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    [–] Dems after briefing: 'No evidence' spy placed in Trump campaign wyldcat 1 points ago in politics

    People got to take Trump’s distraction of the week and just bury it somewhere. It’s seriously getting tiresome.

    [–] Dow falls 150 points after President Trump says North Korean summit is off wyldcat 13 points ago in politics

    So he can’t make deals with China, NK, Europe, Canada, Australia and most likely all of Asia, what happened to the master dealer lol.

    Trump hasn’t won anything except the shady bribes that has benefitted himself.

    [–] Trump, on NFL, suggests players who kneel 'shouldn't be in the country' wyldcat 3 points ago in politics

    Most of the civilized western nations. But facts aren’t your thing so I understand you didn’t know about that.

    [–] Trump: ‘Maybe you shouldn’t be in the country’ if you can’t ‘stand proudly' for national anthem wyldcat 3 points ago in politics

    And who’s Trump to speak, he doesn’t even know the words to his national anthem and forgets to put his hand over his heart.

    [–] Jets Owner Says He’ll Pay Fines If Players Defy New Anthem-Protest Ban wyldcat 22 points ago in politics

    It’s too clever for Trump. He would more likely choose something like John Barron Millerson Jr.

    [–] Saying that there are no aliens in space is like scooping a bucket of water out of the ocean and saying that there are no fish. wyldcat 1 points ago in Showerthoughts

    But if we scoop water out of a lake e.g. and see no fish there would still be microorganisms and probably insects in the water. Maybe we aren’t just looking close enough.

    [–] Sinkhole opens up on White House lawns due to swampy conditions wyldcat 2 points ago in nottheonion

    Actually Trump never said that. It’s a common misunderstanding and he actually said:

    ”I’m going to train the swamp!!”

    [–] Swedish city advises girls facing genital mutilation threat to hide spoon in underwear wyldcat 11 points ago in nottheonion

    Pretty solid advice actually. This is in case of young girls being taken abroad by abuse fathers/mothers and is like a last chance they get to speak to someone in private that can help them. Not sure why OP thought this was fitting here though.

    “The spoon will trigger metal detectors when you go through security checks,” she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation. “You will be taken aside and you can then talk to staff in private.”

    “It is a last chance to sound the alarm,” Idegard added.

    [–] Sweden distributes 'be prepared for war' leaflet to all 4.8m homes wyldcat 8 points ago in worldnews

    Holy crap, is this just another waste of public funds or Swedish government seriously will try to distract population from domestic issues with a declaration of war?

    Sweden doesn't work as shitty as Russia does.

    [–] Sweden distributes 'be prepared for war' leaflet to all 4.8m homes wyldcat 5 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in worldnews

    Here it is in Swedish. Not sure it exists in English yet.

    And in English.