XX, still not on there, anyone got a link to that other tracking file? or has that one been superseded by the one in the OP?


    Weapons and utilities that are only usable when hard points are deployed get turned off automatically when retracted.

    [–] Production Progress Update: November 15th wurrkop 1 points ago in Pimax

    30 per day has to go up right?

    At this current rate it would take 150+ days, plus weekends and prolly more for the chinese new years stuff in february for them to get to my backer number :/