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    [–] Ridley Scott Talks Return of Engineers for Alien: Covenant Sequel wyldcat 1 points ago in LV426

    I agree with everything you wrote.

    I also think that the scenes with the protomorphs were scarier because it was something we hadn't seen before.

    [–] RICO lawsuit exposes Trump Russia ties on another front wyldcat 4 points ago in politics

    The John Barron KGB book author thing was new to me. Thanks, that's pretty interesting.

    [–] How Prometheus Ruined Space Jockeys wyldcat 3 points ago in LV426

    If we were at a bar I would treat you to a beer buddy cause you need to lighten up a bit haha ;).

    [–] Ridley Scott Talks Return of Engineers for Alien: Covenant Sequel wyldcat 1 points ago in LV426

    Yeah that worked really well. But didn't they actually have some stuff flying around by some huge fans to make it look more real?

    [–] Sean Spicer Won't Say If President Trump Believes Russia Interfered in the 2016 Election wyldcat 9 points ago in politics

    Yes here you go!

    Trump admits to Russian hacking even as he attacks U.S. intelligence community

    “As far as hacking, I think it was Russia,” Trump said. “Hacking’s bad, and it shouldn’t be done. But look at the things that were hacked, look at what was learned from that hacking.”

    [–] Ridley Scott Talks Return of Engineers for Alien: Covenant Sequel wyldcat 2 points ago in LV426

    I'll forgive Ridley Scott if we get a movie 80% Engineers!!

    Haha same here!

    [–] How Prometheus Ruined Space Jockeys wyldcat 6 points ago in LV426

    It's been a nickname of the Engineers since Alien came out.

    Before the release of Prometheus, the Engineers were originally dubbed as the "Space Jockeys". The nickname was attached to it during production on Alien. Scott has stated he has no idea who christened the creature. People needed something to call this creature, and somehow Space Jockey stuck. But the creature has also had a host of other names including The Pilot (Giger's original nickname for it), Pilots, James Cameron called it the "Big Dental Patient," and later in the novel Aliens: Original Sin as Mala'kaks. Their "scientific" name is "Mundus gubernavi" (Universal Pilot).

    [–] Ridley Scott Talks Return of Engineers for Alien: Covenant Sequel wyldcat 14 points ago in LV426

    I enjoyed it too when it came out and I actually went to see it twice, in 3D. But after some analyzing of the characters I couldn't help to get annoyed at most of them when they act so utterly stupid over and over again and that left me pretty disappointed.

    Which is a shame because it's such a well crafted movie in terms of production, cinematography etc.

    Yeah I too find the Engineers really interesting. Would've been cool to see Shaw interact with them in some way instead of the vague demise we got in Covenant.

    [–] Ridley Scott Talks Return of Engineers for Alien: Covenant Sequel wyldcat 39 points ago in LV426

    Thank god! I really wanted more about the Engineers in Covenant considering that was the focus of Prometheus.

    I do hope though that he will make the alien scenes with more tension.

    [–] Mueller meets with 2 House Intel members wyldcat 2 points ago in politics

    You should've listened to his heart not his words.

    [–] Sessions hires his own lawyer wyldcat 4 points ago in politics

    Which is an ethics violation IIRC?

    [–] 'Star Wars': Han Solo Film Loses Its Directors wyldcat 1 points ago in movies

    Yeah but the wooden performances would get even worse.

    [–] Is Mike Pence raising PAC money for legal defense? wyldcat 1 points ago in politics

    Oh yeah that thing. Of course. The entire family seems to be into money laundering.

    [–] C.I.A. Feared Flynn Could Be Blackmailed, but Its Director Told Him Secrets wyldcat 513 points ago in politics

    At the F.B.I., the C.I.A., the Justice Department and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence — agencies responsible for keeping American secrets safe from foreign spies — career officials agreed that Mr. Flynn represented an urgent problem.

    Yet nearly every day for three weeks, the new C.I.A. director, Mike Pompeo, sat in the Oval Office and briefed President Trump on the nation’s most sensitive intelligence — with Mr. Flynn listening. Mr. Pompeo has not said whether C.I.A. officials left him in the dark about their views of Mr. Flynn, but one administration official said Mr. Pompeo did not share any concerns about Mr. Flynn with the president.

    Everyone cautioned against Flynn except Trump nominee Mike Pompeo. Hmmm...

    [–] Jared Kushner could choose a new lawyer to represent him in Russia probe wyldcat 0 points ago in politics

    Prominent criminal lawyers have been contacted to possibly represent Jared Kushner in the federal investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election, The New York Times reports.

    Representatives for President Trump's son-in-law have reached out to these attorneys because Kushner's allies have been questioning the connection between Kushner's current lawyer and Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the report said.

    Jamie Gorelick, Kushner's current lawyer, works at WilmerHale -- the same firm Mueller worked at before Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Mueller as special counsel.

    Mueller is investigating Kushner's finances and business dealings in relation to the Russia probe, The Washington Post reported Friday. CBS News confirmed late last month that Kushner is under scrutiny in the probe into Russian election meddling. The special counsel's office did not respond to a request for comment on the report.

    Gorelick, the report said, has urged Kushner to consider other representation, which could either supplement or replace Gorelick's team, the report added.